Hard vs. soft: What your favorite type of taco may reveal about you

Have you ever had the perfect taco? New research has identified the most popular combination for taco lovers nationwide.

What does the ideal taco look like? It’s a surprisingly simple setup of chicken, lettuce, shredded cheese, and tomatoes, wrapped in a soft corn shell.

A survey examining peoples’ taco preferences found that chicken is the number one protein of choice for tacos (26 percent).

In terms of protein preferences on tacos, beef came close behind in second place as the most preferred option (24 percent) followed by fish (17 percent), shrimp (10 percent), and pork (9 percent).

The survey conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Taco Del Mar also split respondents by their preference for hard or soft shell tacos and results showed how you take your taco may say more about you than you think.

Results found that hard shell lovers also tend to have a hotter side since they were 71 percent more likely to find spice “very appealing” than soft shell fans.

The poll also delved into the personality traits beyond the taco stand. It turns out that hard shell taco eaters prefer dogs, while soft shell fans love a cuddle with a cat.

When it came to heroes with capes, hard shell fans are all about Batman.

Results found soft shell lovers are 40 percent more likely to prefer the Man of Steel, Superman.

Taco shell preference even revealed differences in sleep patterns. Hard shell eaters are 41 percent more likely than soft shell eaters to be early risers.

Hard shell lovers might get up so early since they’re 53 percent more likely to be light sleepers than soft shellers.

“One of the survey’s findings is that all people — no matter their shell preference — delight in eating tacos on the beach, or even while surfing,” said Sheila Zimmerman, Vice President of Marketing, REGO Restaurant Group.

“For us at Taco Del Mar, this comes as no surprise as tacos and beach life go hand in hand — Taco Del Mar has been serving Baja style tacos inspired by the flavors and experiences found at the beach since 1992.”

When it comes to personality traits, hard shellers described themselves as adventurous, curious, happy, hard-working, high-maintenance, and organized. Soft shell eaters said they were calm, clean, creative, friendly, and loyal.

Hard shell fans tend to be more extroverted, while soft shell lovers are more likely to be introverted.

The differences don’t stop there. Hard shell fans are more likely to enjoy reading and audiobooks, while soft shellers prefer to reach for the remote to turn on a TV show or movie.

Something hard shell and soft shell fans both agree on? Margaritas go better with tacos than beer and tacos make a perfect meal for any part of the day.

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Your Daily Horoscope for Wednesday, October 2


March 21- April 19

Your love life has been a central focus for the past few weeks which has, no doubt been wonderful. Now though it’s time you paid closer attention to your support network including friends, close colleagues and family or household members. Work on strengthening connections with your loyal posse and show how much you appreciate them.

Every star sign on love, career and more.Credit:iStock


April 20-May 20

Domestic duty calls. Issues you’ve neglected things around the house from replacing faulty white goods to having a serious talk with partners, flat mates and children they will now need your immediate attention. You will also be pleasantly surprised to discover that you have the funds to beautify and breathe new life into your surroundings.


May 21-June 21

As an effervescent Gemini you acquire a good many seasonal friendships. However, today you’ll long to be with old friends and focus on nurturing your existing connections. Arrange to catch up for dinner or coffee or have your posse over for a light-hearted movie and take away. Your love life will also benefit from low key socialising.


June 22-July 22

Unwinding and focusing on pleasurable activities are as important as work. If you’ve been putting in overtime artistic pursuits will be the perfect way to reward yourself. Visiting an art shop and investing in your hobby will be highly worthwhile. Its therapeutic qualities will bring out your best enabling you to manage daily tasks more efficiently.


July 23-August 22

Trash or treasure? Finally following through on your promises to ‘spark joy’ and de-clutter your surroundings is bound to reveal some wonderful memorabilia down in memory lane. You could even unearth an item that you’ve been looking for or that is experiencing a fashion renaissance. Just don’t let sentimentality turn you into a hoarder!


