The Beatles: George Harrison finally gets My Sweet Lord music video with Ringo Starr WATCH

George Harrison: Trailer for All Things Must Pass 50th Anniversary

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Released in November 1970, George Harrison’s All Things Must Pass was his third studio album and first solo work to be released after The Beatles break-up earlier that year. The Quiet Beatle never released a music video for his iconic My Sweet Lord single, a praise of the Hindu god Krishna. The track famously blended the Hebrew world Hallelujah with chants of the Hare Krishna mantra.

Now former Saturday Night Live comedian Fred Armisen leads an official music video pf My Sweet Lord, featuring over forty musicians, actors and comedians paying tribute to Harrison’s influence on their fields.

Fred and Vanessa Bayer play metaphysical special agents tasked by the head of their secret agency, played by Star Wars legend Mark Hamill, with searching for that which cannot be seen.

Much of the music video takes place in a movie theatre with celebrities, including The Beatles drummer Ringo Starr, watching clips of Harrison on the screen.

The music video sees “dozens of agents team up to look high and low for what may have been right in front of their face all along, mirroring the seeking nature of the song.”

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