Kanye West Has Fans Wild Over Teased Yeezy Sneakers

Kanye West stepped out on July 10 with his wife, Kim Kardashian West. The couple was spotted out in Los Angeles in mismatched outfits. West was rocking sweatpants and a sweatshirt, while Kardashian West was clad in leather pants and a tube top. Fans, however, could only notice one thing; they were fixated on what was on West’s feet. Now, it looks like the rapper and sneaker mogul might have been teasing fans with a new pair of Yeezys.

Everything we know about the sneakers Kanye West was spottedin

Ye and Kimmie K might have just been out on a date, but everything West does is deliberate. The sneakers he was wearing appear to be a sample, according to High Snobiety. Photographers got a good shot of the shoes, making it easy to figure out some of the details.

The silhouette of the sneaker looks similar to the Yeezy Boost 700’s that have been flooding the market in recent years. The smoothed-out midsole is an exciting change to the otherwise clunky shoe. The upper is translucent, appearing similar to the Yeezy 350s that have sold out in minutes in recent months.


High Snobiety notes that the shoe looks pretty similar to the Yeezy Boost 700 VX. The sneaker was teased last summer but never seemed to make it to market. Could this be the new version of that unreleased shoe? It’s possible.

What Yeezy sneakers have been released in 2019?

Several colorways of the Yeezy Boost 350s were dropped in recent months. The Lundmark version, for example, will be released on July 13. The sneaker is expected to sell out in minutes. Rumors have also swirled that a new version of the Yeezy Boost 350 “Bred” will be reappearing sometime over the summer or during the early fall. While Adidas big wigs have denied the rumor, it looks like it might be happening.


A new shoe is also planned for the lineup. The Yeezy 451 is a particularly avant-garde addition to the lineup. While the 350s offer a sleek design, the 700s provide a clunkier “dad shoe” silhouette; the 451s fall somewhere in between.

Kanye’s sneaker empire is on pace to top $1.5 billion in sales

West is a strange guy; everyone seems to agree on that. While he is prone to feuds, tantrums, and bizarre social media postings, he seems to have a solid grasp on the sneaker game. According to Forbes, the Yeezy brand is on pace to top $1.5 billion in sales for 2019. The number puts the company on pace to compete directly with the Jordan brand owned by Nike.


Jordan is a 34-year-old brand that has amassed an enormous following over the years. Jordan is on pace to gather $3 billion in sales during the 2019 calendar year. It took the Jordan brand decades to reach that number, but Kanye’s Yeezy brand is making massive strides to gobble up market share, becoming a global brand in the process. 

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Where is Joogie? Fans think the Fortnite YouTuber is dead

YouTuber Joogie has over 1.2 million subscribers but has not uploaded a video in over a month, which has fans wondering if the Australian Fornite player is dead.

Joogie is one of many Fortnite streamers and YouTubers that prefer to stay anonymous so little is known about the player’s real identity.

Joogie hasn’t tweeted since last month, on June 6, when he revealed he was looking forward to the highly anticipated Fortnite World Cup games.

Several conspiracy theories have emerged since Joogie has disappeared from social media. Some fans believe he may simply be on vacation while others are worried that the Fornite player could be in a hospital or even dead.

Several fans have questioned his friend and fellow YouTuber Lazarbeam about Joogie’s whereabouts.

Lazerbeam has not commented on Joogie’s social media disappearance, which suggests that the Fornite player doesn’t want fans to know about his current whereabouts — or he doesn’t know.

It is highly unlikely that Joogie is dead as no one close to the anonymous YouTuber has announced his death. There have been several fake “face reveal” videos to clickbait fans into believing Joogie’s identity has been revealed.

The Fornite player has over 75 million views on his YouTube channel. In his most recent video, Joogie attempts to complete a Fornite Battle Royale with just an SMG weapon. The video has over 500,000 views and several of the comments suggest that the YouTuber is having brain surgery while others are requesting that he returns to making videos.

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'Counting On' Fans Want Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo To Have Their Own Show

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo have always been fan favorites on Counting On. The couple has strayed from the norms of the rest of the Duggar family and become a closer representation of the typical American than anyone else in Duggar’s family. Fans have grown to love the two so much that some even want them to have their own show.

Duggar married Vuolo back in 2016

These two didn’t meet in the same way most of the other Duggars did. Both Jill and Jessa Duggar met their husbands through their father, Jim Bob Duggar. Others met their spouses through church. However, Duggar and Vuolo met after Jessa and her husband, Ben Seewald, introduced them. The two hit it off but didn’t begin courting right away. However, once Vuolo attended a mission trip with Duggar and her family, he asked Jim Bob Duggar if he could court his daughter. The two only courted for about a month before getting engaged. They were married in 2016.

