Marvel star Chris Hemsworth announces career break after alarming health scare

Chris Hemsworth has revealed he is taking a career break from Hollywood after being confronted with troubling health news.

The Marvel star, 39, was informed during filming of his new Disney+ documentary series Limitless that he is genetically predisposed to Alzheimer's Disease.

In a blood test for the show, two copies of the gene APOE4 – one from each of his parents – were identified in Chris' blood, increasing his risk of developing the condition by eight to 10 times more than the general population.

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He is also one of only two to three percent of people globally who have two copies of the APOE4 gene.

Chris was told the news off-camera in a phone call with longevity doctor Peter Attia.

Oscar-winning director Darren Aronofsky, who created the series, was also informed.

Since his diagnosis, the actor has opted to take a step back from Hollywood in order to spend more time with his wife of 12 years, Elsa Pataky and their three children.

Describing the news as "pretty shocking", Chris told Vanity Fair: "It really triggered something in me to want to take some time off.

"And since we finished the show, I've been completing the things I was already contracted to do.

"Now when I finish this tour this week, I'm going home and I'm going to have a good chunk of time off and just simplify.

"Be with the kids, be with my wife."

Chris' APOE4 gene confirmation follows his grandfather previously being diagnosed with Alzheimer's.

After processing the news, Chris decided to downscale his career – with the results making him consider his own mortality and realise the importance of spending time with his loved ones.

He explained: "Doing an episode on death and facing your own mortality made me go, 'Oh God, I'm not ready to go yet'.

"I want to sit and be in this space with a greater sense of stillness and gratitude."

Despite his diagnosis, Chris remained adamant he hadn't retired from acting altogether.

Of his career, he later added: "It's not like I've been handed my resignation."

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