Why Carly & Evan Are The True Champs Of ‘Bachelor In Paradise’

Bachelor in Paradise couples don’t always work out for the better. In fact, more often than not it can end in heartache. However, there are a few matchups that end up becoming long-term love stories and serve as an example future duos hope to aspire to. Carly Waddell and Evan Bass are one such example and indicate that they’re a Paradise success story for the ages. In fact, updates about Carly and Evan prove that these two have never been stronger and may make even the biggest Paradise skeptics start to believe that this process can actually work.

Carly and Evan first met during the third season of Bachelor in Paradise, which filmed and aired back in 2016. And while their relationship started out a little rocky (as many romances on this show tend to do), they were able to emerge from the season completely in love and engaged. They got married a year later in Mexico on the very same beach that they first met and shortly afterward they welcomed their first child together, a daughter named Bella. (Evan also has three older sons from a previous relationship.) However, they aren’t quite done adding to their adorable family. Back in May, the duo announced that Bella would be getting a little sister or brother sometime in November with what is quite possibly the cutest Instagram post to ever exist.

“Beer Belly, Bella Belly, BABY BELLY!!!” Carly captioned the announcement post, which shows Evan, Bella, and Carly all showing off their bellies. “We so SO EXCITED to FINALLY announce Bella’s little brother or sister will be here in November!!!” The shocked look on Bella’s face in the photo is almost too precious for words. (Seriously, how cute is this kid?!) And the pure joy radiating from the image is proof enough that these BiP alums are doing just fine and completely happy with the life that they are building together. Though, during a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, both Carly and Evan admitted that they aren’t planning to have more children after this newest addition to the family is born.

"Pregnancy is really hard," Carly explained to the outlet about why they want their second kid together to be their last. "I feel fine now that I’m, like, almost over the hump, but I’m bad that first trimester. I’m just so sick." That’s certainly understandable and something that Evan is fully supportive about, though he does plan on pulling out all the stops for their new baby while he can. "I feel like since it’s our last baby — I need to do the baby some, like, serious justice with a gender reveal and make it epic and massive and ridiculous," Evan shared during the same ET interview. "So I’m waiting on some permits and some permissions. It’s not going to be filmed, I just want to do something epic." (Carly admitted that she already knows the baby’s gender, but is keeping that tidbit to herself for now.)

Along with their growing family, Carly and Evan also remain close friends with several other members of the Bachelor franchise. Carly and Jade Roper are particularly close and co-host a podcast together called Mommies Tell All.

Needless to say, 2019 is proving to be another amazing year for these Paradise alums. Let’s hope that some of the Season 6 couples can go on to have the happily ever after story that Carly and Evan were able to find.

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Are Paul McCartney and Yoko Ono Friends?

If you ask a Beatles fan or even a casual music listener why the Beatles broke up, they’ll probably have one simple answer: Yoko Ono. John Lennon’s second wife Yoko was an artist in her own right and was famous for sitting in on the Beatles’ recording sessions. Because of the tension this created between the group, numerous commentators have blamed Yoko for the band’s dissolution. Paul McCartney has repeatedly said that the Beatles did not break up because of Yoko, but does this mean that the two singers are friends?

From Bad to Worse

When Yoko first insisted on entering the studio during the Beatles’ sessions, Paul was annoyed. He told CNN “We weren’t sexist, but girls didn’t come to the studio — they tended to leave us to it. When John got with Yoko, she wasn’t in the control room or to the side. It was in the middle of the four of us.”

Paul would later admit that these experiences caused him to harbor some ill-will towards Yoko. He said that he found her presence in the studio “intrusive,” though he understood that her behavior stemmed from her intense romance with John. 

The relationship between Paul and Yoko got worse in the following decades. In the mid-nineties, the surviving members of the band started putting together the Anthology sets of their music. During this time, Paul wanted to change the songwriting credits to the Beatles songs which he wrote alone.  Songs like “Yesterday” had long been credited to “Lennon – McCartney,” but the singer wanted the credits to be changed to read ”McCartney – Lennon.” Paul felt that the original credits were unfair because they gave the impression that many of the Beatles’ most popular songs were written by himself and John together, rather than by himself alone.

