Coronation Street fans slam Faye Brookes' 'diabolical' exit from the soap

CORONATION Street fans slammed Faye Brookes' "diabolical" exit from the show this evening.

The 32-year-old star plays Kate Connor in the ITV soap and became one of seven stars to announce that they were leaving in a mass exodus earlier this year.

Kate has been part of the cobbles for four years, and tonight's episode saw her bid farewell to her friends and family in the Rover's Return before jetting off to Singapore to travel around the world.

Johnny raised a toast to his "beautiful daughter" in teary-eyed scenes, but many viewers didn't even realise that this was Faye's last appearance on their screens as Kate wasn't shown actually leaving Weatherfield.

In fact, she didn't even get the hour-long instalment's final scene, and fans have flocked to social media to share their reaction to the underwhelming exit.

One wrote: "Diabolical. Kate should've been seen in a taxi – at the very least – going away. This was @Faye_Brookes' exit.

"Ali is still going to be there on Monday. Kate isn't. Departees should ALWAYS be last."

Another added: "Didn't even get to see Kate drive off in one of Streetcar's cabs, NOT even a 'Farewell Speech' final Rana mention.

"After everything she's been through in the past year, really NOT much of an exit for her, was it?"

A third said: "WTF was THAT? Faye deserved better, not even a wave bye as she leaves in her taxi to the airport to start her journey… NOTHING!!"

Before leaving Weatherfield, Kate learned that it was Gary Windass who had surprised her with £1,000 travel money – not her stepmother Jenny.

Gary has been racked with guilt after causing the factory roof collapse that killed Kate's partner Rana, but none of the other characters are aware of his involvement.

He insisted that the money was actually a gift from his wealthy business partner Derek, which Kate believed.

Faye announced that she would be leaving Corrie at the end of April, telling fans: "Thanks to everyone for your amazing support, but after four fabulous years in Weatherfield it's time for me to explore new opportunities.

"I've loved playing Kate Connor, but she needs a break for a little while and so, with a song in my heart, I'm off to pastures new."

Since leaving the soap, the actress has had her fair share of drama in her personal life – splitting from fiance Gareth Gates last month.

The pair's rocky romance came to an abrupt end, with Faye calling off their engagement following a string of jealous rows.

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Why ‘Big Brother’ Fans Want To Quit The Show After Tommy’s Eviction

He finally got to play his own game without Christie there, but then Tommy was evicted on Big Brother 21 just one week later. The votes were solely up to Cliff and Nicole, and they chose to keep the showmance in the game instead of Tommy. It was maybe not the smartest decision for a host of reasons, and fans are pretty upset with how things went down.

Tommy had promised loyalty to Nicole and Cliff and pledged to throw the HoH to them if they kept him in the game. Michie and Holly will only ever be loyal to each other. When it comes time for the final HoH to choose the Final 2, Michie and Holly will pick each other. Tommy would have picked Nicole. Initially, Cliff and Nicole were leaning towards keeping Tommy, because a showmance in the final stages of this game is a huge threat.

But then Michie made up a bunch of complete lies about how Tommy was still loyal to him, and it scared Nicole and Cliff enough that they voted Tommy out. That house meeting/fight will air on Sunday’s episode, and it’s honestly going to be so hard to watch Michie blatantly lie while Tommy has nothing but the truth to back himself up. (Also, they may think Tommy is loyal to Michie, but Holly is definitely loyal to Michie. Wouldn’t it be best to get out the sure thing?)

Michie has not been a fan fave this season, and seeing him and his showmance partner Holly advance when Cliff and Nicole could have split up the showmance upset a lot of fans.

Some Said They Were Done Watching

It’s hard to watch people make moves you don’t agree with on this show, or to watch your fave get sent home. Sometimes it gets to the point where you’re just done.

Others Just Felt So Bad For Tommy

It would be one thing if Tommy had done the stuff Michie said, but to go up against complete lies is tough. Tommy was sobbing in the clip fans were shown of the fight. It was honestly hard to stomach, so Sunday’s show is going to be a doozy.

