Mel B wore white after Stephen Belafonte split after he controlled her clothes

Mel B has revealed that she only wore the colour white for a year after splitting up from her ex-husband because she "didn't know" what colours she liked wearing anymore.

The Spice Girls star, 45, claimed her former husband, Stephen Belafonte, would control what colour clothes she wore when they were married.

So after they split, the singer completely revived her wardrobe – partly to clear herself after the relationship ended but also because she was left so confused.

Speaking to The Guardian, she said: "For the first year when I left my ex, I would only wear white because I felt I was clearing myself of that. I didn't even know what colour I liked any more because those choices were taken away from me for so long. And I just accepted it."

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Mel, who has three children – nine-year-old Madison with Stephen, 14-year-old Angel with Eddie Murphy, and Phoenix, 22, with her first husband Jimmy Gulzar – had previously thought Stephen was being "sweet" by buying clothes for her but now says it was part of his controlling ways.

Mel continued: "It starts with tiny things. 'Oh, don't wear that dress – I've bought you this dress.' It wasn't like: 'Put this dress on!' It was: 'Look what I've bought for you! I saw you looking at it on Net-a-Porter.'

"And you think: 'Oh my God, that's so sweet!' when actually they're starting to take over everything."

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The singer admits that she ignored a warning from one of Stephen's previous partners when they were together, having dismissed the woman as "crazy" – and she says she was "frightened" to believe her.

Mel also spoke about how Stephen isolated her from family members without her realising what was happening – for example, Stephen would apparently discourage her from phoning her mum.

A turning point came for Mel when she started talking to abuse victims, as she realised how common controlling behaviour in a relationship can be.

Appearing on Good Morning Britain on Monday (17 May), Mel told the nation personal stories of her experience with domestic abuse.

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In the past, Mel has accused her former husband Stephen of "emotional and physical abuse" – claims which he has strongly denied.

The Spice Girl says being abused "does crush your soul" and that it would take "forever to get that back".

She has also stated that she did try to leave her ex for a decade but couldn't as she found it was an "impossible" situation.

The star added how difficult it is for women in abusive relationships to leave their situations, saying they "don't feel like there's a way out".

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Speaking to ITV hosts Susanna Reid and Adil Ray, she said: "As a woman that's gone through it, it does crush your soul, it does really strip you… I'm going to be taking forever to get that back.

"I've had to build myself up. One of the good things for me is to speak to other women who have been in a similar situation."

Mel is a patron of domestic abuse charity Women's Aid, and has now appeared in a raw and powerful video on the matter.

She also said: "You put on your armour and you walk out to the world, but behind closed doors it's very, very different.

"It's embarrassing, shameful and you carry so much guilt having to lie and keep that secret. To do this campaign was so important to me."

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Now, Mel has shared to fans that she is currently in a relationship and that she's very happy – saying: "I'm with somebody who's very kind, very honest, very loving. I need somebody understanding."

And when the singer was asked about her new partner on GMB, she replied saying she wanted to keep things private for now.

The singer is now living in Leeds with her family such as her mum, sisters, and and explains how "important" it was for her to be with them again.

She also released a book in 2018 where she spoke about her life with Stephen.

Mel commented: "Being away from my family for so long – a good 10 years and not having much communication and during that time, my dad died, it was really important for me to get back to my roots, my northern side. My mum, my sister, my kids, we love it there."

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