Travis Scott Pulls Out of Day N Vegas Festival After Astroworld Tragedy

After eight people died at Travis Scott’s Astroworld, Variety reports that Scott will refund all attendees. He has also canceled his set at this weekend’s Day N Vegas Festival, scheduled for Nov. 13.

Friday, Nov. 5, a massive crowd surge killed several fest attendees, and injured 300, leading to the cancelation of the rest of the event. Scott and Live Nation have not replied to Rolling Stone‘s requests for comment, but Scott made a public statement Saturday: “I’m absolutely devastated by what took place last night. My prayers go out to the families and all those impacted by what happened at Astroworld Festival. Houston PD has my total support as they continue to look into the tragic loss of life. I am committed to working together with the Houston community to heal and support the families in need. Thank you Houston PD, Fire Department, and NRG Park for their immediate response and support. Love you all.”

A New York Times report suggests that fest organizers and city officials were concerned about the safety of the event after 2019 crowd control incidents. One security plan obtained by the paper read: “Based on the site’s layout and numerous past experiences the potential for multiple alcohol/drug-related incidents, possible evacuation needs, and the ever-present threat of a mass casualty situation are identified as key concerns.”

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