Most Fans Thought Cliff And Nicole Made A Bad Game Move

Nicole is the HoH, so she’s safe for now. But even if she puts up Michie and Holly, there’s still a chance that Cliff could go home. If Holly or Michie win the Veto, Cliff would have to go up in their place, and Holly or Michie would cast the deciding vote — sending Cliff packing. Michie has won a ton of Vetoes this season, so his odds of winning are looking good. If he manages to stay, and he or Holly win the next HoH, you can bet they’re gonna choose each other to go to Final 2, leaving Nicole and Cliff in the dust. They could have had it all if they’d picked Tommy, but they went with the showmance and Michie’s lies. It may have been a $500,000 mistake, and fans are over it. Maybe next season the cast will make some better decisions. But Nicole and Cliff’s fate could be sealed now that they kept Holly over Tommy.

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Love Island fans demand Greg gives Amber prize money back after dumping her via text – The Sun

LOVE Island fans have demanded that Greg O'Shea gives Amber Gill the prize money back after he dumped her by text.

The Love Island winners shared £50,000 when they won the show and both decided to share the cash so they got £25,000 each.

The pair won the show after Greg joined the lineup as a late entry and coupled up with Amber for just 12 days.

Amber was already the most popular Islander after she was cruelly dumped by Michael and stood up for herself and refused to take him back.

And so fans are now convinced she deserves the full £50k to herself.

"Greg give 25k back to Amber, we voted for her," one fan tweeted.

"Anyways Greg needs to return the 25k Amber let him borrow," another added.

"I still don’t believe that Greg left Amber, but if he did I think he should give her the 25k back, it was all hers in any case," a third wrote.

"Love how everyone said Molly-Mae was just after money when Greg just grabbed his £25k and ran," another commented.

Love Island winners Amber and Greg have split just five weeks after sharing the £50,000 prize.

The Sun Online exclusively revealed earlier today that Amber, 22, has been left devastated after Greg, 24, dumped her by text.

A source told us: "Greg has broken up with Amber and is blaming their busy schedules and now they want to focus on their careers."

The Geordie lass had been looking forward to reuniting with Greg in Dublin today before he decided to call it quits by text.

Me to me: If you're already late take your time you can't be late twice

A post shared byAMBER ROSE (@amberrosegill) on

"Amber is devastated," said the insider. "She thought he was a lovely guy, but he's made his feelings clear over text, which isn't very sensitive.

"She had a feeling he was going to make decision to end things but only because she'd been hearing things.

"He hadn't the decency to tell her himself until she confronted the issue.

"They had a lovely weekend in Dublin planned but he's just pulled the plug and left her wounded.

"Amber loved her time in the villa with Greg it's just not been the same since he left for Ireland."

Now she's single again Amber is throwing herself into her career, with big plans in place after a fan called her out for not being as busy as some of the other islanders, like Molly-Mae or Maura Higgins.

The source said: "Amber has huge deals in place that she's looking forward to announcing what she's been busy working on."

The Sun Online has reached out to reps for both Amber and Greg.

Her split from Greg comes just days after Anton Danyluk and Belle Hassan separated due to the Scotsman's constant partying and public appearances.

Fans had feared Amber and Greg had split up after noticing they'd spent weeks apart on social media.

They won the public over on the show after being together for only 12 days, but they never made their relationship official in the outside world.

Amber made no secret that she missed Greg in both her own social media captions and in the comments of his posts.

However, Newcastle native Amber's Instagram post of the pair four days ago is the one that ignited rumours of a split.

It showed the pair snuggling up on a lake in Limerick, during Amber's trip to the rugby player's home in Ireland two weeks ago.

The caption read: "My Babes // Squinty squinterson. Miss ya."

Despite the happy appearance in the photo, fans worried something was wrong.

One person wrote: "Please what's up with you! Make your own announcement please love."

Another added: "Feel sad that they don't see each other it would be easier for her if she was his girlfriend but he has his reasons for not asking her hope she doesn't get tired of waiting."

Someone even accused them of faking the relationship, saying: "Drop the act."

While on Twitter someone pointed they haven't been seen interacting: "Oh I was like I haven't seen them interacting but maybe they just keeping it on the low."

It looked even worse when Greg posted a photo of other Love Islander Jordan Hames and his pal at the races in Killarney together.

Amber posted: "Wish I could have been there!! Next time."

Greg didn't respond to the post.

In early August, Amber told the Loose Women panel that a long distance relationship would be "hard work".

She said at the time: "We're taking it slowly, [the distance] is going to be hard, but if you want to make something work you put the effort in, you go to the ends of the earth to be with them."

