The Driver Era talk creativity, breaking away from former bands, and the future

Ross Lynch and Jaz Sinclair dance together on TikTok

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The Driver Era are trying something different with their music. The two brothers, Ross Lynch and Rocky Lynch, hail from Colorado, USA, and boast a unique sound that has already garnered them a large fanbase. Today their second studio album, Girlfriend, hits digital store shelves and furthers their journey into creativity, art, and individuality.  

The brothers’ musical journey has been a long and laboured one. They originally started out with more of their siblings in a band called R5. 

R5 released two studio albums and went on a number of tours over the course of a decade – but it ultimately fizzled out. 

Obviously unsatisfied with how their musical experience went, the two brothers started The Driver Era, with a laser focus on what they wanted to sound like. 

“It’s dramatically different,” Ross confessed to over Zoom, comparing R5 and The Driver Era. “I guess our relationship to all the people that we work with is entirely different. It really was a whole different process.”

Ross continued: “When we were in R5 we were younger and we were growing into this band scenario, but … maybe we were more susceptible to people’s opinions because we thought we didn’t know as much?”

“Now,” he smiled, “now we’ve really taken the music into our own hands and are really just following our instincts.”

With a new creative freedom spurring them on – and Ross’ Netflix show, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, come to an end – The Driver Era’s latest album, Girlfriend, is the band’s focus.

The record is packed with pop-funk vibes that would feel at home on any party playlist, not least the band’s latest single, Leave Me Feeling Confident. The stand out track is a prime example of how catchy, atmospheric and laid back their music is at its core.

While speaking to Ross and Rocky it is plain to see that they are extremely calm about, well, everything.

When asked about the finer details of their songwriting process, they are extremely relaxed. Rocky recalled: “We started [Leave Me Feeling Confident] on tour one time, we were in a hotel.” Ross laughed: “We were just feeling ourselves, late night!”

Rocky added: “It’s not often that we sit down and we’re like, okay, let’s write about love, or let’s write a song about this.

“Normally we’re just sitting down and writing. Somehow a song will start leaning towards a certain way and feeling like an emotion and… it just kind of keeps going.”

Rocky, who acts as the band’s Finneas O’Connell, went on: “Rarely are we sitting down and already have something in mind. It really just kind of happens.”

Ross agreed: “We’re mostly trying to find excitement in the process. And it always looks different.”

The brothers have continued writing and producing songs long after the completion of their sophomore album, Girlfriend, giving them a bunch of material for the future.

The Driver Era go on tour this November – through the USA, into Europe, and over to the UK – but they are already keen to release some new music. 

Ross revealed: “We’ve got, like, ten-or-so songs lined up ready to go! We’re going to see if we can get those out before the tour is over.”

Fans will have to keep their eyes peeled for some secret song releases going forward, Rocky teased.

“In a perfect world,” he said. “A song from this next batch sneaks its way out while on tour.”

The Driver Era – Girlfriend is out now.

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