Trixie Mattel Silences a Tennis Foe in 'C'mon Loretta' Video

Trixie Mattel does some multitasking in the video for “C’mon Loretta,” silencing a tennis court foe and paying homage to a country great in one fell swoop. The song appears on the drag star and songwriter’s upcoming double LP The Blonde & Pink Albums, due in June.

A guitar-driven garage-pop tune in the vein of Mattel’s ebullient “Yellow Cloud,” “C’mon Loretta” looks at the story Loretta Lynn, who turned 90 on Thursday, and her sometimes-stormy romance with late husband Oliver “Doolittle” Lynn. Mattel sings it almost as if she’s a concerned friend, in admiration of the way she’s “tough as the strings on her guitar” but perplexed that she refuses to leave him. “Singing songs about running the show, but your heart’ll never let him go,” Mattel sings, the track pulsing with electric guitar, new-wave synths, and a disco beat.

In the video, Mattel sports a voluminous blonde wig and shades on the tennis court, where she faces off against a mutton-chopped, headband-wearing bully by the name of Rusty “Tennis the Menace” Rhinehart — a nod to Billie Jean King’s infamous “Battle of the Sexes” with Bobby Riggs. Her opponent taunts her and talks trash, but Mattel is unflappable until the end, dishing up a quite literally killer serve that ends the match once and for all.

Later in April, Mattel will head to Europe for an extensive tour that begins in Scotland and makes multiple stops in England, Ireland, Sweden, France, and Denmark.

The Blonde Album

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