Steven Van Zandt Gathers Solo LPs, Unreleased Tracks for ‘RockNRoll Rebel’ Box Set

Steven Van Zandt collects his first six solo albums and over 50 unreleased tracks for the E Street Band guitarist’s upcoming RockNRoll Rebel – The Early Work box set.

The limited edition, 7LP/4CD set, due out December 6th, features six of Van Zandt’s long-out-of-print albums – 1982’s Men Without Women, 1983’s Voice Of America, 1985’s Sun City, 1987’s Freedom – No Compromise, the U.S. vinyl debut of 1989’s Revolution and the first vinyl release ever of 1999’s Born Again Savage – remastered on colored vinyl.

RockNRoll Rebel‘s four compact discs are packed with 51 bonus tracks, including previously unreleased demos, B-sides, rehearsals, outtakes, classic concert performances, and a number of never-before-heard Van Zandt compositions. One of the four discs focuses on bonus material from the Artists United Against Apartheid’s Sun City, while Van Zandt’s early live work with at the Stone Pony with Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes is also unearthed.

“It’s been a blast going through the archives and finding all these hidden gems,” Van Zandt said in a statement. “In addition to demos in various stages of completion, there are entire songs I’d completely forgotten about, and we found some really early things pre-Jukes like Southside Johnny and the Kid (the kid being me!). I’m excited to have my stuff back on vinyl for the first time in decades!”

RockNRoll Rebel – The Early Work, limited to 1,000 copies, is available to preorder now. Van Zandt has also started the process of bringing deluxe editions of his solo LPs to digital services, with 1982’s Men Without Women available for streaming now.


RockNRoll Rebel – The Early Work Track List

Little Steven And The Disciples Of Soul: Men Without Women (1982)
Lyin’ In A Bed Of Fire
Inside Of Me
Until The Good Is Gone
Men Without Women
Under The Gun
Save Me
Princess Of Little Italy
Angel Eyes
I’ve Been Waiting

Little Steven And The Disciples Of Soul: Voice Of America (1983)
Voice Of America
Checkpoint Charlie
Out Of The Darkness
Los Desaparecidos (The Disappeared Ones)
I Am A Patriot (And The River Opens For The Righteous)
Among The Believers
Undefeated (Everybody Goes Home)

Little Steven: Freedom – No Compromise (1987)
Trail Of Broken Treaties
Bitter Fruit
No More Party’s
Can’t You Feel The Fire
Native American

Little Steven: Revolution (1989)
Where Do We Go From Here
Love and Forgiveness
Leonard Peltier
Liberation Theology

Little Steven Van Zandt: Born Again Savage (1999)
Born Again Savage
Camouflage of Righteousness
Guns, Drugs, And Gasoline
Face of God
Saint Francis
Lust for Enlightenment
Tongues of Angels

Artists United Against Apartheid: Sun City (1985)
Sun City
No More Apartheid
Revolutionary Situation
Sun City (Version II) (Edit)
Let Me See Your I.D.
The Struggle Continues
Silver And Gold

Disc 1: Men Without Women (And Before)

Disc 2: Voice Of America

Disc 3: Sun City

Disc 4: Freedom – No Compromise, Revolution (And Later)

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