Hey Aussies, This Is What All Your Fave "Saturday Disney" Hosts Look Like Now

1.Sofie Formica

When they hosted: 1990-1992

What they’re up to now: After Saturday Disney, Sofie went on to host shows like Just Kidding!, The Great Outdoors and The Great South East. She also starred on Home and Away — just like every other Aussie ~celeb~.

2.Jeniene Mapp-Testa (née Mapp)

When they hosted: 1990-1996

What they’re up to now: Jeniene’s last acting gig was as a host for Playhouse Disney in 2001. She now runs a wedding cake company called Madisons Cafe with her husband.

3.James Sherry

When they hosted: 1990-1994

What they’re up to now: James Sherry has kept busy since his Saturday Disney days. He went on to host A*Mazing and has been a producer and presenter for Tennis Australia, AFL and Cricket Australia.

4.Lisa Cakar (née Barry)


When they hosted: 1992-1997

What they’re up to now: Lisa’s last acting gig was as a co-host on Now You See It. She’s since transitioned into the beauty industry, releasing her own line of lip products called Perfect Poutz.

5.Shelley Craft

When they hosted: 1996-2002

What they’re up to now: Shelley has probably had the most successful career post-Saturday Disney. She’s gone on to host The Great Outdoors, Australia’s Funniest Home Videos, Domestic Blitz, The Block, Reno Rumble, as well as report on The Melbourne Cup and 2002 Winter Olympics.

6.Marc Buhaj

When they hosted: 1994-1999

What they’re up to now: Marc quit hosting after Saturday Disney and is now the Senior Vice President, Programming and General Manager for Disney XD. What a career change.

7.Melanie Symons

When they hosted: 1997-2002

What they’re up to now: Mel continued to host a variety of shows after Saturday Disney, including Ground Force, Australia’s Best Backyards and Wheel Of Fortune. She also hosted the first fashion segments on Sunrise and is currently a presenter on Sydney Weekender.

8.Tim McDonald

When they hosted: 1999-2000

What they’re up to now: Tim has continued to act, appearing in shows like H20: Just Add Water, Sea Patrol and Utopia. He’s also currently pre-producing his own feature film called Tutu.

9.Shae Brewster

When they hosted: 2002-2013

What they’re up to now: After hosting Saturday Disney for 11 years, Shae went off the radar. But after some deep internet ~sleuthing~, I discovered this website which says she teaches TV Presenting and Voice at Nida and is the voice of 7Flix. Plus, on her LinkedIn, she’s listed as Director/Editor for Love Storm films, so it looks like she’s keeping busy. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

10.Sara Kirby (née Groen)

When they hosted: 2002-2006

What they’ve been up to: Sara has kept busy, appearing on shows like Beyond Tomorrow and as a contestant on It Takes Two. She also joined the Seven News team, filling in as a weather presenter and reporter before becoming a stay-at-home mum for her daughter, Estelle.

11.Daniel Widdowson


When they hosted: 2000-2007

What they’re up to now: Besides a few acting gigs, Dan has mostly leaned into writing and radio gigs since his Saturday Disney days. He presented and produced local radio on Norfolk Island from 2011-2013 and opened up the Salt House Theatre Company with his wife in 2016.

12.Sally Nanamis (née Stanton)


When they hosted: 2002-2006

What they’re up to now: Like her other co-hosts, Sally has gone on to present shows like The Cellar Door, Sydney Weekender and segments for the 2018 Australian Open. She also lectures TV Presenting workshops at the Australian Film, Television and Radio School.

13.Jack Yabsley


When they hosted: 2007-2011

What they’re up to now: Everyone’s ’00s crush has moved on to bigger and better things. Jack is now a screenwriter and director for the ABC and has had similar gigs for the Sydney Opera House.

14.Teigan Nash


When they hosted: 2013-2016

What they’re up to now: Once Saturday Disney wrapped up, Teigan became a presenter for Sydney Weekender and the 2016 Rio Olympics. She also landed an ambassador role with Tourism Australia for an online campaign called Aussie News Today.

