Ricky Martin, Carla Morrison Perform the Romantic Duet 'Recuerdo' at Latin Grammys

Ricky Martin and Carla Morrison performed their sweeping duet “Recuerdo” at the 21st Annual Latin Grammys Thursday night.

The Puerto Rican icon and indie Mexican singer appeared in contrasting black and white silk outfits to passionately croon alongside each other against a captivating, ominous beat. “Recuerdos” is about a lovesick pair who painfully yearn for each other’s embrace. Martin then transitioned to his song “Tiburones,” where children from around the world appeared behind him on visuals to deliver a candid message of unity during troubled times.

The two touching songs are included in Martin’s quarantine-themed album Pausa. Martin is set to release his follow-up album Play, telling Ellen Degeneres in June that he’s going to “bring all those funky Latin sounds” to the record. Pausa is the follow-up to Martin’s Grammy-winning 2015 record A Quien Quiera Escuchar.

This year also saw indie pop vocalist Morisson return with a slew of new singles, such as the mental health awareness ode “Ansiedad” and the more recent electro-pop kiss-off “No Me Llames.”

Morrison spoke to Grammys.com about what her Latin Grammy performance alongside Ricky Martin means to her: “It means a lot because I’m from Tecate, [Mexico.] And Tecate’s a small town and I would have never in my life dreamt even about being a un lado de Ricky, not even standing-wise, like, ‘Hey.’ So to be there singing a song that we wrote together and that we collaborated on that’s on his album is, to me, the most beautiful message I can give to anybody that wants to dream big.”

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