Freddie Mercury and Elton John kept WHAT ‘under the bed’? Guests were shocked to find THIS

Music fans had a double treat with the releases of rock biopics Bohemian Rhapsody and Rocket Man. Both films confirmed what most people already knew. Both iconic stars had a love of excess which matched their inner struggles with their sexualities. Freddie always took great delight in dropping gossipy revelations into his interviews, including this outrageous one about Elton, which proved just how much they really weren’t like many other men – gay, straight or otherwise. 

New book Freddie Mercury: A Life, In His Own Words gathers together a remarkable and comprehensive array of incredible quotes from the Queen legend. It’s almost like reading his autobiography.

His voice shines through in every passage, but fans are reminding how very different their own lives are in this extraordinary section talking about his house, One Garden Lodge, and what unsuspecting overnight guests might find lying around.

Freddie says: “I love those stories about Elton, where he had that problem where people were staying at his home at the weekends, in his spare rooms…

“They’d look under the bed and..”

What exactly would they find? It’s certainly outrageous, but perhaps not what you would expect…

Freddie added: “There would be Rembrandts and other such masters. It’s true. With me, it’s my Japanese prints that are just getting ridiculous.”

Having seen Elton’s 40th birthday and how he decorated the inside of the truck he travelled in, one can only imagine what his house looked like.

As for Freddie, the Queen star’s West London mansion was notoriously beautiful and stuffed with art but even he began to think he might have gone too far.

He said: “I’m trailing over my Lalique and Galle vases – I’m up to my ears now. I mean, a lot of people used to say my house was like a museum, but now I’m beginning t agree with them. It’s getting very silly.”


It’s actually impossible to think of anything more ‘Freddie’ than this.

Everything he did was with an awareness of the joy it could bring himself or others, as well as a firm grip on the ridiculousness of it all.

Freddie said; “All I wanted from life was to make lots of money and spend it….”

And he couldn’t resist one last outrageous comment in one interview: “I’m a rock star. I’m very rich. I can buy anything I like – including you!”

Freddie Mercury: A Life, In His Own Words (£9.99) is available from Amazon

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Queen and Adam Lambert: Watch the LIVE concert here on Saturday – How to stream

The music of Freddie and Queen will be broadcast to a huge global audience live. Joined by new frontman Adam Lambert, the band is headlining the 2019 Global Citizen Festival concert in New York’s Central Park. Best of all, everybody can join in. Brian May has been sharing details online of how to stream the entire concert, wherever you are in the world.


Global Citizen Festival 2019 starts at 4pm Eastern Standard Time. That is Ipm Pacific Standard Time on the West Coast and 9pm in the UK. 


You can watch the live link below. Or go to the official Global Citizen Youtube page.


As well as headliners Queen + Adam Lambert, major music stars like Pharrell Williams, Alicia Keys, OneRepublic, H.E.R., and Carole King will take the stage on the Great Lawn in NYC’s Central Park.

The entire event will be hosted by Debra-Lee Furness and her husband Hugh Jackman. Guest presenters will include Dakota Johnson, Rami Malek and Forest Whitaker.


Founded in 2012 by Global Poverty Project, Coldplay lead vocalist Chris Martin has been the annual festival’s curator since 2015. 

Brian May said: “We are proud to be playing at the Global Citizen Festival.”

Adam Lambert added: “You know, music has become without a doubt a powerful global language and we are lucky to be part of it. “

Roger Taylor said; “We invite you all to become Global Citizens. Become part of the movement and persuade our leaders to become global citizens too.


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Freddie Mercury heartbreaking revelations: He only did THIS at home where he felt safe

Freestone says: “The moments that always stood out for me were when he was at home laughing. 

“I know this sounds quite ordinary, but whenever you see Freddie smiling or laughing during an interview, he always uses his top lip to cover his teeth, or else he brings up his hand to cover his mouth.

The reason for this was that he hated his teeth and always tried to cover them up.

“When he was at home he wasn’t self-conscious surrounded by friends, and he would just throw his head back and laugh out loud with his mouth wide open. 


“Those were the times when the warm, funny and relaxed man was able to appear, without having to be wary of strangers seeing him without the Freddie Mercury – the Rock Star persona.”

Contrary to popular belief, Freddie’s home was never a major party palace. It really was simply his sanctuary.

Freestone says: “Freddie’s Garden Lodge generally had a quiet atmosphere. It was his home, so while he had quite a few wonderful parties for anything up to 200 people, it was a place he felt secure in and a place where he didn’t have to guard anything he said or did.

“He could get up in the morning and put on a mismatching tracksuit, he could be silent if he wanted to, or come downstairs from his bedroom, full of life.

“Freddie loved laughing, so was almost always with people who could make him laugh.”

Freestone, like all thos lucky enough to be in Freddie’s mansion, confirms just how beautiful the decorations and furnishings were. 

“While Freddie was alive, it was the warmest, most welcoming home that I could wish for.

“It was decorated most beautifully, it was filled with great furniture and as Freddie said, it wasn’t a museum; it was a house to be lived in and enjoyed.”

Freddie left the house in his will to ex-girlfriend Mary Austin, the “love of my life”, who kept much of the interior exactly how Freddie had created it.


