Daily Picks M Magazine November 17 – Wednesday

Child Genius AustraliaCredit: CHILD GENIUS AUSTRALIA Series return ★★ 8.30pm, SBS Something has gone wrong with this quiz show. The questions are now beyond most adults, let alone a kid who might otherwise be inspired by playing along at home. With questions unaired, it descends into a reality talent quest stuffed with backstories and parental angst. Instead of a celebration […]

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Daily Picks M Magazine November 3 – Friday

The CoveCredit: THE COVE ★★★½ 8.30pm, SBS After Blackfish, the expose on orca mistreatment that aired last week, comes this documentary about the slaughter of dolphins in the Japanese fishing village of Taiji. Distressing scenes abound  and the nation’s whaling industry is once again called into question. What’s fascinating is the story of the man leading illegal dolphin-saving operations there. […]

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