15.Candice Dixon


When they hosted: 2011-2016

What they’re up to now: Like Teigan, Candice landed a hosting gig on Sydney Weekender. She also was a reporter for Seven Sport and currently writes and presents for Roadshow Entertainment.

16.Nathan Morgan


When they hosted: 2011-2016

What they’re up to now: Nathan’s next role after Saturday Disney was hosting Get Arty. And according to his Instagram, he’s also busy shooting for Get Clever TV.

RIP Saturday Disney!!! You’ll forever be in every Aussie’s heart. 😭

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Incoming: To All The Glaciers I've Melted Before

    China’s crackdown on Hong Kong protesters, a funeral in El Paso, Boris Johnson to meet European leaders. Your BuzzFeed News newsletter, Aug. 19.

    ByElamin Abdelmahmoud

    Iceland held a funeral for its first glacier lost to climate change and left a warning sign

    The once-iconic Okjökull glacier was declared dead in 2014, an icy victim as the world warms at an unprecedented rate.

    On Sunday, officials and researchers gathered at the site of the country’s first glacier lost to climate change. It will likely not be the last.

    Dozens of people, including Iceland’s prime minister and other leaders, hiked to the site install a plaque that carries a message to the future and memorialize the frozen body that once spanned 15 square miles but has since melted into a lake.

    The funeral comes just days after scientists confirmed July was the Earth’s warmest month ever recorded.

    This 17-year-old’s insanely viral TikTok is taking over the internet

    Once in a generation, a viral video comes along that changes everything. Since I’m not in the future, I don’t yet know how the universe will be altered by this TikTok, but I assure you it will be.

    Jade Taylor-Ryan, a 17-year-old Canadian high school student, made a silly and perfect video, moving her cat as the 1954 song “Mr. Sandman” plays. The result is a video we can all get behind — and the internet has, as it spurred thousands of comments and so many recreations.

    I just strongly think you should start your day with this.

    • Elamin Abdelmahmoud is a curation editor for BuzzFeed News and is based in Toronto

      Contact Elamin Abdelmahmoud at [email protected]

      Got a confidential tip? Submit it here.

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    'NCIS': All The Signs Season 17 Will Be The Last For Maria Bello

    During its first 16 seasons, the CBS procedural NCIS has seen many of its cast members come and go. Cote de Pablo (Ziva) famously left after Season 11 before she reappeared in the last scene of the Season 16 finale, and both Michael Weatherly (Anthony DiNozzo) and Pauley Perrette (Abby Sciuto) left the series after Season 13 and 15, respectively. Now, rumor has it that the upcoming Season 17 could be the last for Maria Bello (Dr. Jacqueline Sloane).

    Athree-season contract

    According to The Express, Bello joined the NCIS cast in 2017 after signing a three-season contract, which would make Season 17 her last unless she negotiates an extension. Bello has not revealed her plans, but it appears she would have the same option as Wilder Valderrama (Nick Torres) who initially signed on for Seasons 14 and 15, but extended his deal for two more years.

    As fans know, de Pablo will be returning forthe Season 17 premiere, and Bello said that she hopes she gets the chance towork with her.


    “I’m hoping I get some scenes with her (dePablo) next season,” said Bello. “I’ve never met her, I never got to work withher. So hopefully this next season she’ll be coming back and we’ll find outwhat happens with Ziva.”

    Bello says that producers told the cast acouple of weeks before they shot the season finale that Ziva would return.However, they “were under lock and key” and couldn’t say anything, and theydidn’t even have the last page of the script.

    Onequal footing

    Bello, 52, says she joined the cast of NCIS because the character of Jack Sloane was in a “position of power and respect,” and she was “on equal footing with Gibbs (Mark Harmon).” Bello explained that she liked the fact that she didn’t work for him, and he didn’t work for her.

