The Weeknd's Head Stars in a Bizarre Slasher Movie in 'Too Late' Video

The Weeknd has expressed his desire to become a filmmaker in the future, and nowhere is that wish more apparent than in his latest music video, “Too Late.” It arrives with a NSFW warning at the beginning, and given that it’s coming out close to Halloween, you can probably guess the reason why.

Created with the directing duo Cliqua, the visual opens with two women, both of them wearing facial bandages from recent plastic surgery, driving along a highway and coming across the disembodied head of the Weeknd. Rather than be horrified — as any normal person would — the two are enamored with the pop star’s cranium and take it home to their mansion. Of course, their ultimate fantasy to seduce the Weeknd would be incomplete without a body, and they have some truly sadistic ways of acquiring one.

“Too Late” was included on the Weeknd’s fourth studio album After Hours, released in March. Led by “Blinding Lights,” After Hours ruled the first half of 2020 by topping Alpha Data’s mid-year ranking with 1.3 million album units.

Recently, the singer put on an augmented reality performance through TikTok, dropped several Kiss Land rarities, and provided an animated look at his prolific career in the video for “Snowchild.”

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