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'Counting On' Fans Are Wondering Why Jana Duggar Isn't in This Recent Duggar Family Photo

We’ve been following the Duggars closely for years, and fans of 19 Kids and Counting and Counting On have certainly developed their favorites. Jana Duggar, the oldest daughter of Jim Bob and Michelle’s 19 children, has developed a serious fan base over time, too. While the 29-year-old still lives at home, her calm demeanor and soft-spoken nature — as well as her unwillingness to settle for just any man — is greatly appreciated by Duggar followers. And while she has her own Instagram with plenty of photos of herself, she’s also often seen in all of the family photos.

Oddly enough, the Duggar Family Instagram recently added a photo and mentioned that Jana was at the event — but fans are wondering why she’s not featured in the photo. Here’s what everyone’s talking about.

The Duggars recently added this photo to their Instagram

Hurricane Dorian battered the Bahamas, and it appears the Duggars were ready to lend a helping hand. According to this Instagram post, several members of the family jumped in with MedicCorps to provide aid. The Arkansas Democrat Gazette explains the team “dispatched trained medical professionals ranging from firefighters & EMTs to Emergency Trauma Medical Doctors to the Bahamas.” And it appears a few of the Duggars, most of whom are living under Jim Bob and Michelle’s roof, jumped to the rescue.

As the Duggar Family Instagram post explained, “John, Jana, Jason, and James took off early this morning with a medical and disaster relief team to the Bahamas to help after the massive devastation from #HurricaneDorian.” And the photo they posted included all of the boys mentioned. Oddly enough, it’s quite obvious Jana wasn’t included in the photo despite her being mentioned — and fans noticed.

Fans are wondering why Jana isn’t included in the photo

The Duggar Family Instagram frequently features family photos, so it’s very bizarre that Jana wouldn’t be added to this one since she was part of the hurricane relief efforts. “Jana is so cool. Why wasn’t she in the picture? She’s my favorite Duggar,” one follower questioned. Another added, “Why isn’t Jana in the picture?” Another added, “Wish you would have pictures Jana with the guys. Why hide the mission work she is doing.”

Other followers speculated that the Duggars aren’t actually trying to hide the fact that Jana was there, but rather that Jana was probably the one taking the photo. Jana’s known for her selflessness and commitment to her siblings, so leaving herself out of the shot so her brothers could take the spotlight seems like something she may do. Currently, while she’s living with Jim Bob and Michelle, she’s busily helping with all of her younger siblings, too, which is something she never complains about.

“Jana probably took the picture. That seems like something she would volunteer to do,” a follower mentioned on the photo — and many others suspected the same.

Others in the comments are speculating that Jana is currently courting Lawson Bates

While there was plenty of talk regarding Jana not being on the photo, there was also commentary regarding Jana’s potential courtship. Fans have been wondering for months whether Jana and Bringing Up Bates star Lawson Bates are secretly courting. The Bates and the Duggar families are very similar and close, as they both have 19 kids and are deeply religious. And Lawson Bates has been commenting a ton of Jana’s Instagram as of late, making fans believe there’s something going on between them.

“Jana and Lawson are deffo courting,” another follower commented on the photo of the Duggar boys helping with the hurricane. And speculation intensified once fans realized Bates was also working with relief efforts to help the hurricane situation. Bates posted this video on his own Instagram showing he’s exactly where Jana is.

All in all, we’re hoping the Duggars can make a positive impact. And we’re hoping Jana will post her own photos to her Instagram, too.

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Emmerdale fans rejoice as mucky Moira Barton ends affair with hunky farmhand Nate

EMMERDALE fans rejoiced this evening as mucky Moira Barton FINALLY ended her rampant affair with hunky farmhand Nate.

She told him it was over for good after finding out he'd dumped his longtime girlfriend.

Moira was worried Nate was starting to think their relationship was more than just casual sex, so she ditched him – leaving him furious, hitting the bottle and threatening to derail her life.

Fans at home were thrilled Moira has finally called time on the romance, so she can focus on her marriage to Cain, and they took to Twitter to make their feelings known.

One wrote: "Yeah right Moira, give it a couple of hours and you will be gagging for a s**g."

Another said: "I give it a day Moira. You’ll soon be back with Nate."

A third quipped: "Nate’s gone from having 2 women to none…"

A fourth stated: "Nae luck Nate."

And another quipped: "Dumped twice in one day, oh poor Nate lol."