Yoko was upset by this development and refused to allow Paul to make these changes. Referencing the hit movie Amadeus, Yoko would say Paul was a hack Salieri compared to John’s Mozart. She also felt that the songwriting credits should not be changed because her ex-husband was no longer able to speak for himself and say who wrote which Beatles song. Following this, Paul said that he found it difficult to see or talk to Yoko. Yoko would later change her tune, telling the media that she never harbored any negative attitudes towards Paul.


In more recent years, however, the two artists seem to have patched things up. Paul told Rolling Stone in 2013 that he had let go of any resentment that he held towards Yoko. He said that the reason why his anger subsided was because he realized that “If John loved her, there’s got to be something. He’s not stupid.’’

Paul has said that he gradually became friends with her and that he admires her as an artist. Yoko told the Associated Press  that she was thankful that he had let go of his grudge, adding “He was my husband’s partner and they did a great job and all that. They seemed to have a lot of fun, and I respected that.”

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17 Things That Are 100% Server Culture

1.Needing a designated spot to shed your tears.

2.Getting some joy out of the little things.

3.And some misery too.


4.Always being haunted by mistakes.

5.Taking a beating when you don’t deserve it.

6.Constantly feeling this inner turmoil.

7.Celebrating the smallest of wins.

8.Throwing together a makeshift bed for an emergency nap.

9.Being a true American hero.

10.Wishing you had a time machine.


11.Never really being off the job.

12.Knowing your enemies.

13.Playing hot potato with your coworkers.

14.Summoning every bit of inner strength during trying times.


15.Feeling a strong sense of community with other servers.

16.Having no choice but to be blunt sometimes.


17.And feeling insurmountable joy when your manager takes your side over the customer’s.


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Incels are trying to leave 'toxic' online spaces but don’t know how to escape

Involuntarily celibate men who vent online about their frustrations with women for denying them sex are now trying to leave such ‘toxic’ communities.

Dubbed ‘incels’, they are often ridiculed and memed for their participation in what are regarded as misogynist forums — some of which have more than 100,000 followers.

Members consider the platforms a ‘haven’. But many are desperately trying to wean themselves off the ‘manosphere’ – online male communities such as on Reddit and 4chan.

Within them, contributors are mocked and bullied in the midst of support, leaving them conflicted as to whether they should stay.

Anton*, who has been a part of the community for some time, tells us: ‘This place was a heaven for me in the first few months, but then it slowly became an inescapable hell’.

He started going into these forums because he felt undesirable as a short black man (height is an issue which comes up time and again among incel forums).

According to incels, at the top of society are Chads and Staceys – conventionally attractive men and women. Then you have incels belonging to subgroups such as ‘ricecells’ (east Asian incels), ‘currycells’ (Indian) and black incels, who sit at the bottom of the hierarchy.

Members constantly remind themselves and each other that they are unworthy of female attention because ‘women just prefer Chads’, meaning they’re all in the same boat.

Anton tells Metro.co.uk he is tired of the pseudo camaraderie which he feels doesn’t translate to real life.

He says: ‘I’m trying to wean myself off of inceldom communities but it’s so hard when you’ve basically conditioned yourself to think that you’re a part of a community, even when over half of that community is basically an alt-right haven that would try to shoot you in the event of a mass shooting.’

Since chatting to us, Anton has deleted his Reddit profile and left an incel subreddit.

He explained that his departure was because of the constant self-deprecation present: ‘It’s a pretty toxic community, like all online communities, if you stay in long enough.

Like others, Anton entered men’s rights spaces because he hadn’t been successful with women.

Incels generally foster hateful views on those who deny them sex. The community provides these men with easy explanations of why they are being rejected, positioning women as the enemy to uphold a ‘we’re all in this together’ attitude.

Incel communities are a place where men who are rejected finally feel like they belong.

One 23-year-old man tells Metro.co.uk: ‘Honestly, this group saved me from the brink of insanity. As the only virgin, relationshipless guy I know in real life I began to feel completely alienated.

