X Factors Wagner, 66, shares rampant sex life secrets with stunning wife, 30

X Factor legend Wagner revealed just how he managed to maintain a great sex life in his sixties.

During an exclusive chat with the Daily Star for a Facebook Live tell-all with showbiz reporter Carly Hacon, he chatted about his life post-show and his relationship with the mother of his two young kids.

While looking at a snap of him ad his love, Wagner exclusively said: "Lydia, there she is, she is lovely. I love Lydia and I love my kids. She's 36 years younger – when I met her I was 54 and she was 19. Now, she is 30 and I'm 66.

"Our love has nothing to do with age but it was something that naturally happened.

"It was after the X Factor, we met at a gig at the River Rooms and that's where I met her. It was on 28th December 2010.

"I had just left the show and I was doing my first gigs at the time. We were introduced by a common friend.

"I think sex is a concept of love, if you love, you feel naturally attracted to the person and I think sex without love is a very sad thing to do and so we all did it at some point but it's not that rewarding you just feel like washing yourself when you finished, don't you?"

When asked if sex gets better with age or more difficult, he said: "This steed doesn't get old I only know that I'm 66 cos my birth certificate tells me I was born in 1956."

Wagner reveals as he gets older, keeping active outside of the bedroom also helps him keep up appearances in his boudoir setting.

He explained: "I go to the gym every day, I walk my dog every day, I ride my bicycle and I've got an electric bike and I cycle every day when it's not raining.

"I have a massive dog, it's stronger and bigger than me and I take him out every day.

"So, I'm not as big as Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger but I identify myself with them as they also work out and they look pretty fit for their age. So, I identify myself with them although they're a lot bigger than me of course."

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