August 23-September 22

It’s easy to look outwards and point fingers, and face it, you’re right most of the time. Today though playing the blame game doesn’t really yield promising results. If you’re feeling the strain with those closest to you, especially romantic partners, start by owning your actions and looking at what you can do to improve things.


September 23-October 22

Conserve your resources! It’s time to tighten your purse strings and formulate a sound, yet realistic budget. Keeping track of your expenses through an app or by making lists will reveal just how much you can save. You may also find that forgoing your daily latte will help cover an important purchase you’ve planned for.


October 23 – November 22

Turn off your ‘yes’ button. Your intentions will be good but at the moment your energies are quite scattered, so only commit to what’s important and try not to arrange things too far in advance. When it comes to love let your partner or potential love interest do all the work and enjoy being pampered.


November 23-December 20

The cogs in your mind are whirring at a lightning fast speed so you’re likely to crave more stimulation than you’re able to process. Try not to make any important decisions as it’s likely that emotions are clouding your judgment. Slow down, especially at night, give yourself a break from screens and decompress with a good book.


December 21-January 19

A six degrees of separation moment could shed a totally different light on someone. Striking up a conversation with a person you see on a regular basis, perhaps a colleague or neighbour, is bound to uncover common threads and history. This will just reinforce the old adage to never judge a book by its cover!


January 20-February 18

As one of the more sociable signs of the zodiac you love meeting new and interesting people. However, today you’ll want to interact with others on a more profound level. Cutting back on superficial socialising and focusing on connections that offer depth and insight will lead to immense personal growth, so prioritise your invitations and conversations.


February 19-March 20

Start packing! The cosmic climate is turning your thoughts to travel and adventure. This could attract a spontaneous opportunity to visit friends or relatives who live overseas or an interstate commute. Whatever the circumstances you’ll feel inspired and compelled to stop dilly-dallying and purchase a ticket. The only thing standing in your way is your mindset!

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Your Pisces Monthly Horoscope

Your Key Dates

Symbolized by the fish, Pisces are the deep-sea divers of the zodiac. Likewise, you’re all about a new adventure—especially if it’s one that involves transcendental experiences. Whether you’re dancing at a music festival, dipping your toes into a new spiritual practice, or getting lost in a fabulous book, you’re all about exploration. But since April, Pluto retrograde has been making you question your pursuits. Don’t worry, Pisces love! On October 3, Pluto stations direct, helping you get back on track with your quest. You may not have it all figured out just yet, but the journey is the destination.

On October 13, a Full Moon in Aries activates the financial sector of your chart. If you’ve been brainstorming innovative ways to boost your bank account balance, this is an excellent lunation to practice money manifestation. Turn off your technology (no, not airplane mode—turn it off), light up a few (preferably green!) candles, and focus visualize your prosperity. Then, perform an easy ritual by writing yourself an abundance check (pay to the order of your name, the amount of money you desire, and signed by The Law of Abundance). Put the check in a special place and enjoy the incredible power of your magickal capabilities—you’ll thank me later (I do accept Venmo, FYI).

The sun enters shadowy Scorpio on October 23, but for you, this celestial movement doesn’t feel dark and brooding. In fact, Scorpio energy activates your creativity zone. Over the next few weeks, you’ll be feeling bright, sunny, and inspired! This is an extremely artistic moment for you, Pisces love, so be sure you’re prepared with pencils, easels, or whatever tools help you express your imagination.

You may end up creating your tour de force on October 27 during the New Moon in Scorpio. This lunation is all about beginnings, so as you’re evoking your inner-Michelangelo (a fellow Pisces), consider what your artistic practice means to you. How can you live a creative life by infusing your unique perspective into your daily practices? Whether you’re working with spray paint or spreadsheets, don’t shy away from your talents. When we’re younger, we can feel embarrassed by our differences—but now, you’re beginning to realize that your eccentricities are exactly what make you shine. By the end of the month, all eyes will be on you, so don’t be surprised if you end up attracting some serious romantic attention along the way.

