The Beatles Get Back: ‘We’re facing a crisis! I might get rid of John’ – Paul’s epic rants

The Beatles: Get Back preview clip

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Peter Jackson’s revisionist three-part documentary on The Beatles’ 1969 Let It Be sessions promises to show the Fab Four didn’t really want to break up. Now what’s clear from the first episode of The Beatles: Get Back is that John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr did have a lot of fun together. Nevertheless, tensions were extremely high with the pressure of getting new songs mastered before a TV special in just two weeks time.

The plan was for The Beatles to record their new album in front of a studio audience, which would also be broadcast on live television.

The band’s new tracks needed to be sung live without overdubs or technical trickery, and all this had to be achieved before Ringo started shooting his new movie with Peter Sellers, The Magic Christian, on January 24, 1969.

So The Fab Four headed to Twickenham Studios for rehearsals, which were filmed by Michael Lindsay-Hogg and became the original Let It Be documentary a year later.

But now with Jackson’s unprecedented access to hours more unseen footage and audio, insight into the band’s frustrations with each other have further come to light.

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