Star thinks Whitney Houstons death was foul play as she was clean from drugs

James Worthy had been a close family friend of the late Bobby Brown Jr, his father Bobby Brown and the singing icon Whitney Houston.

In an exclusive interview with Daily Star, James revealed that the Every Little Step star still believes that "foul play" could have been behind his wife's sudden death in 2012.

The 29-year-old award-winning artist who "grew up" with Bobby Brown Jr, explained that the family had always been suspicious after knowing that Whitney had been "clean from drugs" for some time before her tragic passing.

Just one day before the Grammy Awards, Houston was found submerged in a bathtub of her Beverly Hilton Hotel on February 11, 2012.

The emergency services were called to the scene where she was unconscious with the legendary hitmaker passing away not long after.

In 2013, a coroner concluded that her death was the result of drowning and the "effects of atherosclerotic heart disease and cocaine use".

At the time and in the official report, it was believed that Whitney had used cocaine shortly before she died and several other drugs were also reportedly found in her system.

More recently, a 2018 documentary titled Whitney had been replayed on Channel 4 to mark the 10 year anniversary of her sad death.

In the biopic, ex-husband Bobby Brown made a rare appearance which saw him adamantly explain that drugs were not to blame for Whitney's death.

Speaking about the documentary and Bobby's comments, family friend James told us: "To be honest with you, she was one of those people who was clean when she passed.

"She was clean from drugs for quite some time when she passed. So we definitely thought it was something more of a foul play situation.

"You know more things involved, more people involved so that's probably what he [Bobby] had meant."

He added: "There was definitely more to her [Whitney] than people saw or were privy to. Sometimes people only see what's being presented to them in a high fashion, she was a great person."

James feels very fortunate to have worked alongside the "very talented" family and was incredibly close to Bobby Brown Jr.

Bobby Brown junior was the son of the American rap star and his former partner Kim Ward – who he had two children with.

At the age of 28, the young rising star was found dead in his Los Angeles home, with the combined effects of alcohol, cocaine and the powerful opioid fentanyl believed to be the cause of his sudden death.

The Los Angeles County coroner's report obtained by CNN detailed a "history of alcohol and drug use".

According to the report, there was no evidence of internal injuries and Brown's death was recorded as accidental.

Having lost a good friend, James would like to pay tribute to Bobby Brown Jr with his own music which compliments his legacy.

The American Top 10 Billboard Charting Recording Artist, Singer, Songwriter, Record Producer, and Grammy Award Musician from Queens, New York is stepping away from the studio to fulfil his musical passions.

In recent years, James has released 2 EPs and several successful singles.

His latest hit entitled "Tick Tock" which features Big Gipp of Goodie Mob stormed the charts and amassed 3 Million streams, and counting.

On Friday February 25, his red hot new single See It My Way featuring the legendary Show Me Love singer Robin S goes on worldwide release.

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