Even animals that thrive in wildfires can’t cope with California’s mega-fires

Northern California’s raging wildfires have become “too extreme” even for certain types of birds that typically thrive in burned out forests, scientists say.

Researchers are trying to understand how the increasingly common megafires, some of which span thousands of hectares, are impacting the surrounding ecosystem.

Black-backed woodpeckers, which generally favor burned trees where they can enjoy the larvae of wood-boring beetles that live in dead wood, were found to choose the edges of “high severity” burn patches, according to the study’s authors.

“The finding that the woodpeckers in our study tended to select nest sites closer to the edges of high severity burn patches provides added evidence that pyrodiversity [or having a range in the age, size and severity of burned patches in trees] benefits this species,” the study’s co-author, Andrew Stillman, told Newsweek.

The scientists collected data on 118 nests near six large wildfires over a period of eight years, according to the study.

“However, it seems that the landscapes created by extra large, intense mega-fires are too extreme,” he explained. “Even fire-associated species need variation in habitat and access to both live and dead trees.”

The researchers predict that as these new megafires become more common, there will increasingly be more threats to forest wildlife and less and less pyrodiversity.

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Cover Your Hydro Flask In Stickers And We'll Reveal Which "Gilmore Girls" Guy You Belong With

  1. Via Hydro Flask

    Via Hydro Flask

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BBC Breakfast viewers in hysterics as on-screen clock breaks – so hosts prop office one up on the desk – The Sun

BBC Breakfast viewers were left in STITCHES after the on-screen digital clock stopped working.

But fortunately Ben Thompson came to the rescue and propped up an old-school one instead.

The retro style reinforcements by the BBC news pro left viewers in hysterics as Twitter was awash with people confused by the addition to the desk.

TV favourite Naga Munchetty and co-host Charlie Stayt tried to style things out as Ben Thompson improvised by handing them the backup clock – and viewers went wild.

Fans took to Twitter to come up with their own hilarious takes on the proceedings and how it was affecting their morning.

Ben said: "I've fixed your problem. People this morning are only watching us for the clock because they need to get ready for work and school and all that.

"So if I just leave that there. There we go. Put that on camera three."

Naga added: "Shall we just prop it by my coffee."

Ben continued with his hand on the rogue clock which was about to roll away: "The things that I do for this programme."

He jumped on Twitter and joked: "If you're missing our BBC Breakfast on-screen clock, sorry, we're having a few tech problems. But don't worry. I fixed it."

One viewer commented on social media and joined in on the breakfast banter: "Argh. Never realised who much I rely on the BBC Breakfast clock when getting ready for work."

Another added: "Technical difficulties on BBC Breakfast means they've brought out an alternative wee clock for the bottom screen. Bless."

One woman joked: "BBC Breakfast put the digital clock back on, you're throwing my morning off."

A fan laughed: "No on-screen clock so a kitchen clock placed on the table will suffice."

A viewer made himself laugh by asking: "What's happened to the clock? I don't know when to get up."

It was causing a lot of tardiness with the general public with another asking: "Where is the on-screen clock this morning? I'm apparently lost without it."

Another joked about being late for work: "Where is the clock? Messed my morning up! If I'm late for work, I blame you! (I don't trust my other clocks)."

One viewer applauded the addition and said: "Loving the clock solution! Low tech wins."

A lady wrote on the social media outlet: "Umm, the physical clock on set for BBC Breakfast, it's messing with my head."

Another viewer demanded the clock's return: "Bring back Ben's clock!"

While another pleaded: "There's no clock on screen. Sort it out or the nation will all be late for work."



It's not the first time the presenters have been left red-faced. An infamous blunder came about last year during an interview with Monty Python comedy legend Eric Idle – and they used a photo of comedian Steve Punt instead.


BBC viewers were also previously left horrified after hearing some random sounds behind a live broadcast.

'Sex noises' were heard during the show while talking to political correspondent Emma Vardy.

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21 Examples Of What Texting In The '90s Would've Looked Like

1.When you needed a place to meet, a finish line for races, or an end zone for football games.

2.When you used the landline for internet.

