Adam Driver Recounts His Lone Trip to Comic-Con: I'm Not Anxious to Go Again (Video)

The ‘Force Awakens’ actor recalls being offered a Darth Vader mask if he wanted to leave his hotel room

“I didn’t know the rules of the Comic-Con,” Driver said.

The actor then recounted his first SDCC experience for Norton, telling the host it all started when he got to his hotel room around 2 a.m. When a rep for the studio (he was promoting “The Force Awakens” at the time) asked if he needed anything, Driver said he planned to go out and get a coffee the next day. The rep quickly told him that wasn’t possible, so Driver suggested he would get a brew at the hotel, which was also shot down by the rep.

“We have some masks in a bag, if you want to put a mask on,” the rep then told him, giving him the option of an Iron Man or Darth Vader mask if he wanted to go out (so he wouldn’t get mobbed).

Driver also said there was a band playing the “Star Wars” theme song right outside of his hotel all day long.

When asked by Norton if he’d gone to SDCC “only the once,” Driver confirmed he hasn’t been back since.

“Only the once, and I saw that. I saw where it was,” Driver said. “I mean, it’s nice. I … I’m not anxious to go again.”

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