Rebel Wilson used ‘psychic’ ability and predicted Coronavirus before pandemic

Aussie star Rebel Wilson hinted that her secret powers prepared her for the tumultuous year of 2020.

During an Instagram live broadcast on Tuesday night, the Pitch Perfect star said she "knew" she "wouldn't be working" as much this year.

She suggested that having "psychic abilities" enabled her to see into the future and made light of the situation at the BAFTAs.

During her speech at the event which was held in February 2020, just weeks before the world went into lockdown in a bid to tackle Covid, she joked that the ceremony could help the world.

While her musical Cats was not nominated, she said: "I'm not sure if everyone here is across the controversy but this year there has been a distinct lack of nominations for felines.

"Even in this best director category, no felines have been nominated. At least I get to hold this BAFTA for a while — and wow, what a great way to stop yourself getting coronavirus."

Chatting directly to her fans on her broadcast, the 40-year-old said: "Maybe because I'm a little psychic,

"My coronavirus joke at the BAFTAs was one of the first."

Rebel also used the broadcast to open up about her weight loss transformation, which has seen her shed several stones.

The Isn't It Romantic actress has had an image overhaul during her "Year of Health," and admitted that she takes up exercise wherever she can, whether it be in Sydney or around the packed streets of New York.

She said that she had been overweight since being in high school and was now at her healthiest after changing to a high protein diet, admitting that she doesn't always eat "clean and healthily".

Rebel also spoke candidly about living with polycystic ovarian syndrome and revealed she had, in fact, frozen her eggs and urged all curvy women to follow in her footsteps.

Speaking of her weight, she said she "works out like a beast," now that she has "hit and maintained" her target weight.

"I struggled with being healthy, whatever weight I end up being, I want to be curvy but I feel like I'm confident at any size because size doesn't define you," she disclosed.

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