A Place in the Sun's Laura Hamilton gobsmacked as couple cut viewing short and snaps 'shall we leave?'

A PLACE In The Sun host Laura Hamilton was left stunned by a "difficult to please" pair who cut short a tour of their third property with a major "curveball."

Channel 4 contestants Gary and Janet headed to the east of Spain with a budget of £140,000 to spend.

The couple agreed on the city of Orihuela, nestled at the foot of the Sierra de Orihuela mountains in the Alicante province, as their location of choice.

Yet after laying down specific requirements to A Place In The Sun favourite Laura, 38, they craved a "curveball."

The presenter admitted the couple were "difficult to please" and, as they arrived at the third out of the five properties selected, things got worse.

Before they stepped foot inside Gary bluntly admitted: "It’s not blowing me away so far."

After branding the family home "dark" and "outdated" he added: "It’s showing its age, it’s getting a bit tired now."

Laura dug deeper and quizzed: "Doesn’t that excite you?

"This is your first home together," before giving them a tiny glimpse of the home.

She added: "It’s a 42-year-old property. It’s been with the same family, it’s been their home.

"Is there no way you could see you guys making it your home?"

This sparked a huge confession from Gary, which appeared to put the entire property process in jeopardy.

He said: "It’s too much work. In a nutshell, I don’t think this is the one for me.

"I wish I’d said to throw some more options into the mix, throw us a curveball, maybe an urbanisation, something completely different."

At this point, Laura stopped the property tour and bluntly snapped: "So, shall we lock up and leave then?"

Viewers couldn't understand the blatant U-Turn, with one taking to Twitter to write: "Suddenly decided they want to be on urbanisation.

"Only three houses in," followed by an Emoji face with rolling eyes.

Yet Laura's perseverance paid off and on the fifth property, they were sold.

The couple swiftly put in an offer on the impressive home as another buyer was interested.

They hedged their bets and went low, with an opening offer of £125,000, which did not satisfy the sellers.

Some fans were astounded the pair didn't bid higher considering their budget, with one posting on Twitter: "They deserved to lose the place offering that low #aplaceinthesun."

Another added: "That’s quite a cheeky offer, it will at least flush out just how serious are the potential buyers are."

A third then posted: "Their foolishness has lost them the property."

Earlier this year, Laura was left mortified as her dress popped open on a live stream of the new series.

She also left her co-star blushing as she quipped: "You love a big package, don't you?"

A Place In The Sun airs every weekday on Channel 4, at 3pm.





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