But beware! This year, Mercury Retrograde begins on Halloween, which will be especially confusing since everyone is already in costume. Is your newfound romance written in the stars…or is it just a late night booty call? Proceed with caution, Pisces babe. Until Mercury resumes its normal function on November 20, it’s okay to stay a little skeptical. After all, you don’t want your Romeo to suddenly transform into a ghost.

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If One Of Your Instagram Photos Gets Taken Down, Here Are Your Options

While social media lets people express themselves in countless ways, there are still some rules when it comes to what you can and can’t post. This is also true for Instagram, where photos of women’s nipples are technically banned and bikini photos are all the rage. But if there’s ever an instance where you don’t understand how you broke a rule and Instagram still took down your photo, the social media platform is offering another way to take action.

A July 18 press release confirmed an update to the Instagram appeals process. You can now appeal the removal of photos or the disabling of your account directly through your Instagram app. The press release reads in part,

According to Instagram, if an Instagram post of yours is removed or your account is disabled you should find out immediately upon your next login to the app. If you think your account was disabled or otherwise censored by mistake, you can follow the steps provided on your screen to appeal the decision. According to screenshots from TechCrunch, you would simply select the blue "request review" button to get a second opinion. The prompt reads, "When you request a review, we’ll review your post to determine if it violates our Community Guidelines. All review decisions are final."

And if you happen to be having trouble logging in, it doesn’t necessarily mean your account’s been disabled. In fact, Instagram says you should still be able to log into your Instagram account if it’s been disabled — you’ll just receive a notification about your account’s status once you’ve logged in. So if you aren’t able to log in at all, you might just be experiencing a login issue, and should consider re-setting your Instagram password.

Though it is possible to restore content that Instagram accidentally took off your account due to a censorship or content mixup, it’s not possible for Instagram to recover an account that you or someone with your password deleted. According to Instagram, an account that was deleted, not disabled, just simply can’t be recovered. So if you think someone has your password, like an old friend, you might want to consider updating your password to something only you know, just to be safe.

Another common troubleshooting issue is a hacked account. If you think your Instagram account has been hacked, there are a few paths you can take to recover it. According to Instagram, you can request that a security code be sent to your phone number or email as a form of account recovery. All you have to do is click the button that says "My login info isn’t working" on the login page.

Once you get the security code, you can just enter that six-digit code into the Instagram app, and you’ll then be able to create a new password and access your account.

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How the Pill transforms your personality

How the Pill transforms your personality as revealed in a landmark book by a top psychologist: It changes who you fall for, It dictates the clothes you wear AND it lowers your libido (but the good news? You are less likely to divorce)

  • Dr Sarah Hill spent a decade taking the contraceptive Pill to prevent pregnancy
  • She says life seemed brighter and more interesting after she stopped taking it
  • Studies suggest women on the Pill have a preference for less masculine men
  • Research also shows the Pill can make your brain less interested in sex
  • Dr Sarah shared advice that all mothers should tell their daughters about the Pill 

After more than a decade on the Pill, our family complete, my husband and I decided on a more permanent way to prevent pregnancy.

He took the lead by having a vasectomy, and I ditched the Pill. But a couple of months later, I realised that I felt . . . different. I didn’t notice it while it was happening, but one day I realised my life had recently felt brighter and more interesting. Like I had walked out of a two-dimensional, black-and-white movie into a full-colour, three-dimensional, meaning-filled reality. I started exercising again and cooking — things I used to enjoy but had kind of forgotten about.

I had more energy. I noticed attractive men. I cared about how I looked in a way I hadn’t in a long time. I just felt . . . alive. Fully, vividly, awesomely, humanly alive. This didn’t happen all at once.

Dr Sarah Hill who spent over a decade taking the contraceptive Pill, reveals how the medication can alter personality

One day I realised I felt awake from an almost ten-year nap I hadn’t known I was taking. This, alongside some revelations uncovered at a couple of academic conferences — held by the society for Social and Personality Psychology and the Human Behavior and Evolution society — led me to investigate further.