The Sun Online exclusively revealed back in June that Moira and Nate – Jurrell Carter – would start a steamy fling behind Cain’s back.

A source told us: "Moira and hunky farmhand Nate give in to their feelings for each other and end up in bed together.

"It kicks off a steamy affair behind Cain and Amy's backs – it's going to be a huge test for Moira and Cain's relationship."

Moira and Cain’s marriage is notoriously rocky and neither of them are known for their fidelity.

The farmer has gone to great lengths to but the brakes on the affair, first sending Nate away on a job and then fleeing to stay with Nana Barton herself.

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'Counting On' Fans Are Slamming the Duggars for Inappropriately Dressing Their Kids for a Hike

From their ultra-religious ways to their bizarre courting rules, the Duggars are well-known in the world of reality TV. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar were originally known for having 19 children. And now that TLC has followed the family as the kids grew up (the youngest, Josie, is now 9), we love seeing what the oldest members of the family are up to now via Counting On.

Many of the older Duggars have their own Instagrams now that they’re married with kids of their own, but Michelle and Jim Bob still keep up with an Instagram of their own. And recently, they posted a photo with some of the younger kids while they all went for a hike. Fans noticed the children didn’t seem to be dressed appropriately for the activity, however. Here’s what they said.

The Duggars have always abided by a strict dress code

Since the Duggars are fundamentalist Christians, they abide by a set of strict rules to be as pure and holy as possible in the eyes of God. For this reason, the family has discussed their modest and seemingly antiquated way of dressing in the past. And it all seemed to start with Michelle Duggar.

Before Michelle and Jim Bob married, she was a cheerleader wearing whatever she wanted — but she told TLC that after she delved deep into Christianity, she wanted to change her ways. “I felt like the Lord was saying to me, ‘You know what, you probably shouldn’t be wearing that. It’s a little bit low cut, or a little bit too high, you know?’ I just really felt like I needed to obey what God was saying to me first and understand later,” she said. For this reason, all of the Duggar women wore long skirts and shirts with high necklines growing up.

The family also believes in what they call “defrauding.” Michelle once said, “My kids are taught the definition of defrauding as stirring up desires that cannot be righteously fulfilled. We don’t believe in defrauding others by the way we dress.”

Some family members have been more liberal with their outfits over time

Those who follow the Duggars have noticed how the dress code has gotten a lot more liberal over the years. Not only does Jill Duggar have her nose pierced, but she also now wears pants and dresses that show off her legs. And Jinger Duggar has created her own style altogether that fans are absolutely loving. In this photo, Jinger’s wearing a dress that hits above her knee caps, which never would’ve been allowed if she was still living at home.

Has Michelle eased up on her own rules? Many suspect she has, as there have been a few photos of the mother of 19 wearing pants as well. In Touch Weekly notes there’s been evidence spanning as far back as 2015 that shows Michelle would wear pants on certain occasions (like to the gym, for example). And since her older daughters have started dressing in more modern fashions, it seems Michelle may also take some guidance from them.

Instagram followers think the kids should be dressed differently in this photo

While there’s a ton of focus on the older Duggars who have their own Instagrams, the Duggar Family Instagram page features the younger ones, too. And recently, the family posted this photo showing Jim Bob, Michelle, and several of their youngest going for a hike. It seems Michelle is featured wearing pants here, too — but the young girls are pictures wearing their iconic long skirts and dresses despite the activity.

“The girls need 2 bee wearing pants and shorts 4 hiking not dresses and skirts [sic],” a follower commented on the post. And another added, “
If you’re not gonna wear pants, at least put something covering the legs. They’ll get ticks or jaggers. Also sandals?” Yet another commented, “I like you guys but seriously let those girls at least hike and play in pants or shorts. Nobody’s eyes will fall out of their head and God will totally be fine with it.”

Despite the older girls wearing what they wish, it looks like the younger Duggars are still abiding by the classic family rules after all.

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Fans are convinced Vicky Pattison has teased HUGE news in latest snap

Vicky Pattison has got fans excited with a new snap of her with boyfriend Ercan Ramadan.

The 31-year-old reality star has left fans wondering if she’s made a big leap in her relationship with boyfriend Ercan, 35, after breaking off her engagement to ex fiancé John Noble last year.

Sharing that she had ‘one of the best nights of my life’ with her 4.4m followers, Vicky posted a loved-up snap of her and Ercan against a backdrop of a stunning mountain range.