‘Then I found a group which I could relate to – funny memes, actual scientific research into what matters in sexual attraction and friendly support when someone gets rejected or treated poorly by a girl or group of girls.

‘However, I do see the reason that some incels would want to or feel like they have to leave. [Some things] incels do or say is wrong or radical or even untrue.’

Another self-identifying incel tells us: ‘It gives us a place and identity to speak with other like-minded people and share experiences, ideas, possible solutions.

‘As an incel, there tend to be very few people around you that relate. Everyone I know has been in many relationships.

‘It feels extremely lonely, and being part of the community makes me feel not alone in my struggles.’

Josh, also in his 20s, tells us: ‘There are no pros to being incel. Like there are no pros to having DNA destined for cancer.’

And Rob says: ‘The community can be too much — too abusive, too self-deprecating. Just too much.’

When incel groups cause more harm than healing, it can be difficult for these men to simply log out and go about their lives. Many feel that inceldom has been bestowed upon them and is an inescapable part of who they are.

Dev says: ‘Nobody wants to be an incel, it’s not like we can choose.’

Some of these men can’t help look past the ‘involuntary’ aspect of being an incel, believing that at their very core, they are incels and there is no room for mobility.

The space is marred with conflicting sentiments: some of it is masochistic — poking fun at themselves and their own shortcomings — and the other aspect is vilifying conventionally attractive people, so-called ‘Chads’ and ‘Staceys’.

Posts floating around one of the incel subreddit reads: ‘Nothing will ever change, you’ll be here, alone in your room and no one will ever care for you or your struggles because you are worthless.’

A major obstacle to men getting off these sites is that those who embrace the concept of incels will sometimes sabotage their own chances with women, all while other incels egg them on.

One post reads: ‘A girl from a 12th-grade school project texted me three years later.

‘This is literally the first time ANY girl has sent me a text for personal issues and definitely the first time a girl has at least cared about me a bit. Maybe she’s faking it though.’

This sentiment is reflected in many other posts, with women’s motives for showing interest often met with suspicion and questioned by other members of the group.

It makes sense that these spaces that once felt like home begin to feel like prisons, trapping incels in a perpetual cycle of rejection, self-loathing, and hatred for those outside the community.

But is there a way out?

Research Fellow from the Centre on Radicalisation and Terrorism Dr Rakib Ehsan says hateful incels who turn to the manosphere can be de-radicalised much in the same way as religious extremists.

He tells us: ‘The dark incel subculture on the web tells a general story of young men who are socially isolated and consumed by an overwhelming feeling of rejection — particularly in a romantic sense.

‘A starting point would be providing such young men with a greater sense of “real-life” belonging and encouraging them to adopt a more optimistic and hopeful mindset which is based on personal responsibility and economic self-sufficiency.

‘And, in a way, that actually makes them more “marketable” in a dating sense.

‘Physical exercise can help positive wellbeing but can also have a positive impact on appearance self-perceptions.’

This sentiment chimes with the views of psychologist and author Jonathan Hoban, who thinks help needs to come from government level in the form of funding arts to help wean men off the manosphere and ‘channel’ their ‘frustrations’ more constructively.

He says: ‘They feel lost, angry and unwanted by society, and overall let down. Millions of pounds that were used to fund youth clubs, mentorships, schemes and positive environments/communities have pretty much all gone.

‘It was here that we used to be able to capture, train and channel in a positive way any frustrations, anger and difficult emotions into something worthwhile and positive like sport, cooking, music etc.’

Former incels say they managed to wean themselves off the groups by involving themselves in activities ranging from socialising in real life to talking it out.

Just as the internet is home to hateful groups promoting abuse, there are helpful sites encouraging followers to seek help.

Other suggestions include going to a therapist, starting a new hobby and arranging to meet up with those in a similar position.

A good start might be to simply press the ‘leave’ button.

*Names have been changed.

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These are the toys parents loved as children that their kids still play with

Play Doh, Mr. Potato Head and Trolls have been named as the toys most likely to stand the test of time, according to new research.