And what I found out has been mind-blowing: the Pill fundamentally changes who we are as people — it affects sex, attraction, stress, hunger, eating patterns, emotion regulation, friendships, aggression, mood, learning, and so many other things. Most women who take the Pill do so for a very targeted effect (preventing pregnancy) or for a handful of other reasons (eg. clearer skin, knowing the exact day when you will start your period).

However, targeted effects just aren’t possible when taking a hormone, because hormones, the body’s chemical messengers, aren’t specific.

They broadcast a message to the whole body, making sure there’s a coordinated response to the matter in hand, be that digestion, sleep, stress, or virtually anything else — and they’re essential for survival. The point is that though the contraceptive Pill will have the desired effect in preventing pregnancy, it’s not targeted. It’s sort of like dropping an atomic bomb on your house to blow out a candle.

Yes, it will work. But its other effects make it a fairly unpopular way to deal with one’s candle-extinguishing needs. To understand quite why the Pill can have such dramatic effects, you need to understand how it works.

When you’re not on the Pill, the menstrual cycle splits roughly into two halves, pre-ovulation and post-ovulation.

In the first half, the hormone oestrogen dominates, preparing the body for conception and prompting behaviour that makes conception more likely.

In the second half of the cycle progesterone dominates, preparing the body for the possibility of embryo implantation. While oestrogen tends to make women feel more flirtatious, progesterone tends to make them feel hungrier, sleepier and more relaxed.

But when you’re on the Pill, levels of these hormones stay constant, with progesterone dominant throughout, sending a message to the body that ovulation is not required, preventing pregnancy — no egg, no pregnancy. And the impact these artificial hormones have on the body is nothing short of seismic . . .


Several studies have shown how the type of man that women are attracted to varies with their natural cycle.

In the lead up to ovulation, women are hard-wired to be attracted to tall, symmetrical men with deep voices, ambition, and swagger because these qualities indicate health and testosterone, which are more likely to result in successful pregnancies and healthy children.

However, in the latter half of the cycle, women are hard-wired to look not for good genes, but for good prospects, and men who are likely to stick around and provide.

High testosterone is associated with more promiscuity and less interest in child rearing, so the type of man who is attractive to women at this point is quite different.

Studies show women who weren’t taking the Pill when they met their partners generally find their other halves sexier, than those who chose partners while on the Pill (file image)

When you’re on the Pill, progesterone dominates the entire cycle, and rather than experiencing an increased preference for sexy men at high fertility like naturally cycling women do.

Pill-taking women exhibit an unwavering preference for men with less masculine faces and voices — the sort preferred by naturally cycling women during the second half of their cycles, when progesterone is high.

So does this mean if you meet your partner while taking the Pill, you will go off him when you stop taking it? It’s not quite as clear cut as that.

Researchers asked more than 2,000 mothers about their relationships. Half were on the Pill when they met their partners, half were not.

The survey asked about the quality of their relationship with the man who fathered their first child, regardless of whether they were still involved in a relationship with him. The results were fascinating. Those not taking the Pill when they met their partners generally found their other halves sexier, and reported better sex lives than women who chose partners while on the Pill.

However, women who chose their partners when they were on the Pill were more satisfied with their partners’ financial providing and intelligence than the women who chose their partners when they were off it.

Research suggests women who choose partners while on the Pill are less likely to get divorced (file image)

It seems a natural cycle makes a woman more attuned to sexiness thanks to oestrogen levels, but progesterone dominance in Pill-taking women emphasises qualities that would have helped to keep them safe and secure when preparing for pregnancy.

And women who chose partners when they were on the Pill were significantly less likely to divorce than women who chose their partners when off it.

Maybe the key to long-term marital bliss is choosing a partner for his brains and abilities rather than sexiness.