    Instead, the two characters are colleagues whorespect each other, and during her first two seasons their relationship hasdeepened, and they have become better friends. Bello says she loves the energybetween Gibbs and Sloan, and “you can tell they really deeply care about eachother, but they really want to bang each other.”


    Bello says there is no doubt that there is atension between the characters, but she wouldn’t reveal if Gibbs and Sloane taketheir relationship to the next level during Season 17. Bello did, however,admit that working with Harmon is a lot of fun and they “have a ball” together.

    Neverdate a coworker

    Number 12 in Gibbs’ list of rules is “neverdate a coworker,” but he might just break his own rule this season. Sloane andGibbs’ combative, hostile relationship has turned into a friendship over thepast two seasons, and it is possible that in Season 17 it will turn intosomething more.

    Harmon has said that Bello was a “terrific”addition to the cast, and “she’s not just a great actress. She wants to be withus. That says a lot.”  However, he hasn’tsaid anything about the Season 17 storyline for the two characters because noone is saying anything in the wake of Ziva’s shocking return.

    What’s ahead for ‘NCIS’ in Season 17

    Everyone in the cast and crew is keeping quietabout the upcoming season, which means fans are sharing their own ideas aboutwhat could happen between Sloane and Gibbs.


    The NCIS senior special agent could resign andgive Gibbs a chance to make his move without breaking his rule. But,considering that both Bello and Harmon love working together so much – and fanswant to see where this relationship goes – news of a contract extension forBello could be coming sooner rather than later.

    Season 17 of NCIS premieres September 24th on CBS.

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    All The Rumors Hannah Brown Hopes To Set Straight During 'The Bachelorette' Finale

    • During part one of the The Bachelorette finale, Hannah Brown told a studio audience she has “a lot of questions that need to be answered.”
    • Fans are eagerly awaiting her response to rumors about Jed Wyatt having a girlfriend when he was cast on The Bachelorette.
    • Hannah has been open and honest throughout her journey on the reality dating show.

    If Hannah Brown has brought anything to the role of The Bachelorette, it is beast mode brutal honesty. Time and again, she’s told her suitors exactly what’s on her mind and held nothing back.

    Hannah even clarified the whole windmill situation last night. “I was a little dishonest about something,” she said. “Since it’s out there, and I did say there was something that Peter and I did twice… it was actually four times!”

    But that’s not the only rumor Hannah’s setting straight, as the beauty-queen-turned-Bachelorette hinted at more answers to come. “Since the last day in Greece, the past couple of months have been really tough and emotional,” she said to the studio audience.

    “I know there are a lot of rumors out there, and honestly, tomorrow night, I don’t know what’s going to happen, but I have a lot of questions that need to be answered, so I hope I’ll be able to do that.”

    So, what are all these “rumors out there”?

    Rumor 1: Jed Wyatt had a secret girlfriend while filming.

    It’s likely (okay, more than likely) that at least one of those questions—and ideally, some answers—will relate to Reality Steve’s pick for the final rose, Jed Wyatt, and rumors swirling around his intentions on the reality show. ICYMI, Jed’s ex-girlfriend, Nashville-based musician Haley Stevens, told People Jed was allegedly in a relationship with her when he went on the show.

    Rumor 2: Hannah is single.

    According to Reality Steve, when news of Jed’s secret girlfriend reached Hannah, she called off the engagement. Considering Hannah sent a suitor packing on night one for the exact same offense, fans are in for quite the show, and showdown, tonight. (Tbh, Jed might need a lot more than his guitar and a catchy jingle to get out of this one.)

    But, according to Chris Harrison, Jed will get a chance to speak his truth tonight:

    Rumor 3: Peter Weber had a girlfriend, too.

    Peter Weber also allegedly broke up with his girlfriend to go on The Bachelorette. The pilot’s ex told People, “He absolutely betrayed me. He interviewed for a reality dating show while simultaneously planning a future with me. I trusted him entirely and he pulled the rug out from under me.” Yiiiiiikes.