The study of 2,000 American parents examined the toys adults played with as children and which toys are still played with by their kids today — despite a digital revolution.

Other top toys that have been played with throughout the ages and continue to enchant today’s kids include toy phones, bicycles, teddy bears, water blasters and plastic animals.

And whether you grew up in the ’80s, ’90s or beyond, people can’t get enough of board games — Guess Who?, Scrabble, Monopoly, Candy Land and the Game of Life all made the top 30 things played with by both parents and children when growing up.

Conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Mr. Potato Head, who has undergone several iterations of his own, the survey revealed that adults are kids at heart since they still love playing with toys.

Nearly half of parents said their favorite childhood toy is still on the market in some version and 84 percent of those plan on or have purchased that toy for their child.

A favorite toy doesn’t hog the spotlight for long though, since the average “lifespan” as the most-loved toy is 11.3 months.

Part of the reason certain toys wear the crown might have to do with where they come from. Receiving a toy on a birthday or holiday leaves a lasting mark, especially if the present came from a parent, grandparent or aunt.

Sadly, when adults were asked where their most beloved toy was today, the number one response was it had been lost.

Thankfully the panic over a lost toy doesn’t last forever. Forty-five percent of children will lose their favorite toy, but not to fear — 68 percent of lost toys find their way home.

The most common places lost friends turned up were under the bed, in the car, left at a family member or friend’s house, behind the couch or hidden in the kitchen.

When it comes to buying a toy for a child, parents are on the look out for a certain set of qualities.

Three in five parents want a toy that’s educational, but just behind that is a toy’s ability to make their kid laugh (60 percent).

Fifty-nine percent are on the hunt for a toy that’s colorful, while 56 percent look for something interactive.

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Twitter and Pinterest Are Dismantling A Network Of Accounts Who Share Creepy Screenshots Of Women Journalists

Sarah Jane Mee in a promo for Sky News Sunrise.

Almost every time Sarah Jane Mee, the presenter of Sky News’ flagship morning, appeared on television over the past 18 months, there was a Twitter account ready to post screenshots of her.

The account called @PSpotter1, which until days ago had thousands of followers, would post what appeared to be fairly innocuous screengrabs of Mee. But the captions revealed the true intent of the account: to present Mee as a sex object.

Accompanying three or four screenshots of Mee seated at the desk, or standing next to Sky News’ big screen, would be captions such as, “SJM this morning, her body” or “If you need a wank lads” or sometimes just a series of emojis “🍑🍆💦”.

Mee was not the only female television journalist to be subjected to this treatment. The account posted similar screenshots, with similar captions about other high-profile presenters like ITV’s Susannah Reid and Ranvir Singh, and the BBC’s Victoria Fritz and Louise Minchin. But it was Mee with whom the account seemed to be particularly obsessed.

Mee told BuzzFeed News she was both “shocked”, but also not altogether surprised at the behaviour.

“There is something very creepy about a man doing that and other men commenting and having conversations about how you look, and your figure and you’re not privy to it, like it’s going on without your knowledge,” she said.

Until last week, @PSpotter1 was part of a Twitter and Pinterest network of accounts BuzzFeed News had uncovered that were posting and sorting creepy screengrabs of high-profile female journalists who appear on UK television.

Using a range of tactics to avoid being detected by the women they were sexualising, the Twitter accounts, with names like ‘Hot Totty Spotter’ and ‘Wank bank 2018’, were devoted to posting images, videos and GIFs which had been zoomed-in on their breasts, cleavage or bottoms. One called ‘Sky Sports Women’ had 54,000 followers, another called ‘Birds I View’ had 15,000 followers. They retweeted each other and sometimes asked followers for “requests”.

On other occasions, they manipulated the images, adjusting the brightness and contrast of the pictures, in an effort to see-through the womens’ tops and dresses.

The images were also pinned to Pinterest boards by male users, and sorted into categories. One board was called “BBC female journalists”; others had titles like “news-readers”, “media reporters” and “beautiful ladies of a certain age”. On several of the boards, the female journalists were often featured alongside topless models.

