Amrish Puri: Who was Indian actor Amrish Puri featured in today’s google doodle?

Amish Puri is featured on today’s Google Doodle, as the Indian actor would have celebrated his 87th birthday. Google releases the special temporary ‘doodle’ placards only on certain occasions. Google is celebrating Mr Puri for his contribution to Indian culture, due to his roles in Indian theatre and cinema.

Who is Amrish Puri?

Amish Puri was born Amrish Lal Puri in Nawanshahr, Punjab, in 1932.

He was one of five children of Lala Nihal Chand and Ved Kaur.

His older brothers Chaman Puri and Madan Puri also grew up to become actors, and his cousin K L Saigal was a famous Indian singer.

Amish Puri was active from 1967 to his death in 2005 and took part in more than 400 films.

The actor was most famous for his villain roles in Bollywood films and started out playing supporting henchmen.

His baritone voice and bald head gave him a foreboding presence, which ideally suited him for his roles.

While Mr Puri did most of his work in India, he also took notable roles in western cinema.

He first gained recognition in Richard Attenborough’s 1982 historical epic Gandhi, where he played Khan.

His other most famous role came in Steven Spielberg’s 1984 sequel to Indiana Jones – Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

In Indiana’s second outing he played the sinister Mola Ram, leader of the revived Thuggee cult in 1935.

The character was most famous for chanting ‘Kalima’ as he ripped the still-beating hearts from his victims’ chest, which he sacrificed to the goddess Shiva.

Steven Spielberg, famed director of infamous villain Darth Vader in the Star Wars films, declared Mr Puri was his favourite villain.

He said in an interview: ”Amrish is my favourite villain.

“The best the world has ever produced and ever will!”

The actor died on January 12, 2005, after a months-long battle with rare blood cancer myelodysplastic syndrome.

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