Vicky Pattison shows ‘happy’ body transformation with stunning bikini pics

Vicky Pattison opened up to her followers in her latest Instagram post, bravely discussing the changes she had made in the past year.

The 32-year-old beauty shared two swimwear pics from a retreat side-by-side, letting fans know they were taken a year apart.

In the first snap, the Geordie Shore star modelled a lilac bikini, as she smiled into the camera with her hair pulled back off her face.

Reflecting on the pic, she wrote: "This first body might look healthy, might look lean and toned – but it wasn't the product of hours in the gym, yoga classes or healthy eating – it was the product of almost giving up.

"Of actually being too heartbroken and lost to eat. I just couldn't bring myself to eat or care about anything. All I could focus on was all the negative."

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Vicky revealed that one year ago, she would "wake up crying and shaking", thanks to her severe anxiety and stress.

She added: "I spent my week away posting a slew of half naked pictures in some sort of desperate and misguided act of defiance. As if by showing the world that I was thin and toned I was showing them I was somehow okay and strong."

Bringing her followers to her second pic, the Geordie starlet remarked: "Fast forward a year and I am a different person."

In the next snap, the brunette bombshell donned a navy one-piece, and posed with her hand on her hip as she smiled into the lens.

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Getting real with her followers, she said: "Now don't get me wrong, I've got a couple extra lumps and bumps that I'd prefer weren't there and I've definitely added to my cellulite collection but I AM HAPPY!

"Do you know what I see when I look at the second picture? A girl who wouldn't give up.

"I see my amazing year filled with love, laughter and beautiful people. I see my late night nuggets in bed with a remarkable man, I see silly nights out with the girls I couldn't live without. I see Personal Training sessions and charity bike rides, adventures with my mam – I see strength.

Signing off, she added: "Time is the best healer, you will look back and laugh, what is meant for you will not pass you by and it will get better.. oh so much better. Mark my words."

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In the comments below, Vicky's fans thanked her for her honesty, and let her know that she was beautiful both inside and out.

One said: "I think you are so amazing."

A second added: "Second picture is a picture of health happiness and a real woman. You go girl, you're rocking it."

While a third remarked: "A genuinely inspirational post."

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