Duggar quickly became known as the rebel among fans

Once the two got married, they didn’t immediately start having children the way most of the Duggars do. They wed in November 2016 but didn’t welcome their first child, a daughter named Felicity, until July 2018. They haven’t announced a second pregnancy yet. Duggar and Vuolo moved to Texas after they wed, and Duggar began wearing pants and tank tops, neither of which she was allowed to wear as a child. She also recently dyed her hair blonde, proving that she’s trying new things as an adult that she could never do as a child.

The couple recently moved to California

In another rebellious move, Duggar and Vuolo have decided to move even further away from her family than they already were. Vuolo got an opportunity to take graduate classes out in Los Angeles, so the whole family road tripped out there to start a new life together. L.A. is a notoriously liberal city, and fans were so happy to see that Duggar and Vuolo were ready to move somewhere like that. They appear to be loving everything about their new home. They’ve gone to sporting events, toured different towns, and stopped for plenty of food. It’s unclear how long they’ll be out there, but they might just grow to love it enough to stay there for good.


Some fans think the two should have their own spinoff show

Duggar and Vuolo are a big part of Counting On, but there are some who think the two should have somethingeven bigger: Their own spinoff show. Duggar recently posted a photo of Vuoloand their daughter sitting on the green at the Americana shopping mall in L.A.,and one fan commented, “I wish TLC would give you guys your own show.” Thecomment was the most-liked out of any on the photo, which means clearly peoplewouldn’t be opposed to a spinoff. But TLC hasn’t mentioned anything about a newseries featuring the two, and for now, Duggar and Vuolo are busy acclimating totheir new home.

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Ariana Grande Fans Have Been Bringing BT21 Headbands To Meet And Greets And Armynators Are Celebrating

As some of you may know, Ariana Grande is still touring on her Sweetener tour.


A few months ago whilst on tour, she met Jungkook from BTS, who came to her show.


And in an interview with Japanese magazine Anan, Jungkook said that Ariana let him join in on her pre-concert ritual.

Earlier this week 23-year-old Adelisa, a fan of both Ariana and BTS – aka an Armynator – told BuzzFeed News she bought along a BT21 Koya headband to her meet and greet with Ariana.

She said: “I did freeze up a little when I first went in but she’s so kind and really tries to make you feel comfortable.

“I asked her if she could wear my Koya BT21 headband and she asked what it was, and I told her it was a BTS thing and she said something like: ‘Oh okay yeah I figured, it looks like it.'”

After they took the photo she said Ariana joked: “So how does this work, I just have to give this (the headband) back to you now? What if I want it?'”

“I know she was just messing around but I told her she could keep it if she wanted to and she said ‘No that’s okay, I need to get my own because I’m an army, obviously. I want a Jungkook one’, and she asked where I got it.”

“Then before I left I told her that I really respect her as an artist and a person and how much it meant to be able to see her and tell her that.”

But Adelisa isn’t the first to do this. Eighteen-year-old Sherian from Oklahoma City bought along a Cooky headband to her meet and greet in May.

She said when she walked in with her headband Ariana complimented it and said, “That headband is so cute, what is it?” and she explained what it was.

She told her it would mean a lot to her if Ariana wore it in their photo because both BTS and Ariana mean a lot to her.

After they took their photo, Ariana had again asked if Sherian wanted the headband back. Sherian said she’d offered it, but Ariana said: “No it’s yours and special to you, please keep it” then she put it back on my head.

“She kept saying how cute it was… People were staring at me while in line and it was pretty awkward and I almost had an anxiety attack, but I wanted to do it so bad. It meant so much to me to do it.”

Another Armynator told BuzzFeed News she wore a t-shirt with a photo of Jungkook and Ariana printed on it, along with a Cooky keychain.

Yaziri Cruz, 19, a student from Chicago, told BuzzFeed News she wanted to tell Ariana that she loved her interaction with Jungkook.

She said she walked in, hugged her, and then stepped backwards to show Ariana her T-shirt.

Ariana started telling Cruz about her interaction with Jungkook and she said he was perfect.

Cruz said: “As she was saying all of this I was shocked because I thought she was going to give me one response or say one thing, but she didn’t!

“In my head I was like ‘this is really happening right now!’ As Ari said ‘and so perfect’ she was turning on the camera [they were in a photo booth].”

