The One Shows Angela Scanlon says she as spent night in Mexican prison cell

RTE star Angela Scanlon has revealed she spend the night in a Mexican prison after a passport mishap while abroad in Mexico.

The One Show presenter told how she and a pal were locked up abroad after a nightmare unfolded during a relaxing vacation when she was younger.

The mum-of-two told how she had used her sister's passport to get into the country but ran into trouble on the way home.

Angela, 38, said: "I was in a Mexican prison. That's a whole other story.

"Yeah I was, I spent the night in the Mexican prison."

She joked: "I didn't just flash my t**s guys! I tried to enter into the UK… with my sister's expired passport which is actually illegal.

"I just thought.. I didn't want to lose my own ID and I was under drinking age.

"So I was like, 'I'll just bring Christine's passport'. Yeah turns out they check when you're on the way back in."

Speaking to Alan Carr on his podcast Life's A Beach, Angela also revealed that she was locked up with a pal after convincing her to use an expired passport as well.

"And I had persuaded my friend Deirdre to bring her expired passport as well.

"So the two of us were banged up abroad.

"The rest of the girls had to go on a Greyhound bus across the country, eight hours each way, to San Diego to get some cash, to come back and our passports, obviously."

The Irish star gave birth to her second baby girl, Marnie Fae, last month.

Angela has been married to her husband Roy Horgan since 2014 and they were already parents to their three-year-old daughter Ruby Ellen.

This comes after Angela recently said that tiredness "breaks her" after welcoming her daughter into the world.

The Ask Me Anything presenter opened up about exhaustion and "struggling massively" after her first baby.

Speaking to fans on Instagram Live, she said: “I try to grab a little nap when I can, do meditation when I can which recharges me and also just accept that I'm going to feel a bit f***ed for a while!

"Also, take all the help you can get… when someone offers help, TAKE THE HELP!"

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