Apprentice bosses make contestants choose pink the ugliest in brutal audition

The Apprentice star Joseph Valente has lifted the lid on what happens during the show's auditions.

The series 15 winner and new dad-of-one exclusively told us about the brutal behind-the-scenes process.

Joseph said: "Yeah so they asked you to line up in 'best looking' order and I had to battle it out with some lady who was Miss Hong Kong or something. And I had to argue that I was better looking than her, but I just knew the game I had to play and I played it.

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"The others in the middle I thought you ain't doing it right, and I ended up getting a spot on the show so it worked."

This comes after Thomas Skinner, who starred on the show in 2019, revealed the same audition element.

The London-born star and former market trader said: “Before you go on the show you go through the interview stages and you’ve got people from all over – from London, from Ireland, from Manchester, and you’re in this room and they told us to line up from ugliest to prettiest.

"And you don’t know who these people are and you’ve got people arguing about who’s the prettiest,” explained Thomas during a Daily Star Facebook Live.

Joseph also revealed how he wound up The Apprentice producers by sleeping in a suit to avoid camera crews catching him naked.

The businessman told us: "I slept in a suit – well I didn't actually sleep in it… I actually got up and set my alarm for 4am, then got up and had a shower and got in my suit, and then got back to bed for the film crew to arrive at 4:30am.

"Yeah I didn't sleep in it, can you imagine being in a boardroom with Lord Sugar after sleeping in your suit for eight hours?" he laughed.

He explained: "Because they were trying to get you running around in your boxers.

"The first night they burst in the door at 2am with five cameras in your face, everyone running around like crazy, your hair is not done, you're in your pants…

"I'm a massive appearance person and I need to look good so."

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