She said: “We then took the picture and then I talked about something else because I didn’t want to just make it all about JK.

“But I was so happy about the things she said about Jungkook because they’re both my favorite artist[s] and I was glad she had a good interaction with him.”

Armynators have been freaking out about all the interactions that have happened.

And have called it a never-ending saga.

Ikran is a reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.

Contact Ikran Dahir at [email protected]

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Fans Are Drawing Amazing Art Inspired By Halle Bailey Being Cast As Ariel In "The Little Mermaid"

Chloe Bailey, left, and Halle Bailey.

News on Wednesday that Disney had selected singer Halle Bailey to play the role of Ariel in their live-action remake of The Little Mermaid has set the internet ablaze, with social media swamped by incredible fan art from people inspired by the casting choice.

“As black creators, we know how isolating this industry can be,” Nilah Magruder, a Los Angeles-based illustrator and animator told BuzzFeed News. “To see a black Ariel now is particularly inspiring.”

“I was kind of like, Whoa, Disney really went and did that!” she told BuzzFeed News.

Bailey — one half of the singing sisters duo Chloe x Hall and a star on ABC’s Grown-ish — is the only member of the cast to be announced so far for the movie, which isn’t due to go into production until next year.

Director Rob Marshall said there had been “extensive search” for the right actor to play Ariel, and that Bailey was the perfect choice.

“It was abundantly clear that Halle possesses that rare combination of spirit, heart, youth, innocence, and substance — plus a glorious singing voice — all intrinsic qualities necessary to play this iconic role,” he said.

Bailey herself celebrated the casting by sharing a picture of a black Ariel. (The image was drawn years ago by artist Dylan Bonner for a separate project for a friend of his).

Since then, creative and talented fans have also been offering their own incredible versions.

Given some online had grumbled about a black actor being cast in the role (although some viral tweets were manufactured for outrage), the fan art is also helping people get a sense of what Bailey might look like in the role.

“When I started to see the endless hate going on over it, I felt inspired to create a piece showing how beautiful and magical Halle Bailey would be as Ariel,” explained Matthew Baig, a 20-year-old California resident who draws as a hobby.

“To me [her casting] means a lot, so I know it means a lot to other people too,” he said.

Magruder told BuzzFeed News she doesn’t normally draw fan art, but as someone who spends a lot of time creating images of black mermaids she felt she had little choice but to share her vision of Bailey as Ariel.

She spent two hours using Clip Studio Paint, having known right away that she was going to recreate the moment where Ariel swims up through her cave of treasures while singing “Part Of Your World.”

“I knew I wanted to do that iconic moment from the original feature animated movie,” she said.

Magruder shared the finished product on Twitter and was inundated with thousands of retweets.

Magruder also made sure to give Bailey’s hair a reddish hue that was inspired from the original cartoon.

“I would love to see them do that [in the movie] because it’s so iconic,” she said. “Also, black people have red hair! That’s not controversial!”

London-based illustrator and designer Hayden Williams, 27, also spent an hour or so with his pens and pencils to work up a vision of Bailey’s Ariel.

“It’s how I envision she may potentially look in the movie,” he told BuzzFeed News of his sketch, which also features Bailey with red hair.

Williams is self-taught and has been sketching Disney princesses since he was a kid. Ariel has always occupied a special place in his heart, but he said he’s fully on board with Bailey’s casting.

“The movie is a fantasy and Ariel is a mythical creature, so she can be any race,” he said. “Me being a person of color also appreciates the decision to switch things up and I can’t wait to see what Disney does with the movie.”

Williams said he believes his drawing has gone viral because other fans are excited to see a black Ariel.

“I think in this case, many people are excited and proud to see a black girl chosen to play such an iconic Disney princess,” he said. “We can see a part of ourselves in this and it feels inspirational.”

Magruder can’t wait for Bailey to prove the haters wrong, calling her the perfect fit for the role. “She’s gonna kill the part,” she said.

She expects Bailey’s casting will mean a lot to Disney fans, both old and new.

“For a lot of people, this is a dream come true,” she said. “A lot of people grew up with white mermaids and now they’re seeing a representation of Ariel that is closer to their experience.”

“But people are also excited for their kids, who are going to grow up with this black mermaid and black Disney princess,” she said.

