Michael Jackson Black or White stars: £59m fortune, car crash and A-list nephew

Michael Jackson's 1991 album Dangerous, which turns 30 in 2021, featured everyone from Naomi Campbell, Eddie Murphy and Rockstar Slash in his music videos.

The singer was no stranger to having huge stars in his videos, including the likes of Richard Dreyfuss, Whoopi Goldberg, Olivia Newton John and John Travolta in his 1988 video for song Liberian Girl, so it's no surprise he kept up this trend with his future records.

One of the biggest music videos to be launched alongside tracks from the Dangerous album was Black or White, featuring some of the nineties most famous stars including Macaulay Culkin, model Tyra Banks and actor George Wendt.

Daily Star looks at where the stars of the video are now – from huge net worths, to careers in property and Hollywood movies.

Macaulay Culkin

"But dad, this is the best part" said Macaulay Culkin, before he blasted out a guitar riff at the beginning of Michael Jackson's Black or White music video, sending on-screen father George Wendt to a different location entirely.

Already a huge star from films such as Home Alone, My Girl and Uncle Buck, Macaulay's appearance in Black or White was just one of a number of huge cameos from stars of the era.

After taking a break from films following 1994's Richie Rich, he returned to the screen for his next film role a decade later in Saved!

He has also drawn critical acclaim for his role as Mickey in the 2021 series American Horror Story: Double Feature, along with modelling on the runway at the recent premiere of film The House of Gucci, in Los Angeles.

It is also estimated that the actor has a huge fortune of over $17 million (£12.56 million).

Outside of acting, he also performs in band The Pizza Underground and was married to Rachel Milner from 1998-2001.

Most recently, he had a son Dakota Song Culkin with his actress girlfriend Brenda Song, named after Culkin's sister who died in a car accident in 2008.

Talking about Macaulay Culkin to Esquire magazine last year, Brenda said: "You can’t be around him and not be happy."

Nancy Cartwright

You might not recognise her from the video, but you'd certainly know her voice if you heard her, as it was her voice that played a starring role in Black or White.

Yes, it's the one and only voice of favourite cartoon troublemaker Bart Simpson, who made a cameo appearance at the end of the video, jumping up and down on the sofa, before Homer turns the video off.

She has voiced Bart since 1987, along with other characters including Ralph Wiggum, Nelson Muntz and Todd Flanders, and continues to work on The Simpsons, even though originally she auditioned to voice Lisa.

Like her Black or White co-star Macaulay Culkin, she also has a huge net worth, estimated at around $80 million (£59 million), thanks to her high salaries for The Simpsons, which have been reported to be huge $300,000 (£221,000) per episode.

Outside of the world of cartoons, Nancy was married to Warren Murphy from 1988-2002 and they had two children together.

Tyra Banks

Michael Jackson was well known for having some of the world's most famous models in his music videos, including Naomi Campbell in 1993's Keep it in the Closet.

For Black or White, model Tyra Banks, known for her work with brands Cover Girl and Victoria's Secret, appeared in the scenes at the end when all the performers change into one another as they are lip syncing to the song.

Today, Tyra is a huge American television personality, hosting America's Next Top Model in 2003 and her own talk show from 2005-2010, as well as featuring in films such as 2000's Coyote Ugly.

She is currently hosting Season 30 of Dancing with the Stars.

Away from the media life however, Tyra is also a entrepreneur and it is reported that part of her income is from her work buying and selling properties.

She also has one son, York Banks Asha.

George Wendt

Cheers actor George Wendt is known for one of his most famous roles as the lovable Norm from the hit sitcom from 1985-1993, alongside stars including Woody Harrelson and Kelsey Grammer.

In the Black or White video, he also starred as Macaulay Culkin's father, who lands in the middle of a desert in his arm chair as the song begins.

Although he keeps a low profile and does not have any social media presence, he continues to act in huge TV series such as The Goldbergs and is reported as appearing in the TV movie Compound Fractures, which is currently listed as being in pre-production.

He has been married to wife Bernadette Birkett since 1978 and they have three children together.

George also has a famous nephew, as actor Jason Sudeikis, who starred in comedies We're The Millers and Horrible Bosses is the son of his sister Kathryn.

Tess Harper

Award winning actress Tess Harper, 71, has had a long acting career since the eighties, appearing in programmes including The Twilight Zone and LA Law.

In Black or White, she starred as Macaulay Culkin's mum, who tells him that his dad is going to be very angry about being blasted out of the house by his guitar playing.

Since then, Tess hasn't left our screens, appearing in huge films including 2007's No Country for Old Men, playing Mrs Pinkman in Breaking Bad and is listed as appearing in number of films currently in post-production.

From 1971-1976, she was also married to Ken Harper.

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