But although prioritising financial security may lead to more stable marriages, one of the biggest threats to these marriages is that a woman herself will become dissatisfied, quite possibly due to lack of sexual satisfaction.


When women are coming into their fertile period, hormones do their utmost to make them attractive to a mate.

Numerous studies have shown the five or so days prior to ovulation are marked by an increase in sexual desire — changes that are driven by increasing levels of oestrogen during this time.

Consistent with this idea, research finds women feel sexier, are more open to new experiences, and put more effort into their appearance at high fertility than at low fertility. Women at high fertility also wear more make-up, wear sexier clothes, and wear more red, a colour known to make women appear particularly attractive and desirable to men.

Studies show that women feel sexier and put more effort into their appearance at high fertility than at low fertility (file image)

Some rather unconventional researchers decided to find out how taking the Pill affected how attracted men were to women by conducting a study in a strip club, where half of the dancers were not on the Pill and therefore naturally cycling, and half were on the Pill.

They asked the women to record tip earnings over two months, and report when their periods began and ended.

The results found dancers not on the pill earned around $70 (£56) per hour when they were near ovulation, around $35 (£28) per hour during their periods, and around $50 (£40) per hour at other times, when fertility was waxing and waning. Women on the Pill averaged around $37 (£30) per hour, with no peaks and valleys, like those observed by the naturally cycling women.


While we know women who are on the Pill have different tastes in men from those who aren’t, research suggests that far from simply ignoring sexy men, Pill-taking women might not actually notice these differences at all, rendering them incapable of telling the difference between men who have markers of high genetic quality and those who do not.

In one study, researchers measured women’s sensitivity to six scents. Three of the scents — peppermint, rose, and lemon — didn’t have much to do with sex or mate choice, but the other three were scents believed to play a key role in women’s ability to select a high-quality partner — musk and two forms of testosterone.

Research suggests women on the Pill struggle to detect some scents, however they are just as sensitive to the smell of roses as women who don’t take the medication (file image)

Researchers found Pill-taking women were just as sensitive to the scents of peppermint, rose, and lemon as both women pre-ovulation and those post-, but when it came to the other scents, the Pill-taking women didn’t start to detect these until they were more or less being hit over the head with them.


Researchers have found the Pill can make your brain less interested in sex, and it can also dial down your sexual motivation so you feel less desire to make yourself look attractive. This might mean your taste in clothes, beauty products, diet, exercise, even whether you want to apply fake tan, could all be changed by being on the Pill.

Dozens of women I have interviewed have told me they noticed an uptick in their interest in their appearance after stopping the Pill that coincided with the return of their sexual desire.

For some, this meant going clothes shopping again and growing hair long after wearing it short for years when they were on the Pill. For others, it meant a renewed interest in healthy eating and working out. For others yet, this has meant cosmetic surgery and teeth whitening.


Studies have shown women on the Pill respond differently to stress. Although they still feel stressed, and can react to stress, the biochemistry of what is going on in their bodies is totally different. What does this mean in real life? It could mean women on the Pill see a very monotone version of life — there are no chemical signals that represent threats or opportunities, which might account for some women on the Pill reporting low mood.

But it has more serious implications for brain function, and even women’s ability to learn and remember information.

Dr Sarah Hill discovered that women on the Pill performed worse on a difficult exam than those who have natural cycles (file image)

In fact one study, conducted in my own lab, has shown that women on the Pill performed worse than naturally cycling women on a difficult exam and were quicker to give up on unsolvable word puzzles.

I’m not trying to bad mouth the Pill or do it down — during the time I spent on the Pill I graduated from university and went on to get a PhD from one of the most competitive psychology courses in the U.S.

The Pill helped me by freeing me from the worry that a pregnancy I wasn’t ready for might halt my studies. My point is more that the science behind how women’s bodies and brains interact with the Pill is still in its infancy. In years to come I believe we will look back in shock at how cavalier we were with women’s hormones.