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'90 Day Fiancé' Fans Wonder if Evelin and Corey Are Already Married

90 Day Fiancé fans are a little confused by The Other Way couple Evelin and Corey. Already, some of the more skeptical fans are split into two camps — either Evelin and Corey simply aren’t meant to last, or they’re already married. To the former point, many fans have pointed out how Evelin doesn’t seem as committed or ready for commitment as Corey does. They point to the recent airport arrival debacle as proof of the matter. However, the latter camp believes there’s a conspiracy at play here, and that the couple may actually already be married — and either TLC is pulling the wool over our eyes, or Corey and Evelin are fooling TLC. 

Are they meant to last?

For those who believe the 90 Day Fiancé couple is being sincere about their relationship as it is now, there have been major red flags indicating a troubled future. Evelin has made comments that she “hopes” her relationship with Corey will work out — not a ringing endorsement of their relationship. 

Corey has expressed concerns over Evelin’s approach to the matter. “It’s very scaring, especially if she’s seeming on the fence about things. It’s really not cool. I think a lot of people would break up with Evelin if put in my situation, but I love her,” said Corey during a recent episode.”

Evelin made it clear that she expects Corey to behave more independently and to adapt to his time in Ecuador, or else they’re not going to last. “I am expecting him to learn how to speak Spanish, and he also needs to connect with my family better. If Corey doesn’t prove himself in the next 90 days, then it’s not going to work out,” said Evelin. 

The icing on the cake is that, when Corey flew into Ecuador, Evelin refused to meet him at the airport. Instead, she had Corey take a bus alone to her village, telling him, “You’re a big man, and you can come all the way here.”

Is that a wedding ring?

For those who aren’t so sure about the 90 Day Fiancé couple’s sincerity, this is where things get a little fishy. Viewers have noticed a ring on Corey’s ring finger, and have been wondering what that’s all about. For someone who supposedly isn’t married, it’s a very specific place to put a ring. 

One theory fans have is that Corey and Evelin are already married. These fans believe that TLC is either recreating Corey and Evelin’s original story from years ago and selling it as current, or that they’re just selling a manufactured storyline to fans. 

A clue that some fans have pointed to exists in Corey and Evelin’s living situation during their premiere episode. Corey and Evelin were living in a cabin on Corey’s family’s property at a Mormon compound. Fans thought this was strange — Mormons aren’t too crazy about lovers living together out of wedlock. One Reddit user wrote, “I said from the start that there was NO way a devout Mormon family would let their son live with his GF in his cabin for 2 months.”

Fans also pointed out the ring as a possible indicator, but others fans have theories that the ring is tied to Corey’s Mormon faith. One fan on Reddit suggested it’s a purity ring, while another said it could be a sort of reminder ring for mormons called a CTR ring. They explained a CTR, writing, “It’s a ring that has a small shield shape that has CTR in it. It is kinda like the motto WWJD …what would Jesus do. Mormons are baptized when they are 7 or 8, and I think it was given as a reminder to follow the teachings of the LDS church.”

What about that bar?

Meanwhile, 90 Day Fiancé conspiracy theorists have also pointed out the bar the couple owns as a possible clue. Soap Dirt posted a screenshot of an Instagram post featuring the couple at their Ecuadorian bar in 2015. That was four years ago. 

Now fans are wondering if perhaps the couple has been together for four years, possibly longer, and if there’s more going on behind the scenes. Since Corey supposedly helped Evelin open the bar, that suggests many years of financial and personal commitment. Meanwhile, the bar is presented to viewers of the show as if it’s a new asset or business venture for the couple, as opposed to something they’ve owned for years. 

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‘Counting On’ Fans Theorize That Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar’s Marriage Isn’t As Happy As It Seems

Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar are the head honchos of the Duggar family, which is one of America’s largest families. Most people know them from their TLC shows Counting On and 19 Kids and Counting. Despite Michelle and Jim Bob appearing to be in a happy marriage, fans can’t help but wonder if Michelle actually has a voice — and if she’s truly happy.

Michelle has given advice that relates to being a submissive wife

Some people have questioned the things Michelle has said about being a wife. In the past, she’s given advice on how to keep a marriage strong, and much of it ties into being there to please your husband whenever he needs it. She once recalled a time when she received advice about marriage, which she continues to pass down to her own daughters today. “… Anybody can make lunch for him… But you are the only one who can meet that special need that he has in his life for intimacy… Don’t forget about him.” Michelle Duggar was essentially explaining that no wife should ever turn down their husband’s need for sex.

