Why Fans Think Billie Eilish Just Came Out

Billie Eilish fans are confused, and for very good reason. On June 10, the singer posted a slideshow of stills from her “Lost Cause” music video with the caption “i love girls.” The pics, which are again, from her new video, are of Eilish partying with a bunch of her friends, sticking their tongues out, having a dance party in a kitchen in their PJs, and piled onto a bed together. Some of the first comments under the image were from fans wondering whether this was her subtle way of coming out. One person noted that it was Pride Month, and another wrote, “Y’all reading what I’m reading,” suggesting that if you read between the lines, along with the images, it could definitely seem like Eilish was coming out as a lesbian or a bisexual. Eilish hasn’t confirmed or denied any of the rumors as of writing.

A lot of people were excited about her alleged announcement, with one person summing up the overall sentiment with a tweet saying, “did billie eilish just come out omg.” But other people were less impressed with the vague caption and images. Read on to find out why.

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