'Bachelor' Winner Cassie Randolph Opens Up About The Online Hate She Receives–'It's Actually Shocking To Read The Hurtful Things People Send Me'

Though The Bachelor wasn’t Cassie Randolph’s first go at reality television, it’s definitely what catapulted her into the mainstream public eye. Her life has changed a lot in the past year. She’s said over and over again that while she knew she signed up to go on a dating show, one that could end in marriage, she wasn’t at all prepared for the amount of scrutiny her love life, and personal life in general, would be subjected to following the show.

What Cassie Randolph’s life was like before ‘The Bachelor’

Randolph recently did an Instagram Q&A with her following and her fans were interested in how the reality star’s life has changed since she went on The Bachelor.

“What was you life like before the bachelor?” asked one fan.

“A lot simpler and more private for sure,” Randolph responded with the crying laughing emoji. “My days were mostly working and in school.”

“This past year has been full of change, and mainly learning how to balance everything going on without giving up on my long term goals,” she concluded.

Cassie Randolph on learning to ‘let go’ of online negativity

Another fan asked Randolph if she gets “mad when people read too much into your relationship.”

Because of their rocky beginning, Underwood and Randolph’s relationship is sometimes met with skepticism from fans. Their connection seems to be especially scrutinized by Bachelor Nation.

“I understand why people do- I was on The Bachelor. Lol,” Randolph began.

“But yes, I underestimated the extra challenges that would be put on a relationship. It’s hard when people assume they know more about your relationship than they do. I’ve had to learn to let that go, although it is hard not to feel defensive when you hear false things being said about you, your family, friends, and your relationship. It’s actually shocking to read the hurtful things people send me sometimes,” she wrote.

But Randolph (and Underwood) also receive a lot of support from fans, and for that she’s thankful.

“There are way more positive people than negative, and I’m thankful for that,” she wrote.

Though Randolph, unfortunately, receives some online negativity since appearing on The Bachelor, she’s glad she got Underwood out of her time on the show.

Another fan asked Randolph what’s her “favorite thing about colton?!”

“It’s hard to narrow it down to just 1 thing! [Colton] has the biggest heart. He treats everyone with kindness and is a hard worker, which is very attractive to me. And we always have the best time together no matter what we are doing,” she responded.

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