N-Dubz Fazer looks unrecognisable after hair transformation amid career U-turn

N-Dubz star Fazer appears unrecognisable in a set of news snaps as he shows off a major hair transformation.

This comes as he released a new single titled Tears as he sets his sights on a solo music career.

Fazer, 35, real name is Richard Rawson, used to be part of the iconic N-Dubz trio with former bandmates Tulisa Contostavlos and Dappy, real name Costadinos Contostavlos.

The three joined as a band in 2000 but eleven years later the group decided to go their separate ways.

The group soared to great success and created two hit albums and had eight songs that made the UK Singles Chart.

Earlier this year, it was reported that the trio are all writing new music, which is set to be released at the end of 2022.

Though Fazer released his new single in February and also plans to release his next two more solo tracks in the coming months.

The Camden born star has had great success in building his career in the music industry both behind the scenes and upfront, being a producer, in a hit group and becoming a solo artist over the years.

However, he has recently revealed that he would like to turn his talent to the film industry and would love to produce film soundtracks.

Speaking to Daily Star ,he said: " "I want to work with Hans Zimmer, I want to work with Hans Zimmer on a movie soundtrack.

"That's my next sort of venture that I'm going to put out there to the universe and make that happen."

He added: "I should be doing things like Avatar, the new Avatar, I should be doing the soundtrack for that.

"My understanding of music, I understand that it's not just making beats in the studio, now, I properly understand music and how it works.

Throughout his career, Fazer has collaborated with top artists such as Rita Ora and Jessie J.

He also explained that he understands the music of all genres "and understands how to make emotions through music."

Talking about his new single, he said: "Even with Tears, I made sure it had like an emotional sort of feel to it, with minor chords… predominantly sad chords.

"If you use those chords it brings out emotions, if you use happy chords it brings out different emotions… If you ever watched a movie without music in it it would be so weird."

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