We need more research and more knowledge so that we can make informed decisions. The Pill has given women huge life-changing opportunities, but we need to be aware of the price we’re paying for those opportunities.

What every mother should tell her daughters 

Don’t go on the Pill unless you have to

If you aren’t having sex yet, hold off taking the Pill as long as you can.

Wait until you’re 20

The brain usually isn’t fully developed until we’re in our early to mid-twenties, so I would be cautious about taking the Pill before 19 or 20.

After 20, although the brain is still putting final details on the frontal lobes, the benefits of pregnancy prevention may outweigh the risk.

Don’t take it when you’re depressed

My advice to delay taking the Pill until your 20s is especially important for people with a family history of mood disorders as risks of depression and suicide associated with the Pill are far higher.

Keep a journal

When thinking about taking the Pill (or changing the Pill you’re on), keep a journal of how you feel, what things interest you, and how your relationships are doing. It offers a trail back to your true self once you’re on it. Have you changed? For better or worse?

Take a break

Consider taking breaks from the Pill, particularly during the times when you’re making major life decisions. It might also be a good idea to take breaks so that you can keep one foot in what it feels like to be the non-Pill version of yourself.

Extracted by CLAIRE COLEMAN from How The Pill Changes Everything by Sarah E. Hill, out October 10 (£14.99, Orion), also available in ebook. © Sarah E. Hill 2019. To pre-order a copy for £12, go to mailshop.co.uk or call 01603 648155. p&p is free. Offer valid until October 10, 2019.

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Do Your Celebrity Family Opinions Match Everyone Else's?

All you gotta do is pick the family you prefer. Here we go:

  1. The Kardashian/Jenners or the Smiths?

    Via Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images

    The Kardashian/JennersVia Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images

    Via Chris Delmas / Getty Images

    The SmithsVia Chris Delmas / Getty Images

  1.  votevotesThe Kardashian/Jenners
  2.  votevotesThe Smiths

Via Monica Schipper / Getty Images

The GyllenhaalsVia Monica Schipper / Getty Images

Via Jesse Grant / Getty Images

The DeschanelsVia Jesse Grant / Getty Images

  1.  votevotesThe Gyllenhaals
  2.  votevotesThe Deschanels

Via Theo Wargo / Getty Images

The Jonas BrothersVia Theo Wargo / Getty Images

Via Robyn Beck / AFP / Getty Images

The Hemsworth brothersVia Robyn Beck / AFP / Getty Images

  1.  votevotesThe Jonas Brothers
  2.  votevotesThe Hemsworth brothers

Via Dia Dipasupil / Getty Images

The RossesVia Dia Dipasupil / Getty Images

Via Albert Ortega / Getty Images

The Sheens/EstevezesVia Albert Ortega / Getty Images

  1.  votevotesThe Rosses
  2.  votevotesThe Sheens/Estevezes

Via Stuart C. Wilson / Getty Images

The BeckhamsVia Stuart C. Wilson / Getty Images

Via Larry Busacca / Getty Images

The CyrusesVia Larry Busacca / Getty Images

  1.  votevotesThe Beckhams
  2.  votevotesThe Cyruses

Via Ethan Miller / Getty Images

The Reynolds/Fisher/Lourde familyVia Ethan Miller / Getty Images

Via Vince Bucci/Getty Images

The Hawn/Hudson familyVia Vince Bucci/Getty Images

  1.  votevotesThe Reynolds/Fisher/Lourde family
  2.  votevotesThe Hawn/Hudson family

Via Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

The Baldwin brothersVia Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

Via Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

The Franco brothersVia Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

  1.  votevotesThe Baldwin brothers
  2.  votevotesThe Franco brothers

Via Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images

The Olsen sistersVia Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images

Via Kevin Winter / Getty Images

The Fanning sistersVia Kevin Winter / Getty Images

  1.  votevotesThe Olsen sisters
  2.  votevotesThe Fanning sisters

Via Charley Gallay / Getty Images

Melanie Griffith and Dakota JohnsonVia Charley Gallay / Getty Images

Via Kevin Winter / Getty Images

Julia Roberts and Emma RobertsVia Kevin Winter / Getty Images

  1.  votevotesMelanie Griffith and Dakota Johnson
  2.  votevotesJulia Roberts and Emma Roberts