3.When popular sayings caught on.

4.When you provided your friends with custom body art.

5.When the commonly used form of communication was a handwritten note.

6.When there weren’t any streaming services.

7.And when you forgot the important final step before returning rentals.

8.When you recorded over and over again on VHS tapes.

9.When the greatest medical drama of all time was still on the air.

10.When there were consequences for forgotten late fees:

11.When you got another AOL free trial disc.

12.When you used those terrible pencils.

13.When you played the free games installed on your computer.

14.When you needed a quick fix.

15.When you had Saturday night priorities.

16.When your tape malfunctioned.

17.When you wanted to send short, rapid-fire messages.

18.When you wanted to pickup where you left off on a video game.

19.When you wanted to make plans to see a movie.

20.When you had limited cell phone minutes before a certain time of night.

21.And finally, when you had dial-up internet.

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Love Island fans in tears after Chris breaks down and says he’s ‘never fitted in anywhere’ after he’s saved from being dumped from the villa

LOVE Island fans were left in tears after Chris broke down and admitted he’s "never fitted in anywhere".
The 28-year-old cried after being saved by his fellow islanders who voted for him to remain in the villa, sending Michael and Francesca home in the double dumping.

Overcome with emotion, Chris told Curtis: "It's hard to explain.

"It's hard to say without crying.

"Honestly, it's good tears.

"I've never felt like I fitted in."

He was unable to get his words out as he opened up to Curtis in the bedroom.

Someone on Twitter said: " Chris crying is heartbreaking. He’s so precious."

Another added: "Chris crying that he doesn’t fit in got me hella upset omg."

Someone else said: "Chris crying is breaking my heart, just shows how confident and outgoing a person can pretend to be. #loveisland."

A fan added: "Chris. Aww his insecurities, he doesn’t know he’s a gem. Bless. #LoveIsland."

Trying to check in on Chris, Curtis told him: "You fit in here more than anyone. I've never met a guy like you.

"You'll have me crying too.

"It was hard for me not to choose you tonight.
"You're incredible. I respect you so much, you're smart you're mature you're incredible mate. Everyone loves you in here."


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Spend All Your Money In One Day And We'll Reveal Your Celebrity Soulmate

  1. Paris


    Bora Bora

    Los Angeles

    New York City

    Via Getty Images

    IrelandVia Getty Images

  2. Private jet

    Your chauffeur will drive

    Private Yacht

    First Class Train

    Brand new sports car

    Via Getty Images

    HelicopterVia Getty Images

  3. Via Gucci

    GucciVia Gucci

    Via Supreme

    SupremeVia Supreme

    Via Louis Vuitton

    Louis VuittonVia Louis Vuitton

    Via Versace

    VersaceVia Versace

    Via Balenciaga

    BalenciagaVia Balenciaga

    Via Alexander McQueen

    Alexander McQueenVia Alexander McQueen

  4. 5-Star Hotel

    Cozy house




    Via Getty Images

    Private islandVia Getty Images

  5. A boat


    Prize winning dog

    A private concert

    A small island

    Via Getty Images

    A restaurantVia Getty Images

  6. Via Getty Images

    Via Getty Images

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Unknown Christian community in Sussex lives without electricity or possessions

Imagine a life with no crime, debt or homelessness, but you don’t have access to a TV and you can’t choose what job you do or own any possessions. That’s reality for a little-known Christian community living in Sussex.

While it seems unbelievable that such a life could exist just an hour or so outside of London, a new documentary called Inside The Bruderhof is going to give us a glimpse at what actually goes on in the Bruderhof community.

While there are no worries about paying the mortgage, and the washing and cooking is done for you, this is a life far removed from what most of us are used to.

With women having to dress modestly in long skirts and scarves over their hair, and having to ask permission before you begin ‘courting’, it’s not something most of us can imagine in Britain in 2019.

The 300 members live in a converted tuberculosis sanatorium near Robertsbridge in Sussex, and have shunned all mod cons in favour of a life devoted to Jesus.

The Bruderhof has just 3000 members across the world, spread across the UK, USA, Germany, Australia and Paraguay, and have let the cameras into their secluded community for the first time.

