Teen Netflix star Miranda McKeon starts chemo after breast cancer diagnosis

Miranda McKeon, star of Netflix hit Anne with an E, has started chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer.

She updated her dedicated fans on social media about her health and the beginning of the rigorous treatment process.

Miranda, 19, shared that she had been diagnosed with stage three breast cancer on her social media last month.

On her Instagram, she said: “I currently have my first cocktail of AC chemo circulating through my body.”

She told her fans: "One round done… seven to go. (Three more AC, four Taxol. Chemo once every two weeks. Four months in all. Then second phase – surgery and radiation)."

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Miranda shared that her first chemotherapy session had to be pushed back by a day, which made her stomach "drop to the floor".

She said she felt a "rollercoaster" of emotions but also that now "the deed has been done", referring to the gruelling sessions that she had started to tackle the deadly disease.

As she is only 19, Miranda is "one in a million" to be diagnosed but remains adamant that she will "get through" it.

Miranda has been documenting her chemo journey in a blog as she is aiming to "find the beauty in all of this".

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The teen actress said: "I'm hoping that by documenting a good majority of this, that someone else will be able to read it down the line when they need it and they can find comfort and healing through it in the way that I do writing it.”

She shared that she realised something was wrong when she felt a lump on her breast on a beach trip with her friends.

Despite thinking it was malignant she made an appointment with her doctor anyway.

Unfortunately, the doctor found she had stage three cancer which had spread to her lymph nodes, which are around the neck, armpits, groin, gut, and between the lungs.

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Miranda is remaining brave and optimistic as she said: "Although I don't have the easiest case scenario, like I wish it hadn't spread to my lymph nodes or that it was a little less complicated, I never had a moment where I was like, 'Oh, am I going to die from this?' That was never really a thought.

"I think this entire time it's been more of like, 'Okay, we're going to treat this and solve it."

Prematurely, the doctor also advised Miranda she may need to freeze her eggs if she wants to have her own children in the future.

Miranda’s mum Jill said: "That was gutting.

"I said to the doctor, 'We'll talk about that later, this is already enough information.' She was like, 'Actually, we're talking about this because we have to.'"

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