In the pic the Geordie Shore winner is seen clinking glasses of bubbly with her beau, with the caption: ‘Tonight has been one of the best nights of my life… THANKYOU for making me the happiest girl in the world ✨🥂’


The image has garnered over 139k likes and sparked rumours that the pair will be tying the knot.

Fans were quick to speculate about Vicky’s announcement, with one Instagram user asking: ‘Why do I feel like there’s a sneaky proposal?’

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Another commented: ‘She said YES, where’s ya bling ring, girl.’

Many eagle-eyed followers also noticed Vicky hiding her left hand.

MORE: Vicky Pattison bares all in her underwear as she admits her weight gain is impacting her confidence

One fan wrote: ‘💍? She’s covering her left hand 🙈,’ while a second added: ‘Hiding her hand. 🙈’

However, some aren’t convinced that the couple are engaged, with one person commenting: ‘Maybe he just spoilt her rotten with a lovely night because sometimes that’s what normal couples do when they are in love.’

The image comes just days after Vicky announced the happy news that she is becoming an aunty.

Sadly, Ercan hasn’t posted anything regarding the possible engagement on his social media accounts, but fingers-crossed we’ll be treated to some big news very soon!

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Why Fans Are Dragging Kim Kardashian For This Video Of Chicago West

Kim Kardashian always seems to find herself in the middle of controversy and this week was no exception. As a celebrity that boasts over 146 million followers on Instagram, the 38-year-old Keeping Up With The Kardashians star has a lot of influence on social media and every time she publishes something it becomes viral. What’s different this time is that the debate centers around her parenting and it involves her daughter Chicago West.

What Is The Controversial Video Involving Kim Kardashian’s Daughter Chicago West?

Kim Kardashian is a dedicated mother of four and although she is constantly busy running her empire she gives herself quality time to share with her children. This week her Instagram account was flooded with cute pictures of herself sharing moments with North (6), Saint (3), Chicago (1) and Psalm (3 months).

“Bahama pics coming up. I thought taking a pic with three kids was hard OMG this is almost impossible,” she shared on a post of herself and her four kids on the beach.

It was during this same trip that Kim posted a video of her youngest daughter handling a snake that was placed around her neck. The way that Chicago held the reptile like if it was a toy and looked at it straight in the face was shocking to fans.

“My brave girl Chicago,” Kim wrote.

Kim’s sister Khloé chimed in and said: “She’s crazy. Look how she’s looking at this face. OMG.”

Kim Kardashian Gets Dragged by Fans

Chicago looks fearless in the video, maybe not knowing that it’s not a toy and a live animal could lead to terrible consequences if handled the wrong way. That’s where fans weighed in with their opinions and things were not pretty.

“Yo I’m sorry but I don’t like this too much. She was grabbing that snake too hard, [I know] she is a kid that’s why I’m mad, it’s not for the kids safety but more for the snake [because] she could have broken her, literally, [please] be careful with her and what she touches. Talking [from] experience here, sadly,” a Kim fan wrote in the comments.

“She is holding the snake way too tight the poor snake needs to be able to move around she could have hurt it,” another Instagram user wrote.

“No one is going to talk about the fact that this is an animal, not a toy? I’m impressed about stupidness nowadays,” a social media user questioned.

“WTF are you letting your young child play with a damn snake?” a fan directed their question to the mother.

“Handling a snake around your neck is known to cause spinal problems and arthritis. The Kardashians have always been cruel towards animals specifically Kim who continued to wear fur and snake skin publicly. Truly [disgusting] especially when you have such a huge platform,” a Kim fan said.

“Sometimes kids don’t know when they are hurting an animal, it’s a parents, and the person showing the snakes job to teach them how to properly treat an animal. This is honestly disgusting, that snake didn’t deserve that type of treatment,” a fan shift the blame to Kim.

It is worth noting that the snake handler is also seen in the video and we are sure she would not have let a child handle the snake in that manner if she thought it was dangerous.

A user within the comments of the post gave insight into the type of snake Chicago handled. “Just gotta say after being into snakes for the last 45 years it’s a joke to say that Chicago was in any kind of danger actually impossible to [be] more exact as [it] was a corn snake and to top that, the snake is so far removed from the wild in approximately 40 years, it’s like any pet. Nonvenomous and incapable of harming anyone except a small rodent,” the insider chimed in.

