11 EastEnders spoilers for next week as Mick signs his divorce papers and Sonia receives devastating news

MICK Carter struggles to celebrate during the boat party after signing the divorce papers right before it all kicks off in EastEnders.

Here’s the lowdown on everything that happens in EastEnders’ next week including a divorce, an explosive showdown and a major character death as the BBC soap marks its 35th anniversary with a major character death…

1. Mick has made a huge decision

Mick is having a hard time celebrating during the boat party as he struggles to stop thinking about what he’s just done – signed the divorce papers served to him by Linda.

The landlord has just won the Best Pub of the Year competition but all he can think about is his broken marriage.

He’s been snapped looking miserable as Linda seems sky high.

2. Linda lives her best life on the boat 

Linda makes the most of the free booze available at the party.

But her joy is short lived when Shirley

3. Bobby ends up in hospital

Bobby is just voicing his concerns to Iqra and Habiba about his online bully, when a gang accost and corner them.

Bobby tries to defend the girls from the racist thugs but is left gravely injured.

The wounds from the attack leave Bobby in hospital needing emergency surgery.

4. Ian takes revenge on Bobby’s attacker

Ian and Kathy are horrified when they get wind of Bobby’s condition and rush to his side in hospital.

When Bex sends a text revealing who the culprit is behind Bobby’s attack,  he rushes off in search for revenge.

But who is the mystery culprit Bex has sent him after?

5. Peter Beale returns 

When Lauren Branning left the soap in 2018 to give things another go with her ex peter Beale, the soap never confirmed whether the pair had rekindled their relationship.

It was made clear that they had at the end of last year, when Kathy mentioned that Ian was visiting them in New Zealand because they were having relationship troubles.

EastEnders has confirmed that Peter will turn to the soap a drug addict and troubled man.

Next week, Kathy calls Peter and begs him to come to the hospital to sit by Bobby’s side.

Meanwhile, Denise suggests that Jack tell Max the truth.

Jack then admits to Max that he’s been helping Lauren after she split from Peter.

Max reacts badly and ends up throwing a punch at Jack.

6. Ben takes drastic action

Ben goes to extreme lengths to stop Keanu hurting Callum.

Fans know that Keanu is blackmailing Ben for money in exchange for keeping Callum alive after kidnapping him.

Will Ben finish Keanu off for real this time?

7. Phil threatens Karen

With Keanu desperate to seek revenge against the Mitchells, Phil’s having none of it and takes matters into his own hands.

He sets off on his warpath against Keanu, threatening his mum Karen to tell him where her son is.

Will Phil discover Keanu’s whereabouts and murder him before Keanu can do any more damage?

8. Sonia faces the police

Sonia returns home to a nasty shock when the police are on her doorstep wanting to speak to her.

The officers share some worrying news with Sonia.

Could someone close to her be in trouble?

9. Sharon goes into labour

EastEnders will air explosive scenes next week as a heavily pregnant Sharon goes into labour with Keanu’s baby.

It looks set to tie in with the drama involving the Mitchells too

10. Keanu fights for his life

The feud between Phil, Keanu and Ben quickly spirals out of control when Phil and Ben find themselves face-to-face with the man they tried to murder on the party boat.

Disaster will strike as they continue to fight aboard the vessel.

11. One resident dies

EastEnders has confirmed that one character will die in next week’s dramatic episodes to mark the show’s 35th anniversary.

Potential victims of the river’s whorls include the Carters, the Mitchells and a number of other residents.

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