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A Place in the Sun: Jean Johansson says to couple ‘I’ve done well’

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A Place in the Sun presenter Jean Johansson has become a firm favourite with Channel 4 viewers ever since she made her debut in 2018. During that time, the property expert has helped a number of house hunters to find their dream home abroad. However, in an exclusive interview with Express.co.uk, the 39-year-old opened up about what it is like filming for the programme.

One of Jean’s favourite parts of the show is meeting her house hunters and visiting new places.

During the coronavirus pandemic, filming for the Channel 4 show was put on hold due to travel restrictions.

However, when Jean and her fellow presenters were able to fly abroad again, they were limited to where they could go.

Speaking in an interview with Express.co.uk, the property expert admitted one of the positives that came from the pandemic was she got to travel to places she had never visited before.

“I think one of my favourite things is going to a place that haven’t been before so that that I love it when that happens,” Jean explained.

“When I get a call sheet, or I’m doing my research notes and it’s on somewhere that I’ve never heard of it’s always nice.

“But our locations will always be determined by where the house hunters want to go.”

The presenter went on to admit sometimes the house hunts don’t always go to plan as she struggles to manage her guest’s expectations.

“It was tough and as always on A Place in the Sun it’s a journey, isn’t it?” Jean continued.

“There are a few [properties] that maybe don’t suit them.

“And so, just like every episode there are ups and downs.

“I think we’re all bargain hunters and inherently we all want to spend the least amount that we can.”

“We often get bargain hunters and part of our jobs as the experts and presenters is to manage those expectations,” she added.

“We are on their side, but we also have to manage the expectations as well.”

In a recent episode of A Place in the Sun, Jean was left lost for words when she failed to impress couple Laura and Nick.

The duo hoped Jean would be able to find them a forever home within their £160,000 budget which would also be suitable for their dog.

However, the host was left mortified when Nick labelled one of her choices as “claustrophobic” and “too clinical”.

Speaking about Jean’s property choice, Nick said: “For me, I think it’s a little too compact and there’s not enough space.

“It just has a little bit of a clinical feel.”

Jean interjected: “Well, you’re a chef and you want your kitchen to be inviting as it’s the place where you make the magic, isn’t it?”

The house hunter went on to say he felt the property was “claustrophobic”.

A Place in the Sun airs weekdays at 3pm on Channel 4.

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