    Rumor 4: Tyler Cameron isn’t perfect?

    As for her other remaining bachelor, Tyler Cameron, so far his journey has been squeaky clean. (I mean, the hunky model leads community runs on the side.) However, two more hours of dramatic finale remain, so there’s plenty of time for more than slim-fitting pants to emerge from his closet, too.

    Whatever happens, I hope you took Chris Harrison’s advice to “get some rest tonight” in preparation for what he says “is going to be unlike any finale we have seen before.” Well, one thing’s for sure: this wild ride is far from over.

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    All the Times The 1975 Made Political Statements With Their Music

    From projecting the pride flag during their live performances of “Loving Someone” to addressing climate change on their upcoming album, The 1975 does not shy from commenting on current events. But, of course, that’s one of the reasons fans love them. There are plenty of times The 1975 made statements with their music, but here are a few of the most notable political statements by the band.

    During their live performances of ‘Loving Someone’

    In 2016, The 1975 premiered their album, I Like It When You Sleep, for You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware of It and their song “Loving Someone.” Although the song originally discussed Matty’s life and feelings, it came to represent something much bigger.

    Following the mass shooting at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, The 1975 dedicated “Loving Someone” to members of the LGBTQ+ community. The group projected a pride flag behind them during a performance of “Loving Someone,” which eventually became a trademark of the song and of their live shows.

    During their acceptance speech at the ‘Brit Awards’

    During their acceptance speech at the Brit Awards in 2017, Matty Healy discussed being outspoken as an artist. The artist said, “you can be scared of being perceived as being preachy, but the fact of the matter is, in times like this, art is way more important. It just is. People need to accept and do something about that. We’re going to try and do something about that.”

    In 2019, The 1975 won the Brit Award for “Album of the Year.” Again, the band used their platform to discuss current events and the state of the music industry. Specifically, Matty Healy touched on how women in the music industry are perceived.

    “I want to read a couple of sentences that a friend of ours, Laura Snapes, said this week and I thought we should all think about it,” Healy said. “In music, male misogynist acts are examined for nuance and defended as traits of difficult artists while women are treated as hysterics who ‘don’t understand art.’”

    With their re-imagined version of ‘The 1975,’ featuring Greta Thunberg

    Since their self-titled record, The 1975 always opened their albums with a song entitled “The 1975.” For their upcoming album, entitled Notes on a Conditional Form, their signature song took on a different meaning. Narrated by activist Greta Thunberg, this song discusses climate change and a time for civil disobedience and rebellion.

    Some fans believe that songs on this upcoming record will deal with similar topics. Although the premiere date for Notes on a Conditional Form has not been announced, fans speculate the group will release new music within the upcoming months.

    With the lyrics and the music video for ‘Love It If We Made It’

    On their album A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships, Matty Healy included a song entitled “Love It If We Made It.” This song comments on modern history through current events and quotes. “Love It If We Made It” turned into a call to action. Predominately, the lyrics cite controversial Donald Trump quotes and mentioning hot topics like racism and misogyny.

    “Basically, every day post-I Like It When You Sleep, I got [Dirty Hit Records product manager] Ed [Blow] to pick up the tabloid newspapers on the way into the office so I could eventually, after a year, have every single tabloid headline and write a song about that,” Healy said. “The sad thing is that using the actual things that were written, it was just becoming too slapstick and funny.”

    The song became so popular, in fact, that The 1975’s “Love It If We Made It” is nominated in the “Best Rock” categories for MTV’s Video Music Awards, along with videos by artists like Imagine Dragons. The MTV Video Music Awards takes place on August 26, 2019, 9 pm EDT.