Bernard Hibbs, the community’s outreach director explained: ‘We have a different vision for our society.

‘We don’t proselytise, it’s unwholesome to try to make people become members. But we thought, “Why not show people how we live?”

‘When I go outside the community, people are interested in it. They worry about their kids and technology, and like the idea of sharing.

‘So we’re showing what we’ve learnt. It’s not perfect, but if we can encourage people to think about how they live, that’s great.’

The group first began after the First World War in 1920, and the rules they live by are based on the ways of the early Christians following the rules of the New Testament.

Bernard added: ‘This is about people living according to the New Testament. People loving each other, sharing possessions and supporting each other.’

While they try to live a back-to-basics lifestyle, the group does need an income to survive and every site is involved in the Bruderhof company Community Playthings which makes wooden toys and furniture for nurseries.

The factory in Robertsbridge alone turns over an average of £17 million a year, and everyone is required to pitch in when there is a big order, regardless of where in the community they work.

No wonder there’s no worries about paying the mortgage then.

Their website says: ‘Love your neighbour. Share everything. (OK, maybe not your toothbrush.)

‘But at the Bruderhof, we believe that another way of life is possible. We’re not perfect people, but we’re willing to venture everything to build a life where there are no rich or poor.

‘Where everyone is cared for, everyone belongs, and everyone can contribute. We’re pooling all our income, talents, and energy to take care of one another and to reach out to others.’

Inside The Bruderhof airs on BBC1 on Thursday at 10.35pm.

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Roger Ailes’ Son In ‘Loudest Voice’ Reveals Another Side Of The Fox News Exec

The first two episode of The Loudest Voice have followed Roger Ailes as he raised and cultivated Fox News from an idea in Rupert Murdoch’s mind into a full-blown cable news powerhouse. However, throughout the limited series, viewers also show how Ailes was as a father. Roger Ailes’ son, Zachary Ailes, played by Brady Jenness, is portrayed as a precocious and someone emotionally neglected kid. Although his role in The Loudest Voice is rather minor, Zac has championed his father’s legacy in real life.

Zac was just 17 years old when his father died in 2017, but Roger told Zef Chavets, author of the book Roger Ailes: Off Camera, that it was his intention to spend as much time as possible with his son before he passed away. "I never really knew much about my father’s life, what it was really like," Ailes told Chavets in an excerpt from the book published in Vanity Fair. He added, "I’m not going to be here forever and I want Zac to know me." The same excerpt also recounts a time when Ailes went to his son’s baseball game to cheer — and jeer — him on. Much like in the Loudest Voice, the excerpt portrays a stern yet concerned and loving father.

If anything, it appears that Ailes and his son Zac did have a close bond. And that the teen is fiercely loyal to his controversial father. Zac celebrated his father by reportedly using Roger’s funeral to threaten the many people who "betrayed" his father. According to The Washington Post, the teenager spoke passionately at a luncheon after his father’s funeral, referencing the women who had come forward with sexual harassment allegations against the former CEO.

"I want all the people who betrayed my father to know that I’m coming after them and hell is coming with me," Zac said. He added that his father considered all of the people who "hated him" a measure of success.

Zac may be threatening that "hell" is coming with him as he attacks the people who shared allegations against his father, but beyond that his current life trajectory is unclear to the public. He hasn’t been in the news much since his infamous remarks at Roger’s funeral, which is pretty normal for a teenager. Living in the pubic eye as Roger Ailes’ son cannot be easy. Neither him or his mother have commented on the most recent Showtime series that also depicts their home life as a somewhat contentious one.

In addition to the $250,000 left to him in his father’s will, according to the Daily Mail, Zac will also be inheriting full control of his father’s estate when he turns 36 years old. While Zac won’t be turning 36 for a while, that leaves him plenty of time to plan on what to do with Ailes’ estate once he inherits it.

After all, Roger didn’t start Fox News, his life’s most impactful work, until he was 55 years old, so he has time to figure out what he wants to do and just how much he wants to follow in his father’s footsteps.

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Will Margaret Wells Return in ‘Harlots’ Season 3?

