21 Unproblematic Celebrities Literally EVERYONE Loves

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us who they thought was the most unproblematic celebrity. Here are the wonderful results.

1.Mister Rogers

“He literally treated every single person he came across with the utmost respect, and had a genuine love and admiration for them. The world could use more people like him.”


2.Emilia Clarke

“Emilia Clarke is literally the human form of a golden retriever. She can do no wrong!”



“I saw Adele in concert a few years ago and she was everything I dreamed of and more. She’s so talented and so genuine.”


4.Lin-Manuel Miranda

“His work has moved and inspired millions. Despite all of his success and awards, he seems so humble.”



“Zendaya is a Queen who always says the right thing.”


6.Keanu Reeves

“Just Keanu Reeves’ breathing makes the world a better place.”


7.Betty White

“Betty White is a Queen and I considered inviting her to my wedding.”


8.Chris Evans

“Chris Evans is currently one of the most popular actors in Hollywood, yet he remains very humble and grounded. He’s incredibly sweet, and hasn’t been involved in a ton of scandal.”


9.Tom Hanks



“She’s so down to earth and is always trying to make the world a better place. How can you not love her?”


11.Harry Styles

“He just lives his best life and encourages everybody to be nice to each other.”


12.Gina Rodriguez



13.Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson


14.Billy Porter


15.Anne Hathaway


“Ever since The Princess Diaries, she’s been the true queen of Genovia and celebrities.”


16.Hugh Jackman

“I saw Hugh Jackson perform at Madison Square Garden recently and the interactions he had with everyone were so pure and genuine! From the audience members to the band to his wife — he’s such a wonderful being.”


17.Hilary Duff


18.James Earl Jones


19.Mindy Kaling


20.Brendon Urie

“Almost every fan who has met Brendon Urie in person has had nothing but nice things to say about him. He even founded his own nonprofit organization, y’all!”


21.And Julie Andrews

“Her whole life has been documented, and she’s never done anything wrong. She’s basically the world’s grandmother now.”


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Big Brother recap: Season 21, Episode 22 — Who is eviction target?

The Big Brother recap for Season 21, Episode 22 comes from Wednesday night. The intro to the episode indicated that there was going to be a lot to cover, including OTEV and an important Veto Ceremony.

On the Sunday night episode, the Field Trip twist finally made its way to the cast. America voted for Jackson Michie, Christie Murphy, and Analyse Talavera to take part in it.

During the Field Trip, Jackson secured safety for the week, Analyse got the punishment of dressing up as a chicken for a week, and Christie became the automatic third nominee.

As the Head of Household, Tommy Bracco was pretty frustrated with what took place, but he ended up nominating Kathryn Dunn and Cliff Hogg for eviction. This meant that at the start of the Wednesday episode, three people were on the block.

Big Brother recap: Season 21, Episode 22

Tommy’s punishment came to an end and he was pretty ecstatic that the week was over. Kathryn was shown crying during a Diary Room session about being nominated and Christie also shed a lot of tears about being on the block while Tommy was the HOH.

Christie picked Nick Maccarone to play in the Veto Competition and Cliff picked Jackson Michie to join it. Tommy and Kathryn were the other two players, setting up the six players who really wanted to secure the POV.

Jackson and Analyse were shown chatting about getting Six Shooters back together, pushing Jackson to work harder at winning the Veto Competition. He stated in a Diary Room session that he wanted to work with Sis, but was not keen on helping Christie again.

The OTEV Veto Competition results

OTEV was in the backyard as the six houseguests went to compete. The Veto Competition would be done in rounds, with one person getting eliminated each time until only the POV winner remained.

Tommy seemed to have a really easy time maneuvering around the course, while Cliff looked like he was having a really hard time. They both survived the first round, with Jackson getting eliminated first.

The competition continued, with Tommy winning the Power of Veto.

Veto Ceremony results

It wasn’t too surprising that Tommy Bracco saved Christie Murphy from the block at the Veto Ceremony. They are in a final two alliance and know each other outside of the house. This means that Kathryn Dunn and Cliff Hogg remain on the block, with Tommy working hard to make sure that Kat goes to the BB21 jury next.

While it may be easy to predict what takes place at the next Eviction Ceremony, what follows it could be up in the air. Michie and Holly Allen have hatched their own plan, as seen on the CBS live feeds. Can they pull it off?

Big Brother airs new CBS episodes each Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

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Big Brother 21 spoilers: Who gets evicted tonight, joins BB21 jury?

Big Brother 21 spoilers now predict who gets evicted tonight. The BB21 jury will start being formed and the summer 2019 season will be down to its top 10 houseguests.

Jessica Milagros is about to complete a very successful week as the Head of Household. As seen during Episode 19, she even won the Power of Veto to secure her nominations. It means Jackson Michie and Jack Matthews have remained on the block.

It was noteworthy that Jessica found a way to turn things around for herself and make it deeper into the season than at least one of the two alpha males sitting on the block.

Big Brother 21 spoilers: Who gets evicted tonight?

While things could always change when the live feeds are turned off before the Thursday night episode, it appears that the dye has been cast on this Eviction Ceremony.

Jack Matthews is going to be evicted and sent to the BB21 jury house. He just doesn’t have enough support left in the game, especially after being part of the reason that the Six Shooters alliance imploded.

Jack hasn’t stopped campaigning, which included approaching Cliff Hogg while he was trying to take a shower. It’s not working, though, as Cliff, Kathryn Dunn, Nicole Anthony, and Holly Allen are already set on evicting Jack.

There is some conjecture among the BB21 cast members that a Double Eviction could take place Thursday night, but it probably would have been advertised by CBS and host Julie Chen Moonves if that were the case.

The show will likely advertise that time is running out to place votes for the Big Brother Field Trip. Make sure to have your voice heard in a twist that is going to catch these houseguests off guard.

Big Brother airs CBS episodes on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

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21 Examples Of What Texting In The '90s Would've Looked Like

1.When you needed a place to meet, a finish line for races, or an end zone for football games.

2.When you used the landline for internet.

3.When popular sayings caught on.

4.When you provided your friends with custom body art.

5.When the commonly used form of communication was a handwritten note.

6.When there weren’t any streaming services.

7.And when you forgot the important final step before returning rentals.

8.When you recorded over and over again on VHS tapes.

9.When the greatest medical drama of all time was still on the air.

10.When there were consequences for forgotten late fees:

11.When you got another AOL free trial disc.

12.When you used those terrible pencils.

13.When you played the free games installed on your computer.

14.When you needed a quick fix.

15.When you had Saturday night priorities.

16.When your tape malfunctioned.

17.When you wanted to send short, rapid-fire messages.

18.When you wanted to pickup where you left off on a video game.

19.When you wanted to make plans to see a movie.

20.When you had limited cell phone minutes before a certain time of night.

21.And finally, when you had dial-up internet.

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The 21 Best Tumblr Posts I Found This Month

1.On names:

2.On “Hotel California”:

3.On Shakespeare:

4.On enlightenment:

5.On trapped animals:

6.On cotton candy:

7.On new music:

8.On local government:

9.On butlers:

10.On Call of Duty:

11.On mythical creatures:

12.On nicknames:

13.On memes:

14.On The Game:

15.On phone contacts:

16.On stupidity:

17.On breakups:

18.On pH:

19.On icing:

20.On living:

21.And lastly, on the mood for 2019:

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