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'Bachelorette' Fans Are Telling Chris Harrison That Hannah Brown Should Get Another Season

Before Hannah Brown began her Bachelorette journey, she was so excited to find her husband. 

“Oh I’m so ready. I know I’m young but I would not have gone on this show if I hadn’t really thought about what was at the end of this,” she told Ellen Degeneres when she asked if Brown was ready for marriage.

But as Bachelor Nation knows all too well, Brown did not get a husband out of her time as The Bachelorette. She called off her engagement to her season winner, Jed Wyatt, when she found out that he’d come on the show with a girlfriend. 

For a brief moment, Bachelorette fans thought Brown might get back together with her runner-up, Tyler Cameron. On “After The Final Rose,” she revealed that she still had feelings for him and asked him out to get a drink with her. He said he’d love to. Shortly after, the two were photographed in front of Brown’s residence in Los Angeles after what looked to be a sleepover–Cameron with his overnight bag in hand. 

But Brown has since said in interviews that she and Cameron had a great talk that evening but they’re both single and exploring their options (which explains the recent dates Cameron has gone on with supermodel Gigi Hadid).

Fans are telling Chris Harrison that Hannah Brown should be The Bachelorette again 

Before Bachelor In Paradise began, Chris Harrison posted a sweet photo of him and Brown to Instagram along with a caption saying goodbye to the former Bachelorette.

“Before we turn the page and head to #Paradise I want to say goodbye to this woman. I know it wasn’t the fairytale we wanted but @alabamahannah is bigger, better & stronger than she’s ever been. The future is bright for this woman…and you know I’m always here for ya #RollTide,” he wrote. 

Next to the photo, Bachelorette fans flocked to the comments section to urge Harrison to make Brown The Bachelorette again. 

“If Hannah and Tyler don’t work out, please give her another chance as bachelorette!” commented one fan. 

“Bring her back for another season!!!!!” commented another. 

“The world has not had enough of @alabamahannah yet!” commented another. 

Does Hannah Brown want to be The Bachelorette again? 

Though many fans are suggesting Brown get another go at The Bachelorette, Brown isn’t so sure she’d want to jump into the experience again. 

“I really like the life I’m living right now, so I don’t think I need a second chance,” she told Us Weekly in a recent interview. “I think that I’m learning and growing. I’m a 24-year-old girl just figuring out life. I really learned a lot from being on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, but as far as looking toward thinking about being the Bachelorette again right now, I can’t really think about that just yet. I know it’s a great experience for me, but I’m looking forward to different opportunities for my future.”

So it sounds like the door isn’t completely closed but, for now, Brown is happy with her current life. 

Read more: ‘Bachelor In Paradise’: Bachelor Nation Is Supporting Blake Horstmann Amid Caelynn Miller-Keyes Drama

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Love Island fans gobsmacked by Jordan Hames’ bulge as they accuse him of stuffing his pants with socks

LOVE Island fans have been left gobsmacked by Jordan Hames’ bulge and accused him of stuffing his pants with socks.

The 24-year-old model spent most of his summer in shorts but his latest Instagram picture caused many followers' eyes to pop out of their heads.

On my way 👿😈

A post shared byJordan Hames (@jxrdanhames) on

In the black and white shot, Jordan can be seen in just a pair of white briefs, looking into the camera moodily.

He captioned the shot: "On my way", with fellow Islander Danny Williams replying: "It's a trap."

Jordan's followers were quick to comment on the hunky picture, with a number accusing him of stuffing his pants to make the bulge more prominent.

One wrote: "Probs a sock in there never looked like that on love island."

Another joked: "Far too many socks been put down there bro!"

A third added: "You can take the socks out your pants now."

Jordan had a rollercoaster time in the Love Island villa, coupling up with Anna Vakili for much of his time on the show, even asking her to be his girlfriend.

But just two days later, he attempted to crack on with India Reynolds, leading a furious Anna to confront him and the couple to subsequently split.

The pair went on to clash again on After Sun after they were voted out of the villa.

Jordan explained: “It was difficult for me, but all I wanted to do was be honest to how I was feeling. I didn’t go about it in the right way.

“Looking back I should have gone to Anna first and spoke to her about it. But I want to hold my hands up for that.”

When asked by host Caroline Flack whether he decided to move on after he and Anna came in the bottom three of the public vote, Jordan said: “Not at all.

“I feel like every decision I’ve made in there was based on how I was feeling.”

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