Scarlett Moffatt proudly unveils teeth transformation with before and after pics

Scarlett Moffatt can't stop smiling as she shares before and after pics of her new teeth with her 2 million Instagam followers.

The TV beauty has a lot to grin about, as she compared her teeth to how they looked before on her social media.

Gogglebox star Scarlett, 30, says she has long been self-conscious about her teeth ever since she was little.

She had her veneers replaced earlier this year after a gap formed between the old set.

After treating herself to a dip in the pool, fresh-faced Scarlett decided to compare the before and after snaps she had taken of the procedure.

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The Queen of the I’m A Celeb jungle told her followers that she didn’t realise how big the gaps in her teeth were previously, until she looked at the snaps side by side.

She talked honestly about her experience with the previous set.

"To be honest it was mostly my gums,” she explained.

"My gums were so sore. This gap doesn't look that big but it was getting worse."

She added: "The teeth were all wonky at the bottom. But it was mostly the gums, whenever I smiled I felt like I was just all gums."

She praised the clinic who fixed her teeth, adding: “This is why I'm constantly smiling."

Scarlett confessed earlier that she was "picked on" when she was little for her teeth after a bike accident.

“So this is the story of little Scarlett. So as a kid, school wasn't really easy," she revealed earlier this year.

"One of the big things I used to get picked on was my teeth because I was in a bike accident when I was little and smashed my two front teeth."

Scarlett continued: "This unfortunately carried on into adulthood, being in the public eye sometimes isn't fun."

Since the procedure to fix her teeth in February, Scarlett has never been happier with her smile and regularly shares pics of her beaming with joy.

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