The Jonas Brothers Were Once Abandoned 'in the Middle of Nowhere' While Touring

The Jonas Brothers rose to fame in the 2000s as stars on Disney Channel. The group gained a huge following and became one of the most famous bands in the world.

Their successful career also came with a lot of memorable experiences for Kevin Jonas, Joe Jonas, and Nick Jonas. The brothers are releasing a joint memoir called Blood, which recounts many stories of their lives. One talks about a time they were abandoned “in the middle of nowhere” while touring.

The Jonas Brothers had a difficult time touring in the beginning

The Jonas Brothers have toured all over the world, but things were not always easy for them in the beginning. According to an excerpt from Blood shared by People, when they were performing shows to promote their first single, “Mandy,” they ran into a lot of financial problems.

“In Idaho, we accepted a gig on Super Bowl Sunday at a bar that didn’t allow anyone under twenty-one to enter,” Kevin said. “We had to wait in the bus until it was our turn to perform. Then we ran in, played a set that everyone hated because we were responsible for the sound being turned off on the game, and then immediately left the premises.”

He added, “In case it’s not completely obvious, these shows did not pay well, when they paid at all.”

At some point, the Jonas Brothers’ label stopped supporting them, and their father had to step in to finance their career.

“This was no small expense, especially since he was responsible for the food, hotel, and salary of the entire band,” Kevin explained. “We worked just as hard as before, but now there was a cost to each new fan. Yet Dad never complained about it.”

The brothers got abandoned ‘in the middle of nowhere’ when a bus driver didn’t get his money

Kevin recalled that his father “scrambled to gather the funds,” though he could not always get money when they needed it. This led to them not being able to pay some employees.

“One time, as we were driving through the Midwest, the bus driver pulled over to the shoulder of the road,” Kevin said. “He called Dad and told him, ‘If you don’t pay me what you owe me soon, I’m gonna kick them out of the bus and leave them on the side of the highway, and that will be goddamn that.’

Kevin continued, “And true to his word, he pulled over one day on the side of the highway, said the bus had broken down, and left us in the middle of nowhere for more than twelve hours until my dad paid him.”

What else can fans expect from the Jonas Brothers’ memoir?

Blood will be released on Nov. 9, 2021. According to its description, the book will share many behind-the-scene stories “from [the Jonas Brothers’] Disney days through their contentious breakup and explosive reunion.”

The book will include stories about their personal lives as well. For example, Rolling Stone released an excerpt where Nick describes his first memory and recalls it being a “near-death experience.”

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