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    Spend All Your Money In One Day And We'll Reveal Your Celebrity Soulmate

    1. Paris


      Bora Bora

      Los Angeles

      New York City

      Via Getty Images

      IrelandVia Getty Images

    2. Private jet

      Your chauffeur will drive

      Private Yacht

      First Class Train

      Brand new sports car

      Via Getty Images

      HelicopterVia Getty Images

    3. Via Gucci

      GucciVia Gucci

      Via Supreme

      SupremeVia Supreme

      Via Louis Vuitton

      Louis VuittonVia Louis Vuitton

      Via Versace

      VersaceVia Versace

      Via Balenciaga

      BalenciagaVia Balenciaga

      Via Alexander McQueen

      Alexander McQueenVia Alexander McQueen

    4. 5-Star Hotel

      Cozy house




      Via Getty Images

      Private islandVia Getty Images

    5. A boat


      Prize winning dog

      A private concert

      A small island

      Via Getty Images

      A restaurantVia Getty Images

    6. Via Getty Images

      Via Getty Images

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    Shailene Woodley Faked Us All Out With Her "Big Little Lies" Spoiler

    Last week, Shailene Woodley appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live for an interview where she talked about the upcoming finale of Big Little Lies.

    Which, like… wow! That’s a reveal.

    After Jimmy took the bait, she said her news was just “a little bit of a cliffhanger.”

    The internet was set ablaze. Shailene’s words were taken as fact by viewers of BLL and fooled many news outlets:

    Fans reacted to this information with memes:


    And others gave her props for the lie:

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    Spend All Your Money At Dolls Kill And We'll Tell You Which Taylor From The YNTCD Video You Are

    1. Via DollsKill

      Via DollsKill

      Via DollsKill

      Via DollsKill

      Via DollsKill

      Via DollsKill

      Via DollsKill

      Via DollsKill

      Via DollsKill

      Via DollsKill

      Via DollsKill

      Via DollsKill

    2. Via DollsKill

      Via DollsKill

      Via DollsKill

      Via DollsKill

      Via DollsKill

      Via DollsKill

      Via DollsKill

      Via DollsKill

      Via DollsKill

      Via DollsKill

      Via DollsKill

      Via DollsKill

    3. Via DollsKill

      Via DollsKill

      Via DollsKill

      Via DollsKill

      Via DollsKill

      Via DollsKill

      Via DollsKill

      Via DollsKill

      Via DollsKill

      Via DollsKill

      Via DollsKill

      Via DollsKill

    4. Via DollsKill

      Via DollsKill

      Via DollsKill

      Via DollsKill

      Via DollsKill

      Via DollsKill

      Via DollsKill

      Via DollsKill

      Via DollsKill

      Via DollsKill

      Via DollsKill

      Via DollsKill

    5. Via DollsKill

      Via DollsKill

      Via DollsKill

      Via DollsKill

      Via DollsKill

      Via DollsKill

      Via DollsKill

      Via DollsKill

      Via DollsKill

      Via DollsKill

      Via DollsKill

      Via DollsKill

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    David Beckham is all smiles as wife Victoria puts her arm around him on date night at Hyde Park's British Summer Time

    DAVID Beckham was all smiles as wife Victoria put her arm around him at British Summer Time in Hyde Park yesterday.

    The pair, who recently celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary, looked happy as they watched headliner Barbra Streisand perform.

    Victoria, 45, later showed off her £650, six-inch neon stilettos as she left the venue with David, 44, by her side.

    The pair were Streisand's special guests at the event, and joined a host of other stars – such as David Walliams and Kate Beckinsale, Dermot O'Leary and wife Dee Koppang, Claudia Winkelman and heavily pregnant Myleene Klass – in the VIP area.

    However, as previously reported by The Sun Online, they would've had to have kept their legs firmly closed for the duration as there's no loos in that section of the venue.

    A source revealed: “David and Victoria are huge Barbra fans and delighted to be invited to her show.

    “Her guests are very well catered for as you’d expect. But there is one significant downside in that her area doesn’t have its own toilets.

    “So they might need to make a last-minute dash to the Barclaycard Exclusive area nearby, which is where most of the celebrities hang out.”

    In 2012, the couple, were spotted holding hands at the Hollywood Bowl, LA, where Barbra performed with 60-piece orchestra.