“I had no idea there were accounts with tens of thousands [of] followers, I found that very disturbing,” said Mee. “Some of them have obviously been up there for a while, which just invites more comments.

“To be honest, I didn’t really have the stomach to read through a lot of them. I find it quite distressing.”

Mee said the images and the co-ordinated behaviour from the accounts constituted “abuse” of women.

“By (Twitter and Pinterest) allowing that accounts to be there it was saying that it was ok to talk to women like this,” she said. “It’s not.

“Let’s not get into the realm of grading abuse, this is abuse, whether it’s sexist abuse, gender bias abuse, racist or homphobic abuse. Social media does so much good, but this drags us back to the dark ages.”

When approached by BuzzFeed News for a response, Twitter said it had permanently banned the accounts sharing the images.

“These accounts have been permanently suspended for violating our abusive behavior policy,” a Twitter spokesperson said. “The Twitter rules prohibit unwanted sexual advances and content that sexually objectifies an individual without their consent.”

Pinterest has issued an apology to the women and told BuzzFeed News it had already removed thousands of images from the platform linked to the network of accounts.

“It’s gross when people use Pinterest like this,” a Pinterest spokesperson said. “We’re sorry it happened.

“Public figures — particularly women — are often harassed and degraded online. We don’t want that to happen on Pinterest. We’ve removed an offending account and any pins and boards that violated our policies. More importantly, we’re taking steps to enhance our protections for public figures in cases like this.”

Last week, Novara Media’s Ash Sarkar, a regular guest commentator on TV news programmes, noticed she had been targeted by one of the accounts. The account called “Hot Totty Spotter” had posted screenshots of her most recent appearance on ITV’s Good Morning Britain.

It had posted zoomed-in screenshots of her cleavage, with the caption: “Ash Sarkar on form today on GMB! 😍😘😍 And perfectly formed she is to!🤪😋😜”

Sarkar said she was alerted to the tweet by a friend who’d name-searched her looking for an article she’d written.

“There’s a difference between someone looking at someone in the public eye and going, ‘I find that person attractive’ and the coordinated attempt to find images that make them look pornographic,” Sarkar told BuzzFeed News this week.

“That’s less of an expression of normal admiration of a kind that all of us feel, and rather it’s a way of denigrating the target of that attention.

“You look at the targets, they’re journalists, newscasters, Rachel Riley from Countdown, these are women who are accomplished in their field.

“They’re saying that it doesn’t matter that you’ve come on to talk about the G7 summit, to us, you’re just a pair of tits and that’s all you’re going to be.”

She then shared the tweet with her 167,000 followers, who mass-reported the account. A few days later, when some of the other accounts noticed Hot Totty Spotter had been deactivated, they told their own followers not to use the women’s user names in screenshots, or even use their full name, in an attempt to avoid detection.

“Always one idiot that spoils everything, use your brain ffs….” tweeted one of the accounts. “People tagging celebrities, idiotic.” Another account made it clear in its bio: “DO NOT tag me in with celebs”.

The accounts were actively blocking followers who used the full name or @-handle of the women in their mentions.

Other techniques and tactics were as, or even more disturbing. They developed nicknames for the women to avoid detection. They touted having screenshots from private Instagram accounts of journalists, and told followers to DM a request for them. Beyond catching the women in different poses and zooming into certain body parts, they played with the contrast and lighting in an effort to make clothing seem see-through.

The BBC’s Victoria Fritz on the Andrew Marr Show in 2016.

Victoria Fritz, a BBC business correspondent, had more than a dozen screenshots of her posted on one of the Twitter accounts. All of them were then collected on a Pinterest board by a male user under her name.

Fritz wasn’t surprised by the behaviour — she noted that “winter is worse for the pervs” because there were men online who were “weirdos into leather”.

“There was a guy who sent me dick pics on Twitter for almost two years,” she said. “The last was the most bizarre: A cock and a dead goldfish.”

Beyond the co-ordinated behaviour from the Twitter and Pinterest accounts, both Fritz and Mee said there was always a range of things men were doing online which raised their concern.