‘Counting On’ fans think Jim Bob manipulated Michelle after her miscarriage

Reddit tends to be a place where Counting On fans go to discuss certain episodes of the show or how they feel about certain characters. It also happens to be where fans gathered to discuss whether Jim Bob and Michelle were actually in a happy marriage. The original poster wrote that they believe Michelle is more of a victim of abuse than it seems, and the comment received an upvote of 97% (meaning 97% of people who voted agreed with the statement). The original poster also suggested that Jim Bob manipulated Michelle into believing in his religion even more after she had a miscarriage while on birth control soon after the couple got married. The two have said that’s why they allowed themselves to have 19 children — they thought God was punishing them for using the pill.

Despite the theories, Michelle and Jim Bob seem to get along very well on the show


Although fans may have their reasons for thinking the couple isn’t that happy (or that Michelle is taken advantage of), the two seem to get along very well on the show. And Michelle has posted loving messages to her husband on social media and vice versa, suggesting that the two actually have a very close relationship. However, what Michelle and Jim Bob define as a happy marriage might not be how the rest of the country would describe it.

The Duggar women are not encouraged to do much with their lives other than have children and take care of the family. The women do not go to college or hold full-time jobs. Rather, they homeschool the kids, cook for the family, and, apparently, never turn down intimacy from their husbands. While this might be exactly what the Duggars want, to most other women, this is not the idea of a happy marriage. The Duggars do receive some negative comments on social media about the way their family operates, but at the end of the day, it’s up to them how they raise their kids.

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'Counting On' Fans Warn Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo That California Isn't a Safe Place to Live

The last season of Counting On may be over, but fans are still keeping up with their favorite Duggars via social media — and Jinger Duggar proves her likability amongst fans time and time again. From her loving relationship to her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, to the way she’s raising her daughter, Felicity, those who keep up with the family have been rooting for this Duggar to leave Arkansas and get out into the world. Now, Duggar and Vuolo have finally made their move away from the others as they set their sights on Los Angeles.

Many couldn’t be happier for the young family, but it seems others are warning Duggar and Vuolo to be careful in their new home. Here’s why some are telling the couple that California isn’t a safe place.

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo officially moved to Los Angeles


While many of the Duggar women are currently pregnant and expanding their families in Arkansas, the Vuolos decided to take a different route. Duggar and Vuolo announced at the end of March that they’d be making a big move out west. “Through much prayer and counsel, the next step for our family is to relocate to Los Angeles to attend Grace Community Church as Jeremy pursues graduate studies at The Master’s Seminary,” the couple wrote on their website. And according to Vuolo’s Instagram, it seems he and Duggar are already making Los Angeles their home.

Vuolo posted a photo of their daughter, Felicity, and the Counting On camera crew with the caption, “We’ve begun our adventure west, to our new home in Los Angeles! Along for the ride is the ‘Counting On’ film crew (pictured), so make sure you tune in to @tlc this fall to join the journey!” Fans were ultra-excited to hear that viewers will be getting an inside look into their move as well, as it seemed uncertain whether the family would be staying on the show after leaving Texas.

Some fans are nervous for the family’s safety in their new home


While plenty of Vuolo and Duggar’s fans are very happy for the young couple, others took to Vuolo’s Instagram to warn him of the dangers of Los Angeles. “Why LA! Most importantly, why California! Born and raised in California and my family and I couldn’t get out fast enough! No place to raise a family! Hopefully it’s not a permanent move!” a fan commented. Many others seemed to agree. “I was thinking the same thing. Why LA Cal? [sic],” another added. And yet another one of Vuolo’s followers commented, “There’s tons of homeless people and panhandlers. It is NOT a safe place for family’s unless you can live in a gated community of million dollar homes.”

Despite the critique, others expressed their support for Vuolo and Duggar’s move and think California is an amazing location for them to raise their daughter. “God called them to LA then that’s where they are supposed to be. Remember, Christ hung out with the poor, the sick, and the people who were considered the dredges of society. J & J are right where they are supposed to be,” a supporter wrote.

Jinger Duggar has always hoped to live in a big city


Fans may be concerned for Vuolo and Duggar’s new home, but there’s no doubt this is truly what Duggar’s always wanted. Radar Online reminds us the young woman used to talk about wanting to move to New York City — though the idea was always shut down by her mother, Michelle Duggar. The Duggar matriarch instead insisted that her daughter just wanted a shorter drive to Walmart and didn’t actually want to live the big city life.

Now that Jinger Duggar is older and married, however, it seems the big city lifestyle never lost its appeal, and she’s truly proving she’s unafraid to go out on a limb and try something new. Will any of the other Duggars follow in her path? We don’t expect so — but we’ll have to wait and find out.

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