Audrey opens up in emotional Coronation Street video after suicide attempt

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A new Coronation Street video has revealed a heartening scene between Audrey (Sue Nicholls) and her closest friends as they enjoy afternoon tea.

Surrounded by Ken (William Roache), Rita (Barbara Knox) and Roy (David Neilson), Audrey opens up about how lonely she feels getting older without her husband, Alf (Bryan Mosely), who died in 1998 after a fatal stroke.

Together, they compare the struggles old age has brought, with Rita struggling to open a jar of piccalilli and Ken relying on Tracy (Kate Ford) to pick up his dropped glasses.

Roy shares his feelings of loneliness, wishing that he could have grown older with Hayley (Julie Hesmondhalgh), who chose to end her life following a cancer battle in 2014.

In the thought provoking clip, Audrey also shares what led her to attempt suicide, confiding in her friends that everything seemed to ‘spiral down’.

She confessed that her cataracts, alcohol dependency and the treatment by her family all contributed to her decision.

Luckily for Audrey, she has her friends around to provide support and a listening ear.

And it isn’t just Audrey that appreciates the likes of Rita, Ken and Roy. The older characters are a hit with the viewers, as columnist Claire Lindsay recently pointed out.

We’re so glad that Audrey has friends to fall back on and we can’t wait to see more antics between these four.

Discussing this storyline, Sue Nicholls said: ‘Audrey is very sorry for what she has done and certainly her first reaction was to keep it from her family. Family do, and will always, mean so much to her despite the sniping now and again.

‘She also enjoys and is grateful for being independent and living happily in her own home although the one big regret that has contributed to this latest situation is a wish that dear Alfie was still alive and there with her so that they could have grown old and equally doddery together.

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