Fritz said there was an “Appreciation Society” page on Facebook, which spooked her: “But I managed to get a male friend to gain accreditation so that he check for anything really alarming.

“There’s nothing particularly sinister and the more extreme views tend to be condemned quickly by the more ‘principled’ appreciation members, apparently.”

Mee said she’s been sent “explicit pictures” and “doctored images” directly from men, while also having lurid videos uploaded to YouTube.

“I was discussing this with someone the other day and they Googled me, and sadly, one of the first things that popped up were videos from Sky News (on YouTube).

“Rather than focusing on the content of the interview or what was going on, it had been edited to show me standing up and turning at different angles to sexy music. The title of the video was like, ‘Busty Sarah-Jane Mee’.”

The most popular of the Twitter accounts identified by BuzzFeed News was called “Sky Sports Women”, devoted to posting screengrabs and videos of the female sports journalists on the cable channel. Sky released a statement to BuzzFeed News calling the situation “unacceptable”.

“We are very proud of our journalists and the work they do. This type of abuse is completely unacceptable. We will do whatever we can to protect our people from this type of behaviour, but more needs to be done to regulate the internet companies that facilitate this type of abuse.”

But Mee said it shouldn’t discourage young women from getting into broadcasting. She instead put it back on social media companies to do more to clean their platforms up.

“It can be really upsetting considering how hard I’ve worked to get where I am. And it can be quite soul-destroying and very embarrassing. But I want to say to young women who want to get into broadcast media… don’t let it put you off.”

“It’s the social media companies that need to take responsibility for their content.”

Mark Di Stefano is a media and politics correspondent for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.

Contact Mark Di Stefano at [email protected]

Got a confidential tip? Submit it here.

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Fans are convinced Vicky Pattison has teased HUGE news in latest snap

Vicky Pattison has got fans excited with a new snap of her with boyfriend Ercan Ramadan.

The 31-year-old reality star has left fans wondering if she’s made a big leap in her relationship with boyfriend Ercan, 35, after breaking off her engagement to ex fiancé John Noble last year.

Sharing that she had ‘one of the best nights of my life’ with her 4.4m followers, Vicky posted a loved-up snap of her and Ercan against a backdrop of a stunning mountain range.

In the pic the Geordie Shore winner is seen clinking glasses of bubbly with her beau, with the caption: ‘Tonight has been one of the best nights of my life… THANKYOU for making me the happiest girl in the world ✨🥂’



The image has garnered over 139k likes and sparked rumours that the pair will be tying the knot.

Fans were quick to speculate about Vicky’s announcement, with one Instagram user asking: ‘Why do I feel like there’s a sneaky proposal?’

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Another commented: ‘She said YES, where’s ya bling ring, girl.’

Many eagle-eyed followers also noticed Vicky hiding her left hand.

MORE: Vicky Pattison bares all in her underwear as she admits her weight gain is impacting her confidence

One fan wrote: ‘💍? She’s covering her left hand 🙈,’ while a second added: ‘Hiding her hand. 🙈’

However, some aren’t convinced that the couple are engaged, with one person commenting: ‘Maybe he just spoilt her rotten with a lovely night because sometimes that’s what normal couples do when they are in love.’


The image comes just days after Vicky announced the happy news that she is becoming an aunty.

Sadly, Ercan hasn’t posted anything regarding the possible engagement on his social media accounts, but fingers-crossed we’ll be treated to some big news very soon!

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People Are Sharing Their Grossest Restaurant Experiences, And I'm Never Eating Out Again

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about their absolute worst restaurant experiences ever. Here are the horrifying results.

1.“One time I saw a fast-food employee puke in her hands, drop it into the trash can, and then proceed to put our tacos in the bag.”

—Matt Brookings, Facebook

2.“My mom and brother were about to order when some kid sitting down bit into his chicken tender. It was really stringy, unlike chicken, and incredibly gray, unlike chicken, and had a tail, unlike chicken. He took a bite of A DEEP-FRIED, COOKED RAT.”

“We don’t eat there anymore.”


3.“One time my cousin bit into a cheeseburger that contained a bloody Band-Aid.”