Harlots returned this week in all its wonderful glory. If you’ve had the privilege to watch this gem, then you know it’s an amazing feminist outlook on women in the sex work industry. It doesn’t try to shy away from taboo subjects or neglect the actual setting of 18th century London.

The matriarch of the family, MargaretWells (Samantha Morton), is somewhere in America for all we know. She wasshipped out at the last minute after nearly escaping the noose. Her daughtershave been lefts to fend for themselves. Charlotte Wells (Jessica Brown Findlay)and Lucy Wells (Eloise Smyth) are embracing their newfound freedom and independence.

Will Margaret Wells return in ‘Harlots?’

The entire time watching the first episode of season three,you’re probably wondering if they will show dear Margaret or if she will everreturn to her family.

She had a realistic outlook on life that kept the housegrounded. She was the bawd in chargewith the outlook that, “The only safety is in money.”

Will Margaret return? Most likely, as she is such animportant aspect to the story as a whole. She still has a role to play in thestory that is Harlots. She wasn’t in the trailer, but there is stillhope she will return and take her place amongst her family.

The tables have turned in Season 3

Things are changing in the mean streets of London. The Harlotsseem to be making a place for themselves all their own. Charlotte is now thebawd of the house, and taking charge of things. She rightly stands up to awould-be pimp, Isaac Pincher (Alfie Allen). There will definitely be more dramabetween the two of them to come.

Lucy is now the most sought-after woman around, and sheenjoys the attention men lavish her with. It’s encouraging to see her go fromthe girl she was in season one to the empowered woman she now is. In the firstepisode, she has men compete for her affections in a race and she clearlyenjoys the spectacle.

Will Lydia Quigley get out of Bedlam?

Lydia Quigley (Lelsey Manville) is no longer the powerfulwoman she once was. She has been sent to Bedlam, an insane asylum, byher own son and rivals. She has been reduced to a shadow of her formerself. She still has some fight left in her, and is willing to do anything toget out and get her revenge on Charlotte.

Quigley caused a lot of turmoil for the Wells family overthe years. It started with Margaret when she was just a young girl. There isdefinitely a lot of pent up resentment between the Wells women and Quigley. Thestory between them is not over just yet.

Lady Fitzgerald is back and bolder than ever

Lady Isabella Fitzgerald (Liv Tyler) is back and ready to takeon high society. The first episode of Harlots already has her being continuallybeaten down by her brother and abuser through various plots. Though the twohaven’t yet interacted, Lady Fitz goes to the house looking for Charlotte. Theyare obviously still quite close. Charlottewas helping her get past the abuse her brother threw upon her. Lady Fitzwill certainly have a larger role to play in the season to come.

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Women In Regional Australia Will Have To Drive For Hours To Get An Abortion

Hundreds of women seeking surgical terminations in regional New South Wales will now have to go to Canberra, as the service they were accessing in Victoria will no longer take them as patients.

Gateway Health service in Wodonga, Victoria was recently advised by Albury Wodonga Health that patients outside of the clinic’s catchment area — specifically those travelling from Wagga Wagga and Griffith in New South Wales — could no longer have surgical abortions there.

Julie Mecham of the Wagga Women’s Health Centre previously referred women to the Fertility Control Clinic in Albury for terminations before that service shut last year.

“That was about 130km away and then when it shut down we became aware that they were performing surgical abortions at Gateway Health in Wodonga, and they were happy for us to refer women there,” Mecham told BuzzFeed News. “Now we need to refer women to Canberra and these hurdles just keep getting worse.”

Mecham says Gateway Health had warned her centre that the number of women travelling from Wagga Wagga and surrounds was unsustainable for the service and they might soon have to shut those women out.

“That has finally happened and we became aware of it a few weeks ago,” she said.

Mecham said it isn’t good enough that her city doesn’t have a surgical abortion service.

“We are the largest inland city in New South Wales with a population over 64,000 people, a university, an army base and a large rural community,” she said. “There is a giant gap in services and this is an outstanding women’s health issue.”

Between Wagga Wagga and Temora, New South Wales.

