Nigella Lawson loves being voluptuous as she says key to figure is indulging

Nigella Lawson's secret to losing her Christmas weight is indulging in even more food.

The telly cook thinks those looking to shift their festive pounds should "eat well" and not deny themselves culinary pleasure.

The 61-year old chef – known for her peculiar recipes – called self-denial of food "charmless" and insisted new year diets shouldn't include deprivation.

She said: "I have always found self-denial one of the more charmless of the virtues.

"I suggest, rather, a streamlined voluptuousness – in food and, as it happens, for me.

"I love food too much not to eat a great deal of it."

Her take on streamlined indulgence includes controlled portions of vegetable and flavour-heavy meals.

Instead of takeaways, Nigella stands by luxurious meals to blast the festive pounds.

She included white wine as an essential ingredient in her mushroom risotto and crab linguine.

Nigella added that "dedicated forethought and rigorous preparation" make it easy to eat well post-Christmas.

The celebrity chef recommends making meals stretch by putting different elements on separate plates.

She said in an article for British Vogue: "It helps not to feel deprived if you make each meal last longer.

"Staggering the various components rather than eating them all on the same plate at the same time gives you a sense of eating more than you are.

"The trick is not to become bored and therefore to use as varied a collection of vegetables as possible. "

'Boredom eating' has become a common problem as the rise in processed foods made mindless snacking easier.

Research by the Institute for Fiscal Studies found 90 per cent of households increased their calorie intake while bored in the UK's first lockdown.

The experimental cook has recently shared recipes for potatoes cooked in caramel and sweet potato topped with marshmallows.

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