—Seth Morris, Facebook

4.“I worked at the only 24/7 restaurant in town, and we were across the street from a bar. We had what we called a ‘serial shitter.’ He’d come in every Friday during the bar rush, and he’d leave his poop-filled pants in the stall. Every. Single. Friday.”

“Since we were MAJORLY understaffed we were never able to catch the person.”


5.“I was in line and noticed one of the employees leaning over the French fry bin, PUKING on the fries!”

“Another employee ushered him away before anyone else could see. People kept ordering fries, and they were told there would be a ‘wait.’ I walked right out and called the health board immediately.”

—Julie Baker, Facebook

6.“One time I walked into the restroom at a restaurant and found period blood smeared ALL over the wall. There was toilet paper available, so I’m not sure if the blood was an artwork or just a sacrifice to Satan?”

“I walked right out and waited for someone else to discover the masterpiece.”


7.“A friend was sitting at a table and eating his food. He noticed a weird sauce on his potatoes, so he dipped his finger for a quick taste. It wasn’t sauce… the person who prepared the tray had cut themselves and didn’t notice.”

—Rich Murray, Facebook

8.“When I was a waiter at a restaurant, the chefs would pre-make the soups, so they’d be in large pots on heaters for us to just ladle into a bowl if ordered. I’d often see some employees hock loogies into the soups and stir them in every time they walked by.”


9.“I found a spider in my sandwich one time, and it was still moving. That was about 35 years ago, and I’ve never gone back to that restaurant.”

—Trisha C. Mokosh, Facebook

10.“My boyfriend was eating a salad and suddenly stopped. He pulled a chunk of a RAZOR out of his mouth. The restaurant admitted that a piece of the chopper they used for lettuce broke off. Thankfully he chewed carefully that day.”

—Ashley Breiland, Facebook

11.“My husband once bought a pie from a place in Melbourne, and when he bit into it he saw that it was full of maggots.”

—Julie Lynch, Facebook

12.“One time my coworker dropped a piece of chicken on the kitchen floor. He mentioned the five-second rule and threw it back in the fryer ‘to kill the germs.’ No thanks!”


13.And “On my last bite, I noticed a WORM in my noodles. The restaurant called the manager on the phone because he wasn’t in at the time, and the manager said, ‘Even if it IS a worm, it’s been thoroughly cooked, so it won’t hurt you.'”

“The chef offered to refund our drinks for the five of us. About 20 mins later, I threw up a seven-inch worm, and within the hour everyone I ate with puked up worms.”


Do you have a worse restaurant experience? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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Why Fans Are Dragging Kim Kardashian For This Video Of Chicago West

Kim Kardashian always seems to find herself in the middle of controversy and this week was no exception. As a celebrity that boasts over 146 million followers on Instagram, the 38-year-old Keeping Up With The Kardashians star has a lot of influence on social media and every time she publishes something it becomes viral. What’s different this time is that the debate centers around her parenting and it involves her daughter Chicago West.

What Is The Controversial Video Involving Kim Kardashian’s Daughter Chicago West?

Kim Kardashian is a dedicated mother of four and although she is constantly busy running her empire she gives herself quality time to share with her children. This week her Instagram account was flooded with cute pictures of herself sharing moments with North (6), Saint (3), Chicago (1) and Psalm (3 months).

“Bahama pics coming up. I thought taking a pic with three kids was hard OMG this is almost impossible,” she shared on a post of herself and her four kids on the beach.


It was during this same trip that Kim posted a video of her youngest daughter handling a snake that was placed around her neck. The way that Chicago held the reptile like if it was a toy and looked at it straight in the face was shocking to fans.

“My brave girl Chicago,” Kim wrote.

Kim’s sister Khloé chimed in and said: “She’s crazy. Look how she’s looking at this face. OMG.”


Kim Kardashian Gets Dragged by Fans

Chicago looks fearless in the video, maybe not knowing that it’s not a toy and a live animal could lead to terrible consequences if handled the wrong way. That’s where fans weighed in with their opinions and things were not pretty.

