You May Be Surprised Which Jonas Brother Is the Least Internet-Savvy

Back in the early aughts, the Jonas Brothers were huge — and then, suddenly, they weren’t. After nearly six years, the trio has reunited, and they’re back with more music, videos, a documentary, a book, and a tour. In other words, the internet is like Jonas Brothers overload. Here’s a look at how adept the bros themselves are at keeping up with today’s culture.

The Jonas Brothers were popular before the age of social media

When the Jonas Brothers first became famous via their Disney affiliation, the only social media outlets out there were MySpace and Xanga. So the first time around, their interactions with fans were limited to hand-written letters and concert meet-and-greets. 

But today, the internet has made it so that we can talk to and about our favorite stars with ease. Recently, the Jonas Brothers sat down with Twitter to read fan tweets about themselves, which taught viewers quite a bit about just how meme-savvy they are (or aren’t’).

Nick admits to being less-than-knowledgeable about memes

“Oh this is the thing I never understand,” Nick said when reading a tweet following the “literally no one” framework. However, this time, he got the joke, which was about how they’ve come back with so many things all at once, causing the fan to spend all of their money.

But Joe ragged on him. “He doesn’t understand memes, and he didn’t get this one. I explained it to you like 400 times,” he said to his younger brother. Kevin piled on, providing an explanation. “It means no one asked for it, but this is what we’re doing.” 

Joe, on the other hand, is very well-versed

Like his new wife, Sophie Turner, Joe seems to have a strong grasp on internet culture. “I usually see all the fan memes,” he said after coming across one he wasn’t familiar with. But even though he’s attuned to the joke, his brothers had to tell him where the photo in question took place.

Joe even dropped a Game of Thrones reference during the #FanTweets video. He read a tweet that said, “The Jonas Brothers keep me alive. That’s why I was dead for some time & now I’m back alive & lit.” He remarked that he doesn’t believe the fan ever died, saying, “Jon Snow stuff. Spoiler alert.” Nick chimed in, “He gets brought back to life.”

And Kevin seems to hold his own

Despite being the eldest of the brothers and the only one who is father, Kevin doesn’t appear to have missed a beat when it comes to meme culture. In the video, he was familiar with the “Me Explaining” meme, which he then acted out while reading allowed one about how much a fan loves Joe.

Then again, Kevin’s fashion certainly meets the dad standard. Another fan tweeted a photo of the brothers from their recent Harper’s Bazaar shoot, in which Kevin is wearing a thick turtleneck. While the fan praised his “commitment,” Nick laughed at it, saying, “This turtleneck looks like it’s about to eat your face.” 

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