Rachel Rileys row with Anne may escalate as she plans to bring baby on set

Countdown presenter Anne Robinson and Rachel Riley are reportedly not getting along well on set, and things could escalate as Rachel has hinted she could bring her newborn baby on set.

Rachel, who is pregnant with her second child, is heading off on maternity leave but has hinted she plans to look after her baby at work, which could rile Anne.

Riley said: “When you have a newborn and especially when you have a toddler as well, you don’t have time for a shower, so when I get back to work someone will be paid to do my hair and makeup.”

“You don't recognise yourself the first time you go back because you've just been in mum mode and haven't washed your hair for a while.”

Anne reportedly turned off Rachel's microphone on set because she was "being too loud" while talking to viewers of the show, so her plans may not go down well with Anne.

It was also revealed that Rachel has previously threatened to leave Countdown unless Anne is disciplined following their backstage feuds.

A source has said that her maternity leave couldn’t have come at a better time as tensions rise between the hosts and told The Sun: "Rachel and Anne had clashed for some time and for Rachel, enough is enough. She has moaned about Anne a number of times and even said she would consider walking away from Countdown if the issues weren't sorted.

"Rachel just wants to be treated with more respect and she expects it to be different when she returns to filming.

"No one wants to lose Rachel because she brings glamour and fun to the show, as well as being an absolute whizz at maths."

Throughout the animosity, Rachel has relied on 56 year old Susie Dent, the show’s resident bookworm and Dictionary Corner host.

According to staff at Media City studios Anne, who presented her first show back in June, has earned the name ‘Queen Anne’ due to her particular ways.

They have also said that she ‘doesn’t mix with anyone’ and only has her hair and makeup done by people she brings in personally.

Presenter and ex-jockey Clare Balding recently spoke about Anne’s behaviour on Gabby Logan’s podcast The Mid-Point, saying that Robinson asked her some very demeaning questions.

“Many years ago I did The Weakest Link when she was presenting it, and I got through to a head to head against Graeme Le Saux who as you will know is very very bright. Luckily I did okay and I won.” Claire said.

“Through the course of it, Anne had been very cutting and had talked a bit about when I was an amateur jockey, and why did I give up? I said: “Look at me, I got too heavy, right.” So then she would constantly use the line of “who ate too many cookies?”

“I said in the interview at the end: ‘Well, Anne used my weight as a stick to beat me with, but if that makes the crusty old cow happy, that’s fine!’”

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