Queen Naija Fires Back at Haters in the Wake of Criticism Over Ari Lennox Collab

While some RnB fans are excited for the new song, some others are not into the idea of Queen enlisting a female artist with darker skin for her project considering her past offensive comments.

AceShowbizQueen Naija has responded to backlash that she faces after announcing her collaboration with Ari Lennox for “Set Him Up”. The rapper took to her Twitter account to clap back at her critics who were not happy with the fact that she teamed with the “Whipped Cream” singer for her track, which will be released on April 7.

“lol the fact that people think they can get ‘rid’ of me or take me off my own song is ridiculous,” Naija wrote on Twitter on Sunday, April 4. “I don’t want nor need y’all’s validation to continue to win! whatever y’all say about or to me cannot stop my blessings. The ratio of people who love me outweighs the hate!”

While some R&B fans were excited for the new song, some others were not into the idea of Queen enlisting a female artist with darker skin for her project considering her past offensive comments. “Queen naija out here collaborating with darkskin artists to cover the fact that she used to called them dark melon munchers…got her tea…,” one person wrote on Twitter.

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“Never forget that Queen Naija told a black woman to take a bleach bath right after being accused of being colorist due to her ‘Lil black girls with terrible hairstyles’ comment and then deleted. I will never support her…she’s an industry plant anyways,” another person said. “Somebody tell me the time stamp of Queen Naija’s verse on Ari’s song so i can SKIP it. It would make me veddi veddi happy,” a user commented.

The hate comments that Queen got stemmed from her controversial remarks in a video back in 2017. In the said video, the YouTube star complained about being bullied when she was a child. She described her bullies as “black,” “ugly” and “nappy-headed little girls.” Queen has addressed the video several times with the latest being in 2020.

“I have never been a colorist. I have never felt that I was better because I was light-skinned,” she said in an Instagram video back in August. “I feel like melanin’s beautiful… The words I have used in the past, they were probably ignorant. Not probably. They were ignorant. Back then, I didn’t know they were ignorant because that’s what I was just used to. I wasn’t that educated on my culture and wasn’t deeply rooted into it.”

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