    Victoria later told a magazine Barbra “is the epitome of chic".

    most read in tv & showbiz

    HEAVY HART 'Fragile' Amy Hart QUITS Love Island after being dumped by Curtis

    VILLA THRILLER Love Island bloodbath as FOUR Islanders are dumped from villa in 3am shock

    ROCH HELL Phillip Schofield horrified as Rochelle Humes collapses in a TRANCE on live show

    She added: “She had on this fabulous Donna Karan dress and gorgeous hair. She was beautiful.

    "She took a 20-minute break and the audience were getting p***ed off. I was freezing.

    "But in my head she was backstage, taking a bubble bath, sipping champagne, hanging out with famous people and changing into another fabulous Donna Karan gown and more furs.

    “I was like, ‘You take your time, Babs’. She is worth waiting for.”

    The power couple tied the knot on July 4 1999, and Victoria, marked the occasion with a video montage that featured photos of her with her hunky husband over the past two decades.

    She wrote: "20 years today. I love you so much xxxxx Kisses x @davidbeckham".

    David posted a selection of images, starting with one from their wedding day and ending with one of them with their four children, 20-year-old Brooklyn, Romeo, 16, Cruz, 14, and seven-year-old Harper.

    He gushed: "WOW 20 years, look what we created. Love you so much @victoriabeckham @brooklynbeckham @romeobeckham @cruzbeckham #HarperSeven".

    David also took to his Instagram Story to share his and Victoria's anniversary present from youngest child Harper.

    The sportsman was clearly blown away after receiving a personalised story book documenting his and Victoria's romance.

    Although many of the family's followers were overwhelmed by the huge declaration of love, the public display of affection may have raised eyebrows for others who question why they didn't keep their sweet messages private.

    The couple's romance has been rocked over the years, with David's personal assistant Rebecca Loos claiming that she had an affair with the football legend back in 2004.

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    All Here! Kim, Khloe, Kylie, Kourtney, Kendall Go Clubbing Together: Pics

    The Kardashian-Jenner sisters know how to party! Kim Kardashian, Khloé Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian, Kylie Jenner and Kendall Jenner all stepped out together for an epic night of celebrating their pal Larsa Pippen’s birthday on Saturday, June 29.

    The Keeping Up With the Kardashians stars sported a bevy of wild outfits. Kim, 38, wore a skintight, green dress that featured a turtleneck and yellow design. Kourtney, 40, dressed in a sheer, pink lingerie-inspired mini. Khloé, 35, Kylie, 21, and Kendall, 23, played it safer in a black leather minidress, an orange leather dress with lace-up detailing and a black shirtdress, respectively.

    The Revenge Body host posted several Instagram Story videos from the gathering, including one in which a man flirted with Kim and Kourtney. The KKW Beauty founder, meanwhile, wrote on her Instagram Story, “All sisters in the same club is rare.”

    Pippen, who is a longtime friend of the famous family, rang in her 45th birthday early — the actual date is July 6 — at Craig’s in West Hollywood. She then made an outfit change and headed to Delilah.

    The Real Housewives of Miami alum was the one who spilled the beans to the Kardashians that Khloé’s then-boyfriend Tristan Thompson cheated on her with Kylie’s best friend Jordyn Woods. Hollywood Unlocked’s Jason Lee recounted the ordeal in a February Instagram video. “When I found out from my writer about the party and what happened, I called Larsa Pippen,” he said at the time. “I gave her a heads-up because I know her friendship and loyalty to her friends, the Kardashians, she would call and be able to confirm the story or at least give Khloé the heads-up.”

    He continued: “She called Kim. Kim didn’t believe it. Kim then said it ‘couldn’t be true because it was so outrageous.’ Larsa then called Kourtney. Kourtney then called Khloé on a three-way [conference call]. … And Khloé got off the phone, checked Jordyn, found out it was true.”

    Scroll to see more photos from Pippen’s birthday bash with the KarJenners!

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