Rod Stewart left red-faced after almost sinking yacht on booze-filled trip

Sailing singer Sir Rod Stewart almost sank his boat by putting too much beer in it.

The rocker, 77, was in his vessel – a Riva 2000 – which was loaded up with booze for a trip off the coast of California.

He was with band pals Kevin Savigar and Jim Cregan when the craft started taking on water.

Guitarist Jim said: “We had a near nautical disaster.

“‘I’ll call the skipper,’ says Rod, ‘and we’ll grab a few beers and get going.’ Kevin Savigar, Rod and I join Nigel, the skipper, and a 24 flat-pack of beer and away we go.

“’The boat doesn’t seem to be going too well, Nigel,’ says Rod. ‘Yes, it’s a little sluggish,’ comes the reply. ‘I’ll nip below and get more beer,’ says Kev.

“‘It’s probably all that weight in the front, slowing us down.’”

Jim, 76, spills the beans on his life with Sir Rod in his memoirs And On Guitar, a new edition of which will be released in June.

And he said their beer-fuelled adventure soon left them with that sinking feeling as they realised why the boat was so slow.

Jim added: “Gasp! Shock! Horror! ‘Hmmm, we seem to be sinking, Nigel. Life jackets? Life raft? Kitchen sink?’ ‘Don’t mention sink.’ The cabin has about a foot of water in it and the perfect suede interior is all messed up.

“‘I’ll grab the beer,’ says Kev, being quite sensible.

“So, we settled down on the banquette while Nigel called the coastguard.

“‘You guys are very lucky,’ says a young officer. “Another 10 minutes and you’d have been on the bottom.”

Away from the spotlight, Sir Rod has been helping rescue 16 Ukrainian refugees flee from the current invasion by Russia.

The legendary rockstar paid for his nephews to drive to the Ukrainian border with Poland to help rescue those affected by Russia's invasion of the country.

He said: "I sponsored four trucks driven by my nephews and my chauffeur and a few other gentlemen.

"They drove through France, Belgium, Germany and into Poland, dropped off supplies and picked up refugees and dropped them in Berlin. It took them three-and-a-half days to get there and back."

Rod went on to say: "They are the heroes, not me."

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