The Democratic Debate Gave Us Some Amazing Gifs — Here Are The Best, You Are Welcome

“I wrote the damn bill” ByTom Namako Here’s what brought that on: CNN moderator Jake Tapper: “Let’s start the debate with the number one issue for Democratic voters, health care. Senator Sanders, let’s start with you. You support Medicare-for-All, which would eventually take private health insurance away from more than 150 million Americans in exchange […]

“It Makes Us Sound Like We’re Monsters”: What A Second-Trimester Abortion Actually Involves

Emily — a pseudonym to protect her privacy — and her husband were “thrilled” when she fell pregnant soon after trying for their second child. “We were looking forward to her arrival,” the now 33-year-old told BuzzFeed News. “I refer to her as a little girl and she has a name, but I understand she […]

Hi-tech illusions bring Queen Victoria's palace to life in UK Summer exhibition

LONDON (Reuters) – Britain’s Queen Elizabeth visited an exhibition dedicated to her great-great-grandmother Victoria on Wednesday, which uses cutting-edge technology to recreate Buckingham Palace as it was during the 19th century. Visitors will see projections and illusions showing the vibrant colors of the palace interiors before Victoria’s eldest son Edward VII redecorated it predominantly in […]

31 Pictures Of The US Women's World Cup Soccer Team Celebrating Their Historic Win

Yesterday, the US Women’s Soccer Team won their fourth FIFA World Cup title. Instagram: @allie_long_ 4.Kelley O’Hara didn’t let a possible concussion keep her from partying: Instagram: @ashlynharris24 6.Also, Megan Rapinoe stood on a bar and sprayed the crowd with champagne: Instagram: @ashlynharris24 7.The entire team sang a beautiful rendition of “We Are the Champions”: […]