Mecham will now refer women to the Marie Stopes Australia clinic in Canberra.

“That is a 500km round trip, and for women who face disadvantage that doubling of distance makes access even harder, and public transport to Canberra is not always a convenient option especially after a surgical procedure,” she said.

“Even if they can afford to drive they will need to stay overnight, which means accommodation and bringing someone with them [to be discharged after surgery], which isn’t always possible as they might want to keep their it private.”

Dr Catherine Orr is the clinical lead at Gateway Health medical practice. She told BuzzFeed News it was “fair enough” that Albury Wodonga Health had put a boundary down to “meet the needs of women within the catchment of the health service”.

“They’ve decided they will limit patients to within the Albury Wodonga catchment, and the main reason is that more than half of the terminations were coming from outside of our catchment, and most of those were coming from Wagga Wagga,” she said. “Wagga has an established health service and [obstetrics and gynecology] service within the hospital and if it provided surgical abortions it would fix a significant amount of problems.”

Orr said Gateway Health wasn’t a speciality sexual and reproductive health service but a GP clinic staffed with two nurses.

“We’ve seen more than 1,000 women [in approximately the last year] for unplanned pregnancies that have gone on to medical or surgical terminations and 60% of them come in from NSW and, of that 60%, about 40% come from Wagga,” she said.

“When the clinic in Albury closed we were absolutely swamped with women from NSW with unplanned pregnancies because we bulk bill and we are supportive and welcoming to women who are faced with an unplanned pregnancy, so we were able to set up this surgical service with the local hospital.”

It is “absolutely paramount” that abortion is decriminalised in NSW to improve access in that state, Orr said.

“There is a wasteland and lack of providers in NSW and I just think GPs in Victoria have that confidence that they can support women through a medical abortion, or refer on to a surgical abortion, knowing they have the full support of the law,” she said.

A woman and her doctor can be convicted for an unlawful abortion in NSW, but case law has established that abortion is lawful in the state if the doctor has an honest opinion that continuing the pregnancy would be seriously harmful to the health of the woman.

Abortion was decriminalised in Victoria in 2008.

BuzzFeed News contacted the Albury Wodonga Health women’s and children’s services operational director, and its head of obstetrics and gynaecology. A spokesperson for Albury Wodonga Health said the service “does not discriminate against any person based on where they live”.

“All people are accepted,” the spokesperson told BuzzFeed News. “Albury Wodonga Health is experiencing a recent increase in demand and we have been working with other health services to ensure women receive the care they require.”

In March BuzzFeed News reported a woman who was pregnant despite having a hormonal contraceptive implant inserted at Wagga Wagga Base Hospital was then turned away by the hospital.

“Wagga Wagga Base Hospital regrets any distress caused… and is reviewing the case,” the hospital’s director Helen Cooper told BuzzFeed News at the time.

In February BuzzFeed News spoke to a woman in another health district in regional NSW who was turned away from her closest hospital and forced to drive six hours to another hospital for a minor operation after a failed medical abortion.

Victoria’s minister for women and acting minister for health Gabrielle Williams said Victoria has “led the way when it comes to giving women the reproductive rights they deserve”.

“We encourage all jurisdictions to strengthen access to safe sexual and reproductive healthcare for all women, closer to home,” she told BuzzFeed News.

“In Victoria we believe every woman deserves access to legal, safe, affordable reproductive health services when they need them — end of story.”

BuzzFeed News understands the Victorian Government is not aware of advice being issued that women from interstate are not to be treated in Victorian health facilities and has been assured that this is not departmental policy.

Abortion is legal in Victoria, and health services are required to either offer, or refer women to, the reproductive services they’re entitled to.

In May 2017 a law that would have removed abortion from the NSW Crimes Act was voted down by the state’s parliament, with only 14 MPs voting in favour and 25 voting against.

More than three in every four people surveyed in a NSW poll had no idea abortion was a criminal offence in their state, and 73% thought the procedure should be decriminalised, according to data released last year.

The NSW health minister did not respond before publication to questions asked by BuzzFeed News about the lack of abortion services in his state and whether he would support the decriminalisation of abortion.

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