Only Fools and Horses’ Ewan Stewart went on to star with Kate Winslet in Titanic

Only Fools and Horses ran for over 20 years, making it no surprise that some stars of the show have since taken greater strides in their careers as they take over Hollywood.

You may know actor Ewan Stewart for his role as Doctor Robbie Meadows in the classic Only Fool and Horses episode In Sickness and in Wealth where Del Boy attempts to hide his cash flow problems by splurging cash but did you know Ewan is famous for a number of other roles, including a main part in James Cameron’s Titanic.

With a lengthy career under his belt, the Scottish star has made a name for himself within Film and Television, with one of his bigger roles being First Officer Murdock in Titanic, one of the highest grossing movies of all time.

The character of Murdoch was in charge of the bridge when the Titanic strikes the iceberg, with a pivotal scene being his attempts to avoid the collision as he yells orders at the crew.

Once the iceberg struck, Murdoch is then placed in charge of helping people evacuate the starboard side by coordinating passengers as they climb into the lifeboats.

While he tries his best to save everyone as the ship sinks, his panic about encroaching passengers causing disorder causes him to shoot two of them in the chaos.

Realising what he has done, Murdoch stands at the edge of the deck and shoots himself in the head for his actions.

Ewan has gone on to appear in a number of high-profile features and TV shows but with Titanic sitting at the highest grossing movie of all time before another Cameron directed feature, Avatar stole the trophy, it remains Ewan’s most well known role.

Ewan’s earlier start in Only Fools and Horses had him playing an old friend of Del Boy who was a doctor.

After Del Boy is told at a séance by the spirit of his mother that he should visit a doctor, Del seeks out the help of Ewan’s character of Doctor Robbie Meadows, who tells Del Boy he’s suffering from irritable bowel syndrome.

Moving from one of the UK’s largest sitcoms to one of Hollywood’s biggest movies is an impressive feat and Ewan continues to work within the business, his most recent role being the character of Mal in the pilot episode of the HBO show Pure in 2019.

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