Via Jesse Grant / Getty Images

The SutherlandsVia Jesse Grant / Getty Images

Via Michael Loccisano / Getty Images

The StillersVia Michael Loccisano / Getty Images

  1.  votevotesThe Sutherlands
  2.  votevotesThe Stillers

Via Amy Sussman / Getty Images

The MichalkasVia Amy Sussman / Getty Images

Via Kevin Winter / Getty Images

The SprousesVia Kevin Winter / Getty Images

  1.  votevotesThe Michalkas
  2.  votevotesThe Sprouses

Via Instagram

The Kardashian-WestsVia Instagram

Via Christopher Polk / Getty Images

The CartersVia Christopher Polk / Getty Images

  1.  votevotesThe Kardashian-Wests
  2.  votevotesThe Carters

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Wickes is selling a build your own garden bar – and it's £50 off today

IF the heatwave means your local pub garden is likely to be rammed, Wickes may have the perfect solution.

The DIY chain is selling a build your own garden bar for just £250 this weekend.

Usually, the kit will set you back £300, but if you buy it before tomorrow, Wickes is offering £50 off.

The set only includes the timber you'll need, so you need to buy tools, fixings and wood preserver separately.

But it does mean you can create your very own bespoke bar right on your lawn.

It includes a 25mm deckboard for the walls, featheredge for the roof and deckboards for the fascias and the shelves.

Incised fence posts are used to support the structure and can be chamfered and planed to give a more decorative finish.

Treated PSE is used to support the panels and studwork is used for brackets.

It's not the easiest set of instructions, but there's a helpful video here.

When it's all put together, you'll have a covered tiki bar with handy shelves to store all your bottles of spirits.

You need to cut the timber to the specified requirements – so make sure you've got your saw handy – there's a cutting list supplied to make sure you don't go too far wrong.

Wickes says the timber is £50 cheaper than if you bought all the parts separately – and that's before you add in the £50 discount this weekend.

You can order the bar online here – and delivery is free of charge.

And because its made of timber, you can paint it any colour you want to make sure it works with your garden

We couldn't find any equivalent build your own options from other retailers.

If you don't want to build your own, then there are plenty of pre-made wooden options available, but they're more expensive.

For instance B&Q has this wooden bar for £690, which also works as a garden store.

And Wayfair is selling a tiki bar with two chairs for £529.99.

Of course, if you're willing to forgo having a wooden bar, there are plenty of hassle-free cheaper options.

Asda reduced the cost of its woven tiki bar from £249 to £165.

It's currently out of stock, but worth keeping an eye on in case it comes back.

And Argos has a home bar gazebo, table a chairs set for just £198.

B&M is selling a two-seater swinging garden chair worth £150 down to £40.

Meanwhile Aldi’s up to 30 per cent off garden sale includes a giant inflatable swan for £15.

And Costco is selling gigantic 20ft swimming pool with a ladder – and it’s got £100 off.

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Choose Some Of Your Favorite Foods And We'll Tell You What Dog Breed You Are

  • Spaghetti BologneseGetty Images
  • Angel Hair CarbonaraGetty Images
  • Mac ‘n’ CheeseGetty Images
  • Penne alla VodkaGetty Images
  • MargheritaGetty Images
  • PepperoniGetty Images
  • SausageGetty Images
  • VeggieGetty Images
  • Wedge SaladGetty Images
  • Greek SaladGetty Images
  • Cobb SaladGetty Images
  • Chinese Chicken SaladGetty Images
  • Chocolate CakeGetty Images
  • Vanilla CupcakesGetty Images
  • Orange Bundt CakeGetty Images
  • Strawberry ShortcakeGetty Images
  • CoffeeGetty Images
  • Herbal TeaGetty Images
  • SodaGetty Images
  • Bubble TeaGetty Images