“Yo I’m sorry but I don’t like this too much. She was grabbing that snake too hard, [I know] she is a kid that’s why I’m mad, it’s not for the kids safety but more for the snake [because] she could have broken her, literally, [please] be careful with her and what she touches. Talking [from] experience here, sadly,” a Kim fan wrote in the comments.

“She is holding the snake way too tight the poor snake needs to be able to move around she could have hurt it,” another Instagram user wrote.

“No one is going to talk about the fact that this is an animal, not a toy? I’m impressed about stupidness nowadays,” a social media user questioned.

“WTF are you letting your young child play with a damn snake?” a fan directed their question to the mother.

“Handling a snake around your neck is known to cause spinal problems and arthritis. The Kardashians have always been cruel towards animals specifically Kim who continued to wear fur and snake skin publicly. Truly [disgusting] especially when you have such a huge platform,” a Kim fan said.

“Sometimes kids don’t know when they are hurting an animal, it’s a parents, and the person showing the snakes job to teach them how to properly treat an animal. This is honestly disgusting, that snake didn’t deserve that type of treatment,” a fan shift the blame to Kim.

It is worth noting that the snake handler is also seen in the video and we are sure she would not have let a child handle the snake in that manner if she thought it was dangerous.

A user within the comments of the post gave insight into the type of snake Chicago handled. “Just gotta say after being into snakes for the last 45 years it’s a joke to say that Chicago was in any kind of danger actually impossible to [be] more exact as [it] was a corn snake and to top that, the snake is so far removed from the wild in approximately 40 years, it’s like any pet. Nonvenomous and incapable of harming anyone except a small rodent,” the insider chimed in.

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Are Taylor Swift and Cara Delevingne Friends?

When it comes to celebrity friendships, a few of Taylor Swift’s have been on-again, off-again. But she seems to have a pretty dedicated set of famous women by her side, including model/actress Cara Delevingne. Here’s a look at their friendship, as well as what the actress has to say about the singer’s latest comments.

Swift and Delevingne are part of different factions of entertainment

Generally speaking, the lives of these two celebrities don’t overlap that much. Delevingne began her career as a model before transitioning into acting. She starred in movies such as Paper Towns, Suicide Squad, and Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets.

Swift, meanwhile, is almost exclusively a musician. She did branch out into acting with roles in a select few films, such as Valentine’s Day and The Giver. And she’s returning to the big screen with the upcoming adaptation of the musical Cats, where she portrays Bombalurina.

Delevingne was a member of Swift’s infamous ‘girl squad’

For years, the press couldn’t get enough of Swift’s “girl squad,” whom she hung out with at her Rhode Island estate, or was seen with at parties, award shows, and the like. While it’s really just a case of connected people relating to one another and becoming friends, the media was obsessed, and Swift used that to her advantage on more than one occasion.

You may recall Swift performing at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show in 2013, in which she was able to interact with her model pals like Delevingne. Or the biggest girl squad collaboration of all: Swift’s 2015 music video for her song “Bad Blood,” which featured Delevingne and many, many more of Swifts favorite women.

What’s going on with Swift’s old music?

Speaking of past hits, Swift now has a new issue to deal with. She may have put most of her feuds behind her, but this latest one won’t go away so easily. You see, Swift left Big Machine Records (Scooter Braun’s label), and they now own all of the artist’s master recordings for her first six albums.

But she’s not letting it get her down. Swift recently spoke to Good Morning America, confirming that she plans to rerecord at least some of her old music. “My contract says that, starting [in] Nov. 2020, so next year, I can record albums one through five all over again. I’m very excited about it,” she said.  

Delevingne on Swift’s latest comments

Delevingne herself is, of course, very busy these days. Her new Amazon series Carnival Row is coming out on Aug. 30, 2019. At the premiere, Access Hollywood asked her for her thoughts on Swift’s decision to rerecord her music. 

“I can’t wait to hear it,” she said. “It’s amazing to hear re-recorded stuff, especially when it’s a couple [of] years later as well and I just think it’s, you know, she’s owning it,” she added. “It’s great.” Delevingne said that she’s “very very” excited for Swift in her new venture.

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