Selena Gomez Just Hinted at Her Next Single & Music Video

Selena Gomez has “received your message, all 23” and she is seemingly getting ready to release her next music video and single from her new album, Rare. After a four year hiatus from her solo career, Gomez is back and better than ever before. Her third, solo, studio album already boasts a number one single with “Lose You To Love Me” and the album debuted at number one as well.

In this era of her career, Gomez has been full of surprises. She shocked fans when she released her second single “Look At Her Now” only 24 hours after “Lose You To Love Me,” which was also accompanied by a music video. Furthermore, the 27-year-old songstress released the music video for the title track, “Rare” just a few hours after she released her album to the world. Now, it seems as if the “People You Know” singer is planning yet another surprise for her fans.

Selena Gomez hints at which of her new songs will be the next single

On Tuesday, January 28, 2020, Gomez was spotted in downtown Los Angeles recording a new music video. Sporting black fingernail polish, a gold slip dress, curly hair, and knee-high black boots, the singer looked as if she’d stepped out of a different era. After the photos surfaced, fans began questioning which song from the new album would be Gomez’s next single. Though there were arguments back and forth, the Wizards of Waverly Place alum seemed to confirm that the next single will be “Ring.”

Teasing lyrics on Instagram

Just one day after Gomez was spotting recording her music video, she took to her Instagram page to share some behind-the-scenes footage. In the picture, she is getting her makeup done and holds her fingers up to the camera. “Wrapped round my finger like a ring,” the Rare artist captioned the photo, which are lyrics from her song, “Ring.” Fans were immediately thrilled by the post and seemed to believe that Gomez was confirming her next single. “NEW SINGLE IS COMING, 😍” one exuberant fan declared.

People are obsessed with the new album

Fans of Gomez (who often refer to themselves as Selenators) particularly enjoy “Ring.” It has bluesy and jazz undertones and is an anthem when you’re feeling yourself. “This is elegant and poised. Vintage and self-determined. Like a blend of Lana’s class, Taylor’s bold comprehension and Camila’s velvety smooth undertones. I get these feelings. But it’s all conveying Selena. That Alex Russo nonchalance, that sweetness and that unparalleled beauty. The nostalgia. The journey of a woman who didn’t find, but met her maturity. A woman who grew from the worst kinds of heartache with a grace and charisma so profound, the world will make the memory of it ring, ring, ring…” one fan wrote about Gomez’s song.

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Wrapped round my finger like a ring

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Fans have ideas for a Ring music video

Other Gomez fans had already begun to conceptualize what a music video for “Ring” would look like. “Okay so imagine this: The music video for this song is set in the 1920’s, with a Burlesque type theme. Selena is in a bar with a sparkly dress and curled hair and she’s enjoying her company and catches the attention of three men. The whole music video is her dancing with them all, and she’s talking about how they’re basically in love with her and her plan is to leave them hanging in the end,” a Selenator shared a week prior to Gomez’s teaser. It seems that Gomez got the memo about the sparkly dress. Only time will tell what else she comes up with for her next single.

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