The Matrix cast now – famous niece, child loss, £18m net worth and tragic crash

Over 22 years ago, audiences were introduced to Hollywood blockbuster The Matrix – a landmark film in both cinema and popular culture.

Its opening fight scene, where the action stops and the camera spins around Carrie Anne Moss, is one of cinema's most iconic – so much so, that it has been parodied in a number of other big budget productions, including animated comedy Shrek.

The film was such a success at the box office that it surpassed its original budget of $63 million dollars (£47.5 million), making a staggering $466.3 million (£351.8 million) in total.

Ahead of the release of the latest instalment in the franchise, Matrix Resurrections, Daily Star looks at where the cast of the original film are now.

Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves was already a huge star in the nineties, having appeared in films including Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure/Bogus Journey, Point Break, Bram Stoker's Dracula, Speed and The Devil's Advocate.

His role as Neo in The Matrix shot Keanu to new levels of fame, with the actor renowned for performing his own stunts on set, something he has continued in future roles such as John Wick.

However, during this time he also suffered two personal losses, when his girlfriend Jennifer Symes gave birth to their daughter, who was stillborn.

The couple broke up a little while later and in 2001, Jennifer was killed in a car crash.

After appearing in a few films in the noughties that did less well at the box office, Keanu's career has rocketed again after appearing in the John Wick movies, with a fourth sequel on the way, followed by the release of critically acclaimed comedy Bill and Ted: Face the Music last year.

Talking about the John Wick films, Keanu told Variety that back when he was filming Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, he never thought he would be working on a film as "cool" as John Wick.

He said: "I was hoping that I’d be making films and would have a career, so there was a part of me that wanted to have a career like this. I’m bringing some joy to John Wick too," adding: "We made this film with love. I love the world of John Wick."

Keanu also told The Los Angeles Times that there was also one role he would have loved to have played, saying: "When the amazing Hugh Jackman got to play Wolverine, I was like, “Uck, I would have loved to do that. But dang, he’s really good."

Although quiet about his personal life, Keanu is also currently dating the artist Alexandra Grant, who he met in 2019.

Carrie Anne Moss

Carrie Anne Moss landed one of her first Hollywood roles as Trinity in The Matrix, a role she is set to reprise in the upcoming sequel The Matrix Resurrections.

She started out as a model, landing tv roles in series such as Models Inc and Dark Justice, before starring as Trinity in the original Matrix trilogy.

During filming of The Matrix, Carrie and Keanu Reeves formed a close bond off-set and have maintained a decades long friendship since they first worked together in 1999, with Carrie telling The Guardian: "It was a pure pleasure to get to partner with him again, in this way. It was as if no time had passed."

She added that Keanu is a "good listener" and "works harder than anyone I’ve ever met", saying "he deserves all of that good press about his compassion and kindness."

Carrie has continued to work on a number of Hollywood blockbusters including Netflix series Jessica Jones, Humans, Frankenstein and has also provided voice work for video games.

She also joined her friend Justine Bateman earlier this year to discuss ageing in Hollywood, as part of a Q&A for Justine's book, Face: One Square Foot of Skin.

Carrie spoke of her shock about how after she turned 40, she began being offered older roles, saying: "I had heard that at 40 everything changed. I didn’t believe in that because I don’t believe in just jumping on a thought system that I don’t really align with.

"But literally the day after my 40th birthday, I was reading a script that had come to me and I was talking to my manager about it.

"She was like, ‘Oh, no, no, no, it’s not that role [you’re reading for], it’s the grandmother. I may be exaggerating a bit, but it happened overnight. I went from being a girl to the mother to beyond the mother."

Since 1999, she has been married to Steven Roy and the couple have three children together.

Laurence Fishburne

Laurence Fishburne is renowned for playing Morpheus in The Matrix, a role he reprised in the franchise's subsequent two sequels, Matrix Reloaded and Matrix Revolutions.

However, it has been confirmed that he will not be reprising the role in the upcoming fourth film, much to the disappointment of fans, although his character does appear in the trailer.

One of Hollywood's most critically acclaimed actors, Laurence Fishburne already had a long acting career dating back to the seventies with roles in films including Apocalypse Now, The Colour Purple and Othello.

After The Matrix, he rose to new levels of fame, starring in hit tv series including Hannibal and CSI.

He also reunited with his Matrix co-star Keanu Reeves in the John Wick film series, a role he is set to reprise in its upcoming fourth film due for release next year, and the two have a close off-screen bond.

Keanu even told Heat Radio that he often stays over at Laurence's house when they catch up, and it was during one of these catch ups that Laurence told him how much he loved the first John Wick film.

John Wick director Chad Stehelski said to Variety that he was "still pinching himself" that he managed to sign up Laurence for the second film, following this revelation.

In his personal life, Laurence has three children and has been married twice – first to Hajna O. Moss from 1985-1990 and then to Gina Torres from 2002-2018.

Hugo Weaving

Hugo Weaving has had a number of iconic Hollywood roles, including Agent Smith in The Matrix, and Elrond in another epic trilogy, The Lord of the Rings.

With a long acting career including roles such as Tick in The Adventures of Priscilla: Queen of the Desert, voicing Megatron in the Transformers films and playing Red Skull in Captain America: The First Avenger, it is no wonder that Hugo has a huge net worth of $25 million (£18 million).

He also most recently reprised his role of Elrond in The Hobbit film series, played Thaddeus in fantasy film The Mortal Engines, starred in Patrick Melrose with Benedict Cumberbatch and is currently listed as filming a new tv series called Love Me.

Outside of acting, he has been in a relationship with Katrina Greenwood since 1984 and he has two children.

A talent for performance runs in the family too, as his niece is the actress Samara Weaving, who along with starring in horror film Ready or Not, played Thea, the daughter of Bill Preston, opposite Matrix star Keanu Reeves in Bill and Ted: Face the Music.

Gloria Foster

Gloria Foster starred as The Oracle in The Matrix, following a career in Hollywood dating back to the sixties that included roles in tv series and films including Law and Order and Top Secret.

She also had an award winning career on stage, starring in productions such as Have Our Say on Broadway in 1995.

In her personal life, she was married to Clarence Williams III from 1967-1984.

However, while reprising her role as The Oracle in 2003's The Matrix Reloaded, the star died aged 67 on September 29 2001, from complications relating to diabetes.

Joe Pantoliano

Joe Pantoliano is one of Hollywood's renowned character actors, who starred as Cyper in The Matrix.

He was already well known to audiences for his memorable roles in films including Francis in The Goonies, Guido in Risky Business and Captain Howard in Bad Boys.

Since then, he has reprised the role of Captain Howard in a further two Bad Boys films, as well as starring as Ralph Cifaretto in the hit drama series Sopranos from 2001-2004.

Most recently he has also starred in films including Hide and Seek, tv series MacGyver and is listed as appearing in a number of tv series currently in pre-production.

In his personal life, Joe has been married twice – first to Morgan Kester from 1979-1984, and then to Nancy Sheppard from 1994.

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