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Design Your Dream Wedding And We'll Tell You Where You'll Be In 10 Years

  • GardenJeremy Wong Weddings on Unsplash
  • City Hall Kevin Lanceplaine on Unsplash
  • Church Josh Applegate on Unsplash
  • BeachSweet Ice Cream Photography on Unsplash
  • Nyana Stoica on Unsplash
  • Giulia Gravia on Unsplash
  • Melody Jacob on Unsplash
  • Sweet Ice Cream Photography on Unsplash
  • Adeolu Eletu on Unsplash
  • Volodymyr Bahriy on Unsplash
  • Scott Webb on Unsplash
  • Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash
  • Nicole Honeywill on Unsplash
  • Katelyn MacMillan on Unsplash
  • Bùi Thanh Tâm on Unsplash
  • david carballar on Unsplash
  • Jason Leung on Unsplash
  • Thomas AE on Unsplash
  • Photos by Lanty on Unsplash
  • Deva Williamson on Unsplash
  • Sweet Ice Cream Photography on Unsplash
  • Thomas William on Unsplash
  • Jonathan Borba on Unsplash
  • Mel Durham on Unsplash

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Will reducing your carbon footprint make a difference to climate change?

‘Carbon offsetting’ is a hot topic as of late, due to headlines surrounding The Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, have received backlash after jetting off to Nice on Elton John’s private plane, following a trip to Ibiza earlier this month. The musician defended the royals by arguing that he had made a donation to the footprint fund in order to ensure that the flight was ‘carbon neutral’.

However, according to Doug Parr from Greenpeace UK, carbon offsetting does not do enough to stop climate change, which raises an important question.

Can one individual actually make a difference by reducing their carbon footprint?

What is carbon offsetting?

For those not familiar with the term, it refers to how an individual, an organisation or a business can ‘compensate’ for their carbon emissions.

This is usually done by taking part in a scheme that equalises your carbon footprint (or donating money to environmental causes, like Elton claims to have done).

There are additional ways to balance out your footprint that have more of an instant effect.

For instance, in Sweden, a movement called ‘flygskam’ (flying shame) has emerged where young people opt to take trains instead of flying because of how much it affects the environment (greenhouse gas emissions in particular are a concern).

It’s the same reason climate activist Greta Thunberg has chosen to sail on a zero-carbon yacht to the UN Climate Action Summit, a journey that will take her two weeks (compared to an eight-hour plane ride).

Choosing a more environmentally-friendly way to travel is admirable, but is it enough?

‘In regards [to] offsetting as part of an individual’s actions; these can only play a role as part of an overall strategy of calculating and understanding emissions, reducing those emissions where possible though lifestyle changes, and taking responsibility for your unavoidable emissions through offsetting,’ Ciaran Kelly, an environmental strategist and founder of the app, Earth Rewards, tells Metro.co.uk.

Making direct lifestyle choices can then have a positive effect, but the concern is that unless offsetting carbon footprint becomes mandatory, not enough people will do it.

Interestingly, in the UK, majority of flights taken every year (70%) are by 15% of the population.

As such, to tackle climate change on a wider scale, Dr Rogers proposes an alternative solution to carbon offsetting: mandatory carbon tax, also known as a Frequent Flier Levy (FFL).

‘This would be a fair way to reduce demand for flights in the first place, rather than allow flying to grow and grow and try and clean up its pollution afterwards through offsets.

‘Money raised from a FFL could be used to invest in land-based transport and/or clean aviation fuel like “electrofuels” instead so that, in the long-term, we can have ‘sustainable aviation’ which does not use dirty kerosene.

It seems that being aware of your carbon footprint and doing your best to reduce it can make a difference – but on a wider scale, unless others are doing the same.

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