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Deepika Padukone: xXx star spotted in LONDON working on exciting new film

The Bollywood beauty happily stopped for pictures with fans in the British capital this week. Padukone jetted into London to film new sporting drama ’83. She is accompanied by her husband, Ranveer Singh, who will play the lead role in the true tale of one of the greatest moments in Indian sporting history. The Padmaavat actress posed with a small boy and another fan during her walkabout.

Deepika flew out of Mumbai in a radiant all-white outfit but threw on a beige overcoat to battle the rather unpredictable British weather over the last few weeks.

Later she was pictured in a denim top. According to reports, when she stopped for a picture the fan called Deepika “the most humble star”. Singh also happily posed, too.

The married Bollywood superstars will star together on screen for the fourth time in their new project. This time they are playing married couple, Kapil and Romi Dev.

Kapil is the legendary cricketer who helped India to their first World Cup win at Lords in London in 1983. The movie ’83 follows the drama surrounding the momentous defeat of the West Indies in the final. 

Deepika has spoken of her admiration for Romi Dev.

She said: “I feel so inspired every time I meet her. She has an extremely refreshing energy, is intelligent, knowledgable and funny. Romi ji is someone who is extremely honest and when she needs to express herself, she does it with a lot of dignity. I like the way she conducts herself with so much grace.”

The role follows hard on the heels of an even more inspiring subject.

Padukone has just finished principal photography on the hard-hitting movie Chhapaak.

It is based on the true-life tale of an acid-attack survivor, Laxmi Agarwal, who was disfigured when she was 15 after resisting the advances of an older man.

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Top Gun Tom Cruise Maverick trailer: Did you spot Val Kilmer? Is Iceman back?

It is one of the great rivalries in cinema history. Maverick and Iceman duked it out to be the top dog and, you know, gun. Cruise and Kilmer were both young rising stars, expected to dominate Hollywood but 33 years later things are a little different. Kilmer’s fans were overjoyed last year when he accidentally leaked that he had been approached to start in the Top Gun sequel. He retracted the statement and has remained fairly quiet on the subject ever since. So, is he in the trailer or not?

In November 2016 when the news was starting to spread about the movie, Kilmer notoriously announced that he was involved: “I just got offered Top Gun2 – not often you get to say “yes” without reading the script…”

Shortly after he issued a lengthy retraction, adding: “I jumped the top gun.”

In May 2017, Kilmer posted a Twitter image wearing a T-shirt with an image of himself as his Top Gun character Ice Man. The T-shirt logo says “Cool as Ice.”

Underneath, he wrote: “Friends said it’s official – TOP GUN 2 was announced today. I’m ready Tom – still got my top gun plaque! Still got the moves! Still got it!”

But he is nowhere to be seen in the first official full trailer.

He is not listed on the Youtube cast list for the movie, nor is he on official press releases for the film. But he remains on industry listings for the action blockbuster. More importantly, Cruise has spoken about working with his old friend.

And Kilmer himself teased fans with a social media post when the trailer broke, yesterday, writing: “You up for this one, Maverick?”

There had also been reports of Kilmer’s ill health over the past few years.

There were reports the actor had battled throat cancer, which he at first denied, but then revealed he had a “healing of the cancer.”

When Cruise was questioned about Kilmer’s health, he told media: “He’s doing really well.”

With a year to go until the film hits cinemas, it seems most likely the filmmakers are holding back the revelation of Kilmer as Iceman for a later trailer to increase anticipation.


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Did One Direction Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles have sex backstage in 2013? Fan outrage

It’s the subject of may fans’ wildest dreams. The idea of two of the biggest boy band stars of all time having sex has been endlessly written about – but never shown on screen before. Fan fiction is increasingly preoccupied with shipping their favourite stars, which means imaging them in a relationship. Added frisson is given since it is usually female fans putting together two male idols who identify as heterosexual. 

A new scene has just depicted Styles performing oral sex on Tomlinson to calm his nerves while the band was still together. 

It takes place behind the scenes just before the lads go on stage for a concert during their 2013 Take Me Home Tour. “What if someone sees?” says Tomlinson. “Let them” replies his bandmate.

It is part of new HBO television show Euphoria, where the character Cat, played by Barbie Ferrriera, is credited as the person who created Larry Stylinson – the fan fiction focussed on romantic and sexual liasons between the two boy band stars. 

The storyline features an animated sex scene between Styles and Tomlinson – and the latter has just responded to fan outrage. WATCH THE SCENE HERE

A Louis fan tweeted that Harry seemed “quite friendly” with the show’s creators but “You can just tell Louis is NOT gonna like it.”

The star himself answered: “I can categorically say that I was not contacted nor did I approve it.”

Hannah fired back: “Get it sorted!!! It’s not right to use your image and name for something you didn’t agree to!”

Many fans feel offended that the purity of their imagined love was shown in such a “gross” way, while others note that the online fan fiction is full of similar sex scenes. Those who ship Harry and Louis call themselves Larries.


One fan wrote: “It’s such a shame for a high television like HBO to do that kind of thing and WITHOUT even asking?! I mean, if it was something nice about their work… but this? a lot of disrespect to not say worse…”

Another agreed: ” That wasn’t nice, they were sexualising them trying to say that our fandom is like that. We support love, LOVE, not only that type of scenes. I am crying both didn’t deserve that. It’s gross, I’m a Larrie but I think doing that Scene was a very bad thing.”

However, it was also pointed out: “but Larries DID sexualize them on wattpad and tumblr fanfics.”

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