Mulatto Defends Holding Shows During Pandemic, Gets Mad for Being Called D-List Celeb

In response to someone expressing concern over how ‘D-List celeb’ like her held a show during a pandemic, the rapper says, ‘Sorry but I gotta eat and feed others too.’

AceShowbizMulatto has become the latest celebrity to hold a concert during this pandemic era, but it looks like she doesn’t think she did anything wrong by that. Instead, she defended herself when one person called her out for it and even went as far as calling the female rapper a “D-List” celebrity.

It all started after someone assumed that celebrities must need a “stimulus check” if they kept making paid club appearances during a pandemic. In response to this person, another individual wrote, “I think they’re struggling cause concerts and appearances is how the D list celebrities make money. Just saw Mulatto and Money Bag at a whole concert… During a pandemic smh.”

Mulatto caught wind of the comment and was quick to hit back, “Yeah h** ask what it took to get me out of the house too! I’m 21 & I take care of my whole family we sending money to 5 different states f**k yeah I’m still collecting mines.” She added in a separate tweet, “Y’all must gone pay me & mines bills??? Lol f**k off for real. I promise I’m not the celebrity to get bullied out of my statement b***h I said what I said. Sorry but I gotta eat & feed others too.”

Being told that the person simply wanted to express her concerns over the shows, Mulatto replied, “Nah it’s def hating when u throwing in lil shady a** remarks like ‘d list celebrity’ when tryna make a point. Can’t no h** feeling herself off a couple of viral tweets call me d list how the F**k that work.”

Their argument continued, with the person stressing that Mulatto is a “D-List celebrity” and that she needed to accept it. “We focused on a global pandemic miss Mulatto. Next topic,” so the individual said, to which the hip-hop star answered, “B***h u on the phone apologizing talm how bout u a fan but on Twitter thugging… NEXT can’t wait to bump into you h** on YO mama I can’t.”

The person has yet to respond back.

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