5 ‘Friends’ Pop-Ups & Events For The 25th Anniversary & Celebrating Your Fave Show

What would you do without your favorite sitcom, Friends? Personally, I think my Friday nights would be very boring without Joey and Chandler debating who gets the foosball table or ordering two pizzas. I would miss watching Rachel, Monica, and Phoebe wear wedding dresses and talking about relationships in that purple apartment. Truth is, this […]

Mariah Carey Responds to the FaceApp Challenge With a Hilarious Meme — of Herself

FaceApp? Mariah Carey doesn’t know her. Despite the fact that celebrities galore have taken part in the viral FaceApp Challenge this week, sharing photos of themselves with an old-age filter applied, Mariah won’t be posting a gray-haired, wrinkly-faced selfie created by the controversial app anytime soon. On Thursday, the singer-songwriter took to Twitter to share […]