Arthur murder: Never seeing him again! Horrifying Whatsapp message sent to his grandma

Arthur murder: Grandmother recalls WhatsApp message on GMB

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Arthur Labinjo-Hughes’s grandmother said Thomas Hughes sent her taunting messages warning “you’re never seeing him again”. Madeleine Harcrow said the little boy was left in tears when his father came to collect him after their last visit together, begging his grandmother to stay with her. Ms Halcrow broke down in tears as she told Good Morning Britain she last saw the boy in October 2019 before briefly reuniting with him in the hospital shortly before his tragic death.

She said: “On October 23, out of the blue, I received a WhatsApp message from his dad saying, ‘you’re never seeing him again, he’s not seeing his mother again.’

“He’s not going to have any letters of his mother again, and he’s not speaking to his mother again. And that was it.

“That was the last time I saw him until intensive care.”

Ms Halcrow continued: “I kept emailing him, WhatsApping him, asking why and he said, ‘I’ve got my reasons.’

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“And when it came up in court it was all different reasons so I still don’t know why I was stopped from seeing Arthur.”

Arthur’s grandmother said Hughes’ own parents had raised concerns about the 6-year-old after spotting bruising on his body.

Ms Halcrow said the pair had shared pictures of the boy showing marks on his left shoulder, which the grieving grandmother claimed showed a pattern of consistent abuse on young Arthur.


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